• There was a girl named Alexis she was a demon bunny. There was a boy named Chris. He was a dragon. And me Cassie we have powers. I’m was a vampire .We practice fighting well we did but I think there’s something going on I’m not the same at night I haven’t been sleeping long and I have this dream were me Alexis and Chris are walking down at a street at midnight. Then my hair starts getting short in the back and long in the front. I’m wearing a black tang top and a black and white checkered jacket. My pants are black skinny jeans with no shoes. Alexis has a kimono and a black jacket with Capri’s that go to here knee’s but it’s very odd she has no shoes either. We both look at Chris and he was an 8 foot tall blue dragon. He had the sharpest claws we had ever seen. No one could see us. Whenever knew how powerful we were until we met our first match. A girl named Jessica. She said she has been waiting for this night forever. We said we had never seen her before but somehow she seemed so familiar. So all night we had been fighting. The urge to kill had still been in me that’s when I killed my first victim. Alexis knew something had been wrong because I had blood dripping from my mouth. Chris knew it too. I couldn’t stop now I needed blood. At that moment I noticed they had blood on their mouth too. We all couldn’t stop now we had to choose from eating or killing the human race. We chose to eat. Then we found our next victim a young male by the name of Jake he was our next prey. At midnight when went to find him .We had made a deal that I kill but we all ate .The next day I had to return home .what was I going to do about eating. I had to eat fresh meat. I would have to sneak out at night. So that’s what I did .It went on like that until I was 18. When I met Alexis and Chris again when that happened we spent the rest of our lives together until the day we all died together on march 19 1892.R.I.P THE UNEXPECTEDS