• The tire was completely flat. I kicked it hard out of frustration. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a flat tire, and no spares. Even worse, I had no phone. I cursed my friends for breaking it. Whatever, I thought to myself, I can just go look for someone. I looked around. All I could see was darkness, and a massive forest. I looked to the sky. The moon was full. I could barely see it, because it was surrounded by smoke. No wait, smoke! Someone must have a fire somewhere!
    I traced the smoke to somewhere inside the woods. It didn’t look to far away, so I decided to go ahead and try. I grabbed the flashlight from inside my car. I’m sort of glad my dad made me put on in the car! I walked into the ditch, and noticed a small path. It wasn’t concrete, more like dirt, but it looked like a path.
    I ran towards the path. Before I entered the forest, I decided to make a path of my own. I got some twigs from the floor, and planted them in the ground sticking up. If I ever get lost, I could just find my own path. I turned the flashlight on, and walked into the woods.
    The first ten minutes weren’t so bad, I stopped every fifteen steps and planted a twig into the ground, but then it started to get darker and darker. I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I could hear many insects chirping, and I thought I heard a growl. I was really scared.
    I don’t know how long had passed, I think half an hour, by the time I reached the shack. There was a small chimney with smoke coming out of it. I ran up to the shack, and onto the porch. It creaked, and one of the boards was loose. I knocked on the door, and let the knock echo in the house. The door creaked open. There was no one inside. I walked in, hoping to find something. The walls we’re covered in peeling wallpaper, the color faded to a dark brown. Furniture was thrown around everywhere, covered in dust and cobwebs. There was an eerie silence in the small cabin. The electricity was working somehow, because the lamp was flickering on and off.
    “Hello?” I yelled. “Is anyone here?”
    Almost instantly, a cold chill ran up my neck, and someone whispered “Get out” in my ear. I almost screamed, but I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Instead, I started to search anyone. I noticed that there was a fire burning, which was still huge. Funny, I thought, who would start a fire then just leave?
    It was only a one room house, so it didn’t take to long to look at everything. The only place I hadn’t checked was the bed. There was a blanket over the bed. So I slowly pulled the sheet off, closing my eyes. I threw the blanket on the floor, and opened my eyes. There was nothing there. I let out a sigh of relief and turned around. But as I did, I accidently tripped on one of the floor boards. I was sent flying on the floor.
    I started to get up, but I noticed something under the bed. It was a teddy bear; at least I thought it was. I started to reach out for it, but I decided to shine some light on the subject. I got my flashlight and shined under the bed.
    It wasn’t a teddy bear, not at all. It didn’t have a head. I tried to figure out was it was, so I shined the light in different angles. It was big, like the size of a really big dog, almost like a man. It was wearing clothes, so I couldn’t see what its pelt looked like. I walked around the bed, then got on my knees again, to get a better look. I shined the light under the bed one last time. I then realized that there was blood stains around it. I realized what it was, a human! It was a decapitated human corpse!
    I ran as fast as I could. I ran out of the cabin, off of the porch, and into the woods. I tried to follow my path, because it was too dark to see the other one. I then suddenly realized that I don’t remember any of the trees. I know it was dark and everything, but I still remember the tree had a hole in it. None of these trees had holes. As I kept walking, my flashlight grew dimmer and dimmer, so I ran faster and faster. I just wanted to get out of the forest. Finnaly, I could see the clearing. I ran, I was still sweating and exhausted, but I still made it.
    I ran out of the clearing. I could see my car, and the road! I was so happy I ran on the the road. I don’t really know why, but I started dancing. I was so happy to be out of the cursed forest, so I just danced. I started to twirl, my eyes closed, and a massive grin on my face. Suddenly I hear a horn. It was really loud, so I opened my eyes.
    I could see my shadow, and a bright yellow light surrounding it. I turned around. There was a massive truck, coming at me at full speed. I couldn’t move in time! I tried to run, but… Too late. The world went dark.