• "Your Order is simple. Find your Mark among the humans," a man said. A man who is wise beyond his years and old beyond belife. The Grand Elder. dressed in violet robes, marked with silver and blue. An ashen beard that treailed to the ground was all that emerged from under his hood. His hands a grey-blue."You have three questions."
    Another person was there. A young man. Blue skined and tiped ears like all of his kind. He was a human, transfiguered into this race by a potion. He, like the Grand Elder, was a dark elf. The only reminder of his former life is his shiek blond hair. He spoke trying to keep his voice calm,"Grand Elder, Wisest of us all, What shape may the Mark take?"
    "Marks take many forms. They may be jewlery, symbols on the skin, or the essence of another. Young one, you have two more questions."
    "How will I know if I'm on the right track?" The questioner asked.
    "You will be naturaly pulled to it. When you have found it, it will feel right in your hands. You have one more question"
    "Grand Elder, Wisest of us all, my final question is when may I begin?"
    Amused, the Grand Elder replied, "You already have."