• It didn't come too quickly, but it didn't come too slowly either. All in good time, the day was here.
    In the past week, I had tried on my drab, new uniform. It was almost exactly like the uniform in my dream, only more realistic. There was a collared polo short and a navy blazer over it witha proper badge on the chest. There was a rather short, plaid skirt with long, white socks (my socks with skulls weren't allowed) and Mary Janes. Eww. Im usually not the kind who would freak out over clothes, but having to wear this until I'm an adult scared me. Even my mom chuckled when she saw me in it, and who could blame her?
    But right now, I'd kill for it to be that uniform-test day. Why? Because that wouldn't be today. I was piling my most valuable possessions in the truck and I had remained completely emotionless all day. It was pretty early in the morning, but that was only half of it.
    "Okay! Let's get going!" my mom enthused trying to perk me up. I just nodded and got in the car with my iPod in my ears and sucker in my mouth. She sighed and got in the drivers seat.
    I don't remember much of the ride. All I remember was music. All I know now is that in due time, we were there.
    I took my first step into my new life...I kind of tripped and fell on my face. Stupid truck footholds that aren't wide enough. Some guy politely came to help me up, but I didn't even look at him. I just muttered a quick "thanks" and turned away.
    "Hey, that guy was kinda cute!" my mom chimed eagerly while yanking my bags form the trunk.
    "Take him," I mumbled, rolling my eyes.
    Mom sighed for about the millionth time today. "Alright, sweetie. Youll get to come home for the holidays, and if your behavior has improved maybe you can return to public school. But your behavior has to improve."
    I took the chewed up sucker stick out of my mouth and threw it at the school as it deserved. Instead of improving, I was thinking of the ways I could make this place as hellish as possible for the house matrons (at least I thought that's what they were called.) I could spray whipped cream through the hallways, or pour hard liquor in the teachers' tea, or maybe the good old "hair-dye-in-the-shampoo" trick. Then everyone would be just like me. Thankfully, mom had let me keep my streaks. I'd deal with the dirty looks later.
    "I'm leaving now. You gonna be alright?" mom asked.
    I nodded wordlessly and started walking down the hill that led to the school, dragging my bags. I didn't look back to see if she was waving goodbye.