Chapter 1 - The new world

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    *Deep in space, there was a dimensional time flux activity stirring up in the middle of nowhere and suddenly, the Tardis appeared floating around closely approaching a planet which resembled Earth. It was drawing closer, inside the Tardis was none other than John and Kaolla who just warped from the continent of Abagale and heading off to another new world. Kaolla was scanning the planet searching for any signs of Shinobu and or Naymo's life signatures. Still nothing. Kaolla was still searching, but John was asleep with along side next to him was a bin with the burned out biometals Ciel and Model C made him. They were all damaged from the battle with Dr. Weil. But another mysterious biometal called "Model S" was laying next to John as he continued to sleep.*

    Kaolla= Wakey wakey Johnny!

    John= *moaning and stretching from the futon* urghhhhhhhh.... Kaolla, what now?

    Kaolla= We arrived at a new world. Looks like the same one we were in except it's 100 years in advance.

    John= 100 years,.... that's nice Kaolla.... uhhhh..... WHAT!? 100 years!!? Oh no..... Ciel! She can't be.

    Kaolla= Just relax. We will get to see her again someday.

    John= Im just hoping she had a better life after what me and the guardians did back there. Im also wondering how the guardians are doing so far? I got to thank Phil for saving them.

    Kaolla= John! The scanner is picking up something big!

    John= Is it Shinobu? We need to find her!

    Kaolla= Not her yet, silly. I spotted a big ship around that part of the world. It's foreign too.

    John= What does it say about it?

    Kaolla= Not of this world.... or dimension.

    John= What am I gonna do now? All the biometals I got from Ciel are burnt out and Model C sacrificed herself to save my life.

    Kaolla= We will have to use what we got.

    John= Man. All there's left is a biometal more suited for you Kaolla. This new biometal ... that Model S perhaps?

    *Model S floated across the chamber of the Tardis and stayed near John.*

    Model S= Poor poor poor guy. At least you have me.

    John= I just would like to know how did the Tardis have an ability we didn't know about?

    Kaolla= You mean making biometals?

    John= Do you remember when we were with Phil back with the world with persocoms? I believe the Tardis absorbed the persocom's DNA and created these kawaii biometals. But why?

    Model S= Destiny?

    John= Well, im still a bit tired ok? Wake me up when you get there. Urhhhhhhh.

    Kaolla= See what happens when you Americans don't get enough sleep?

    John= What-ever.

    *John sits back on the futon and falls back to sleep. Model S slowly floats down to him and lays beside him.*

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    *Somewhere else through the vortex, the Epoch was flying through the vortex*

    Dr. Wily= Oh that Dr. Weil!! He will pay for what he did! And that meddlesome John Harris!

    Dalton= Looks like we lost it big time. And I got a plan to get back on both John and Weil. All we have to do is go back to my world and gather some of my followers and rebuild your robots and build a new army. Then we can create a vortex warp gate to bring it all in the dimension John is in and we will show him who's boss.

    Dr. Wily= Ohhhh, Dalton. Sounds like a good plan. All we have to do is rebuild and rebuild, and then launch our attack. You know what they say "First you don't succeed, try again".

    Dalton= We can rebuild the palace of Zeal and resurrect some of our fallen comrades and get them to help us. There's plenty of scholars and constructors who will gladly help us out.

    Dr. Wily= Excellent. We will teach Weil not to betray us.

    Dalton= Then it's settled. We can go on ahead and go after Weil later. First we have a score to settle with that time lord wannabee John and for what he did to us. He destroyed your robots and ruined my plans. I would've been able to kill Chrono if it wasn't for that t**t.

    Dr. Wily= Oh, he will be soooooo sorry when we get our hands on him.

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    * 1 week before John and Kaolla arrived at the new world, there was another dimension with a bunch of galactic federation forces and a new fridgete constructed by none other than space pirates, nemesis race of the federation and Samus Aran. The federation ships surrounded the new fridgete and were planning to attack. Inside the fridgete, the space pirates were going to full scale red alert and were preparing for evasive action.*

    Space Pirate 1= Captain, were surrounded! Those blasted humans are going to break through our defenses any moment.

    Space Pirate 2= Were surrounded and we have nowhere to run.

    Space Pirate Captain= Oh yes we do, we can use our flux compasater we developed to warp us out of here, to another world. Then we can rebuild and keep developing all these old class robots we stole from other dimensions. The federation or Samus will never find us.

    Space Pirate 3= Excellent plan.

    Space Pirate Captain= Start the flux warp now!

    Space Pirate 1= Were being hailed by the federation team.

    SP Captain= On screen!

    Federation leader (radio)= Space pirate fridgete, this is the federation force 7. We know you have been smuggling foreign and alien cybernetic materials. We have you all surrounded. Surrender now and give yourselves up and we will go easy on you. Resist any further, and we will attack!

    SP Captain= What?! And lose everything we worked so hard for and trying to create new orders, never!

    Federation leader (radio)= That was your last chance! Alright men, approach to attacking positions and ready on my command.

    Space Pirate 2= That's it, were done for!

    Space Pirate 3= The flux compasador is up and running. We will be able to escape in just a few seconds.

    SP Captain= Excellent! Now there's no way those fools will be able to stop us now! Activate the flux generator.

    *Suddenly at the federation ship bridge*

    Solder 1= Captain, my sensors are picking up some sort of bizarre energy readings. I think there trying to warp to escape.

    Solder 2= Look, the ship! There warping. If they de-materialize any further, they will escape without damage for sure.

    Captain= Then FIRE! We can't let them continue to plunder at least with normal fighting capacity. We can at least cripple them.

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    *The federation ship fired a photon torpedo and struck the fridgete and damaged the space pirates flux generator.*

    Space Pirate 1= WE BEEN HIT!!

    Space Pirate 2= We got shot in the generation hall. They hit our flux generator! The compasator's going out of control!

    Space Pirate 3= Were going through some sort of vortex!!

    SP Captain= Were going to another world! At least we be safe from those wretched humans, and no Samus to find us!

    *Suddenly the space pirate fridgete began to warp but something went wrong and it did warp the entire fridgete to another dimension but it warped it inside a planet and became stuck there ever since. The Space Pirates were no longer in there home dimension, there in the same world John and Kaolla are in this day.*

    (music dies down slowly)


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    *Down at the planet surface, in Area C, there was a festival being prepared and the streets were filled with people both human and reploid. They were flying flags and banners saying "Welcome to the Abagale festival" and the continent which this was held on was not Abagale, it was a celebration to honor the heroes who saved the lone continent from disaster. Also, a man with long blonde hair and 2 twins one boy and one girl were with him. They were no other than Girouette, Vent, and Aile sitting at a spot having a few drinks from their job's work taking ease and enjoying the sights of the festival.*

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    Giro= Nice weather to have a festival isn't it?

    Vent= Oh yeah, I want to take some participation in this festival their having. Sounds like fun.

    Aile= I love that Abagale legend! There was a guy from another dimension who fought along side with 4 legendary heroes.

    Giro= Oh yes, the "Megaman Heroes" Legacy who saved a foreign continent from outworlder invaders. Yes, I quite love that story, but you know it was a true story. It involved a sister of a very important client of ours you know?

    Vent= Oh yes. I didn't know that.

    Aile= I heard on the story there was something called "Biometals". What are those Giro?

    Giro= Well, .... it's a long story. I tell you what, why don't you kids call it a day and go on to that festival.

    Aile= Seriously?!

    Vent= Really?! AWESOME!!

    Giro= Just behave yourselves you hear!

    *Vent and Aile run off to the direction of the festival to participate in celebrating the legend.*

    (Music dies down slowly)


    *Back with the Tardis in space, John was beginning to stretch and yawn and was now ready to get up.*

    John= Urahhhhhhhh.. *yawns* oooooh,,.... Now that was some nap.

    Kaolla= Took you long enough.

    John= Kaolla, I like to get my 8 hours of sleep recommended but I had to help out Ciel and the guardians.

    Model S= John needs more sleep or he will not perform his best the next day. Now it's time to get standing and do some wakey wakey exorcises!

    John= WHAT!?

    Kaolla= *giggles heavily* Looks like she likes you allot now Johnny!

    John= Stop calling me Johnny.

    Kaolla= Hey look, a city and it appears to be some sort of festival! John, you need some happy time! Let's go!

    John= Kaolla, I don't think you should rough those controls like that.

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    *Kaolla grabs the Tardis terminal and begins to quickly and the Tardis begins to violently thrust like a fast elevator.*


    Model S= Take it away Kaolla! Fasten your safety belts, it's gona be a bumpy ride! WEEEEEE!!


    *The Tardis began to pick up speed and began to enter the planet's atmosphere and then teleported from the sky straight to Area C and all of a sudden, people started to panic as they seen the spinning blue box with the inscription "POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX" appeared out of nowhere and landed right in the middle of a street walk alongside with some payphones and vending machines. People stopped panicking and the people noticed the blue box was from the same flags and banners and in the scripts of there legendary story and started to applaud. John Suddenly walked out of the Tardis scolding at Kaolla not turned to the public.*

    (Music slowly dies down)

    John= Kaolla! You are gonna have to stop flying this Tardis like that! You could get somebody hurt! You could....HUH!!?

    *Suddenly there was a group of people both human and reploid smiling and cheering as they stood out and even people began to surround and cheer John. Kaolla jumped on John's back and Model S stayed afloat close to John.*

    Man in front= Excuse me sir, you have the exact look of our legend! Where did you get that outfit?

    Man next to John= What is this you have? It's very much like the blue box in the Abagale legend.

    Woman to the right= Are YOU the legendary hero?

    *Vent and Aile witnised the commotion*

    Aile= What's going on over there?

    Vent= Sounds like another celebration uproar.

    Aile= Let's check it out!

    Vent= Good idea!

    (Music stops)

    *Vent and Aile run to the direction to the crowd but Suddenly there was an explosion nearby some buildings. Giro found them first.*

    Giro= You 2 get back here NOW!!

    Vent= Hey look!

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    *Vent spotted a man running from his store which caught fire and Suddenly a hideous looking insect like creature standing over 6" tall grabbed him and another one abducted him and took off. Those creatures seemed to wear exoskeleton looking armor with galvanic scythes on one arm and a plasma canon on the other, and there eyes were flaming red and glowed like there eyes were on fire. it was none other than a group of space pirates raiding a festival and abducting people both human and reploid*

    Civilian man 1= Look! A MONSTER!!

    Civilian man 2= There aliens!!

    Civilian woman= EEEEEEEK!!

    *The space pirates in the street gathered a group of 12 and began to charge at the public and beginning to grab people and began to shoot at police officers and security guards. The security guards and police officers tried to fight them back but the space pirates were too strong and some were even setting off bombs to scare people*

    John= What the hell is that!? SPACE PIRATES!!?? What are THEY doing here!?

    Kaolla= John you must go and save these people from the space pirates.

    John= ARE YOU MAD!? All my biometals have been fried from fighting that madman Dr. Weil and losing a biometal that saved me which was ....

    Model S= Space Pirate activity detected! They are 12 of them at least. Commencing operation Space Pirate busting mission!

    John= But even if I have Colonel's saber, I still can't fight those pirates unarmored. I can get killed!

    Model S= Have no fear, Model S is here to stop unnecessary violence and save humanity! Commencing megamerge!!

    John= Ohhh...no! No way! Kaolla can...

    Kaolla= I will be waiting here and I will try to do whatever I can here to help guard the people.

    John= KAOLLA!

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    Model S= Here we GOOOO!!

    John= Ohhhh, crap.

    *Suddenly, John finds himself levitated and rotating with a pink and lavender aura covering him and wrapping him in a soft light and filling him up with supernatural stamina like the time he felt Model C powering him up for the first time. When the megamerge was complete, John found himself in another kawaii biometal but this time the biometal had baggy pants, a helmet identical to the one Ciel had, and a lavender ponytail with a bizarre curl at the end. John noticed the big purple bow at the back of the belt and it almost touched the ground.*

    Model S= Megamerge complete, now it's time for real life videogames...

    John= What are you talking about!?

    Model S= We are set for our mission. Main objective, protect the citizens and defend the peace. Beat up the space pirates! Let's GO DOOOO IT!

    John= You sound like your having fun in a middle of a crisis.

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    *A group of space pirates spotted John in the new kawaii biometal, then as soon as the space pirates charged at John, John drew his saber and when he drew it out, the blade beam glowed white and John immediately took a swing at the hideous aliens. Instead of being sliced in 2, they got knocked back hard and Suddenly, a flashing white orb orb floated and flew quickly in John's direction and Suddenly, John was instantly equipped with a space pirates galvanic blaster and it got altered to look like the bodymake of Model S*

    John= What in the hell just happened!?

    Model S= We now acquire the enemies's weapon. I am capable of copying the weapons of your enemies. I can also do more than just that. Keep fighting those Space Pirates and you will see.

    *Suddenly another space pirate attacked a food stand knocking over produce and some angry kids even threw the food at the aliens.*

    John= What are those kids doing! Hey! Those aren't people in costumes! Those are real!!

    *John fired a few shots at the space pirates, one was knocked down by John's shots of his new blaster. Then, when another space pirate fell, a flashing orange orb appeared from the space pirate and onto John. When John received the orange orb, John's firepower speed increased.*

    John= What was that!?

    Model S= That is another of my amazing abilities. This is called the cyber soul effect. Enemies you take down sometimes give you an orb called "Cyber Soul" and you can use these to your advantage depending on color. Red is for the "Bullet soul", Blue is for "Guardian soul", Orange is for "Enchantment" just like the one you got now., Grey is for "Ability soul" which those you do not need to equip, and Yellow is the "Special Soul" which they act like Red, Blue, and Orange when you put them in a certain slot.

    John= Good god, you sure can lay the details well can you?

    *Suddenly a man with blue eyes and long blonde hair appeared before John. It was none other than Girouette.*

    Giro= Who the heck are YOU!? Whoever you are, you must know how to deal with those alien things.

    John= Yeah, im no stranger to biometals either. You better take cover from these things ok?

    Giro= Look, there's my friends Vent and Aile, 2 identical twins are in that emergency bus, be sure to give them cover ok?

    John= Thanks.

    *John dashed towards the direction of the bus which were evacuating people while security was fighting back the pirates. John jumped on top of the roof of the bus and fired at any space pirate attempting to attack it.*

    Kaolla (radio)= Yo' Johnny! I heard what's going on out there. Im working on how to repair the biometals. For right now, you have to fight off those space pirates.

    John= Thanks for letting me know and I don't mean to be rude.... *fires blaster at space pirate* im a bit busy right now ok honey!?

    *John continued to fire at the invading space pirates attacking the escape bus then all of a sudden, the bus stopped at a roadblock.*

    John= Oh just great! As soon as I warp out from one world im forced to do some battle right after I get to another.

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    Model S= I am picking up a space pirate signal from an area not far from here. They are saying that there are robots that are attacking them and not just the reploid security guards. They are maverick activity.

    John= Oh just great. First space pirates, and now it's mavericks?

    Model S= Not all. I detect a large ship approaching at high speed. It's a space pirate fridget flagship designed to carry prisoners and it has reinforcements. They have Shadow Pirates on board. Prepare yourself!

    John= I see it!

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    *Suddenly a large ship appeared and landed on a surface near the bus. Then there were 5 Shadow Pirates that walked outside and then they cloaked as soon as they spotted John. John spotted the stampeding footprints and John fired away and hit a few of them. John Suddenly felt strange though Model S was beginning to act on her own pulling out the C-saber and she made John leap across the air from the bus to the closest shadow pirate and performed a homing helm-splitter attack on all 5 of them thus stunning them on their tracks, then John performed a hurricane spin and dropped all 5 shadow pirates. Then the ship took off and left. Then there was another flashing orb but it was blue this time and it flew right into John.*

    (Music dies down)

    John= WOAH!! Oh ... the orb thing again.

    Model S= This is a "Guardian cyber soul" and this one grants you the ability the nasty shadow pirate has. As long as you have it equipped, you can now cloak yourself whenever you want.

    John= Thanks. I can now use it to hide myself from the public....

    Model S= Almost forgot. It consumes your Special energy unit and you only have a beginners level. To increase it, you are gonna need Special upgrades later on. Now let's go see Kaolla and find out how she is doing.

    John= Alright, let's go before we get....

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    *Vent and Aile jumped out of the bus and the other people watched from inside as Vent and Aile approached John.*

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    Vent= Hey YOU!

    Aile= You in that pink and lavender!

    John= Spoke too soon.

    Model S= Now you will get compliments from the people you rescued.

    Vent= Is that a biometal you have on?

    Aile= That definitely is a biometal, but I don't recognize it from any of the Abagalian legend books.

    John= What you have to understand is, I....

    Model S= This is my owner John Harris and we came from Abagale 100 years from your current time.

    John= MODEL S!!??

    Aile=*giggles* That talking biometal sure is knowledgeable.

    Vent= Hey mister, do you think that biometal looks ... well *snickers* ...a bit, fe..

    John= DON'T... Even... say it.

    Giro= VENT! AILE! Are you guys alright!?

    Vent= Were fine Giro.

    Aile= Were ok, thanks to John here. His biometal says he came from 100 years before...

    Giro= You don't say!!? You.... are ..... that guy who actually fought with the legendary 4 guardians!?

    Vent= I did recall seeing a big blue box falling from the sky.

    Aile= That's right. Then there was this strange tan girl with blonde hair jumping on him...

    Giro= You better come with us ... John. My name is Girouette, but you can call me Giro for short, and these are like my little brother and sister. Vent and Aile.

    Model S= And I am Model S, kawaii biometal Special prototype. Pleased to meet you sir.

    Giro= *chuckles* Your biometal sure sounds social.

    John= Oh.... her? I just got this one, but the others... were...

    Giro= Well, im planning on going to do a delivery to someone, a very important client. I run a delivery business, so your welcome to come along if you want?

    Kaolla (radio)= I heard all of that Johnny! You can go with them. I still need to figure out how to repair your broken biometals. Byelo.

    Giro= Who was that?

    John= My friend. Yo Vent, Aile! Remember the crazy blonde? She is my traveling partner.

    Giro= We better hurry. The Slither inc. guard forces will be raiding soon.

    John= Slither?

    Giro= Ill explain later. Let's all go now. John you can ride with me on my motorcycle. Vent, you and Aile get on yours.

    *So all 4 got aboard there motorcycles and headed off to the wooded area before the reinforcements would arrive. What is this mystery package? And who's life is John reliving? And how is John going to ever get his biometals repaired? Find out next time on "Megaman Heroes 2"!