• Day 2

    I awoke to find Brandon sitting on the armchair right across from the coffee machine. K.C. was back in the room, but not awake. She was sprawled across her bed, and her snoring was most of the sound in the room. I guess James was cleaning up in the bathroom. “Hey, Sara. You have been asleep for a while. Are you hungry?” Brandon asked me. He was in the Hollister shirt I got him before he left, and his kaki shorts. His hair was kind of long and short at the same time. His creamy brown hair was damp, and his wavy curls made him look even better. “I’m okay. We can go get breakfast across the street with just us if you want.” I answered, trying to get him to go on a quick breakfast date with me. He started laughing, and slashed his hand through his hair. “You know I would, Sara. You didn’t even have to ask. I would have followed you any way.” He said, standing up. He put out his hand, and I pulled on up. I grabbed my brush, and put up hair in a cute pony tail. I was already dressed from last night, so I just threw on some deodorant, and headed out the door. When we got to the parking lot, I saw the car I had been missing for so long. His white Chevy. The I-Hop was right across the street, so we headed there.
    As we walked in, he yawned and purposely dropped his arm on my shoulder. The young waitress spotted him, and skipped over lightly to where we were. She rubbed her lips together, and let out a nasty smile. “How many?” She asked, winking at Brandon. Her toothy smile was the only thing I could look at. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. “Uh, two.” Brandon said wincing at the sight of her terrible smile. He ran his hand through his hair, and followed Ms. Toothy to our table. She set down the fancy menus, and ran over to the host. I saw her whispering as she stared at me and Brandon. What’s her deal? “Okay, was that just me or was she the weirdest person I have ever seen?” Brandon asked me with a sickish tone to his voice. “No one could ever forget that toothy smile. Plus, I think she has a thing for you.” I answered him, being as truthful as I could. We looked at our menus, and waited for our real waitress to come help us. “I like everything on the menu, but chocolate pancakes look the best so far.” I said, opinionating my thought. He looked at me, and let out a huge laugh. Everyone stopped their conversations, and stared at Brandon and I. “Um, Brandon, everyone is staring at us. I would shut up now.” I whispered. My face was turning a strawberry red, and he suddenly stopped laughing and turned slowly around to see a family of 4 staring at me. He giggled without opening his mouth. I shot him a look that told him to shut it, but I guess he didn’t get it. I grabbed my purse and headed outside. He followed, of course. He glared at me. “What’s the big deal?? All they were doing was staring at gorgeous you look when your as red a Rudolf’s nose!” He told me with a little smirk at the end. “You just really embarrassed me, Brandon.” I admitted with a little sarcasm in my voice. We headed back inside, and everything was back to normal. I sat down at the table, and our waitress hurried over. “What can I get you today? Our special is Fried Potatoes and Eggs.” The young waitress asked. “I think we will leave, okay. I am sorry for wasting your time. Really.” Brandon told her as he grabbed my hand. We got back into the Chevy, and headed back to the motel. As walked inside, the clerk was asleep again, James was still passed out on the lobby couch, and K.C. was trying to wake him up. “One more minute, god…” James said as he turned his back to her on the sofa. She pulled his hair, and he jumped up as if Jason had tried to kill him. “Hey. We are back. The waitress was hitting on Brandon.” I told them as I laughed. “Ha! I think Brandon might have a little trouble now..” James answered as he winked at me and Brandon. They all knew who she was because we had gone there so many times. A few seconds later, Brandon’s phone rang. Nobody ever calls his cell. Not ever, they always text him. This is bad, not a good sign. “Hello? Who is this.” Brandon asked as he picked up cell. I heard the voices on the other line. “This is General H.G. Scott. Brandon, I am afraid to tell you this, but if I call again you might have to come back. I mean go to Iraq.” My mouth dropped, and a tear rolled down my face. “What do you mean go to Iraq? Do you mean that I have to leave my fiancé, and everything else behind just to come to Iraq?” Brandon asked General. Scott. It was to late to ask that question. He had already hung up on him. “Brandon.. I knew something was going to happen like that, but, but, not now.” I told him as he came to comfort me. I could tell he was in agony, too. We headed upstairs, and just cried in the hotel room together. Nothing else happened that day.

    Day 3

    We woke up in the morning to see James sitting by himself, his head in his hands. I heard him murmuring stuff to himself. “God Brandon! General CALLED ME! I have to go to Iraq, man! K.C. is distraught, man. I can’t leave her. I love her to much. I can’t GO!” He looked up at us with a red face, and huge tears streaming down his face. I jumped up out of the bed, and ran to James’ side. “Don’t be upset, James. Remember, your doing the right thing. K.C. wants you to do this. You guys have been gone before, and we withstood it. James, Brandon might have to go, too.” Brandon looked around and scratched his head. He looked sad. His face turned medium red, and he let a tear go down his face. He loves James like a brother. I picked up my cell phone. 7 missed calls. My mother must have been worried. My fingers dialed the number while I sat down on the sofa with Brandon, my head on his shoulder. I heard her pick up. “Honey, is this really you? I was so worried about you. How is Kameron?” That was K.C.’s real name. “Well, she is fine. We have some extra visitors though. Brandon and James came back from boot camp. Bad news to. James might have to go to Iraq.” Brandon’s face turned upside down as he thought of James laying in the mud with a bullet in his chest. I heard my mom sigh a sigh of worry. “Oh, put James on the phone.” I passed the phone to James whose face was so wet, it looked like he was just splashed down with a hose. I heard James sniffle a little. “Hey Ms. Henderly. I am so upset right now. Do you have any words of inspiration today?” He asked as he cried the words out of his mouth. “ Oh Dear.. I hope you and Kameron are fine. I don’t want her to get a depression issue with you gone for God knows how long..” My mom said in her most soft voice ever. Their conversation went on for about an hour. Me and Brandon left the room, and headed to the roof. It was raining outside, so we grabbed the umbrella. We stepped outside, and I hugged him so long, that he knew I was upset for him. He kissed my head lightly, sure not to make me to sad. “I don’t want you to go, Brandon. You can’t leave, too!” I cried my words as he hugged me. He caressed my cheek, and kissed me. “It’s going to be just fine, Sara. If it’s God’s will, I will go. So far, it’s God’s will for James to go. I know you would die if I went that far again. Tomorrow, we will leave. We will go where we were gonna go in the first place. We are going to Nashville. Just you and me.” Those were the last words he said to me as he carried me back into the hotel.
    As I headed into the bathroom to clean up, I heard K.C. whimpering. Her sniffles were the only thing to be heard in out silent room. I knocked on the door, and let myself in. She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, and holding a tissue box right beside her. “Well, good news and bad news. Me and Brandon are going somewhere tomorrow. Bad news is, we thought you and James would be better off staying here. Spending some time together, you know. We are leaving at 7:00pm sharp. I hope your okay.” I told her as I set my towels down beside the shower. She just shook her head and slammed herself down on the bed. I guess James and Brandon were out eating or something. I went into the shower, and let the warm water go softly down my spine. Oh, the relaxation. I just feel so bad for K.C. Having to deal with James being gone. James is like a brother to me. We were practically born in the same room. I let myself thing absentmindedly for about 2 minutes, only focusing on the back of my shampoo bottle. Today has just been so harsh for everyone, especially James. I turned the shower knob all the way to off, and stepped out. I dried myself off, and put on some lounge around the house clothes.