• The cavern was dark, lit only by the eerie flames of the altar at the far end. Several dark figures gathered around it chanting in perfect unison. The bones of a long dead warrior lay neatly upon the unholy table. The doors to the chamber swung open as a young women dragged inside "let me go!" she screamed as her captors continued.
    "Let me go! please!!" she cried as she struggled to free herself "now if we did that how would you resurrect Saladin for us?" said a cold rasping voice that belonged to a frail looking man, his flesh was pale and his face was gaunt, his eyes appeared sunken into his skull "your the only one who can use the crystal around your neck, and its power is something I very much desire" his laughter bounced of the walls creating a diabolical echo.
    The girl's tear's streamed down her face her long red hair in complete disarray. Her captors threw her at the foot of the altar next to the frail man. "You can have it" she pleaded "just please let me go" her words choked with tears. She looked at the bones on the altar as another figure placed a hammer next to them. This was Saladin, defender of the weak, one of the 5 warriors of the Faye and his remains were now in the possession of these necromancers’s.
    "Unfortunately you’re the only one who can use that crystal....my dear Kio"
    The girls eye's darted from the remains to the frail man "how can you know my name?"
    She thought to herself her anxiety and fear grew tenfold.
    He simply laughed again "I know a great deal Kio, for my name is Christophe Wormtounge! Acolyte of the necromancers! It is my place to know my business my dear" Kio’s eye's widened in fear she didn’t know what to do, her only choice was to use the power of the crystal and pray that they would free her afterwards.
    She got to her feet, her whole body was shaking "what do I need to do?" she asked in a quivering voice.
    "Simply place the crystal with the ribcage and recite the words that will invoke its power"
    Christophe commanded loudly. Kio did as she was tolled, she leaned forward and removed the crystal from her neck and placed it carefully in the ribs of Saladin.
    She took a step back and began to speak the incantation her body glowed with energy as the power of the crystal was unleashed.