• There once was a girl name Bell Johnson but in the Christmas month she goes by Snow Angel. Bell is 15 ½ who goes to Belmont High School she is a sophomore and she has some friends by the name of Jake and his Christmas name is Jack Frost, Ben his Christmas name is Elf, Luke and his Christmas name is Dasher.
    Bell had this huge crash on this guy name Ned and he is a Junior the others are by follow Jake Junior.
    Luke Sophomore. Bell has one brother by the name Jack Johnson and he is a Senior and Jack had a friend name Zack who is a senior to and the same age.

    “Mom where are you at screams Bell!”

    Well Bell kept on screaming for her mother Jack is in his room was on his computer talking to a hot girl name Nancy and she is a Junior. So Bell went upstairs to her parents room and neither of them were in there at all so she went to her brothers room. She started to knock on the door but she decide not to bother him at all. So she started to walk away she heard the door open so she turn around to see Jack in the doorway staring at her.

    “What are you looking at says Bell?”
    “I am looking at you Bell why were you by my room just a minute ago says Jack.”
    “Because I had need to ask you a question says Bell.”
    “Couldn’t you just knocked on my door ask Jack?”
    “I was going to but I was afraid you were going to get my mad at me bothering you while you were talking to your friend from school says Bell.”
    “Sis did you really think I was going to get mad at you if you knock on my door ask Jack.”
    “Yes I did says Bell.”
    “Well I am not mad at you sis so what did need to me ask Jack?”
    “Um Jack do you know where mom is ask Bell?”
    “Sis come in my room for us to talk ok.”

    So Jack moved to the side for his sister to come in and Bell just realize how neat her brother is with his room then she look to the side of the room where the closet is and she saw his computer with a screen on with writing on it. Then to the other side where his bed is she saw magazines about excising to get bigger muscles. Then to her surprise was a keyboard by his windows and there were papers with music on them. She got to his bed and stop to look at her brother staring at her with a worried look on his face.

    “What Jack I am look around never been in room since I was 5 years old you change a lot of stuff around bro says Bell.”
    “I know Bell I am just worried what you are going to say about my room says Jack.”
    “Jack you don’t need to worry I like your room I really do so what is new in your room bro says Bell.”
    “As you can see by my window you can see the keyboard with music all over it and that is all what is new what is in my room the last time u were in it.
    “When did u start playing the keyboard Jack ask Bell?”
    “Hmm I don’t know I think I was 10 when I start to play the keyboard says Jack.”
    “Dang you start to play at 10 Jack and you are 18 says Bell.”
    “Yap May 11 I will be 19 years old says Jack.”
    “So Bell you ask me where mom is says Jack.”
    “Ya I did do u know where mom is Jack I can’t find her out all says Bell.”
    “I don’t know Bell the last time I saw her was at dinner last night I hope her clean the kitchen then I went into the family room to pick up and throw away some garbage and mom was so in the kitchen says Jack.”
    “Well she is not there now and she is not in her room or any other room Jack says Bell.”
    “Well what time did you go down Bell ask Jack sitting on the bench on his keyboard?”
    “Like 6:30 A.M. and mom always have breakfast on the table for us at this time and she is not there at all and she is not in her room in her bed at all says Bell.”
    “Are you sure Bell ask Jack now looking very worried?”
    “Yes Jack I am sure and I am not joking she is not there at all says Bell.”
    “Ok Bell lets go and look around for her ok says Jack.”
    “Jack what time is it right now ask Bell.”
    “It is 5:07 A.M. why do u ask Bell ask Jack.”
    “Are you thinking today bro ask Bell?”
    “I don’t know sis I think I am but I don’t know says Jack.”
    “We have school today bro says Bell.”
    “Ya we do sis do u want to go downstairs ask Jack.”
    “Ya lets go downstairs bro says Holly.”

    Coming out of Jack’s room with Jack behind her Holly walk down the hallway and down the stairs through the family room that is where Jack turn the T.V. off he was about to ask his sister something but decide not to ask her what he was thinking about he was afraid to tell her because he didn’t want her to worry about it right now so he kept on walking right behind her. Walking into the kitchen she turn around and ask…

    “So bro do you want something to eat ask Bell.”
    “Sure sis why not I will be in the family room watching T.V. tell me when to come to the table and eat or when you are done warming it up says Jack.”
    “Sure Bro I will tell u when I am done warming it up says Bell.”

    In the family room with Jack is thinking about his mother he thinks he now’s where there mother is but he is not that 100 percent sure where she is but he has this feeling that she is in trouble somewhere but is afraid to go and see where at. Then he smells something good so he decides to get up and turn off the T.V. and look out of the window. Jack hears his stomach growls and he remembers that Bell is in the kitchen he goes to the door of the Family Room.

    “Hey sis I am hungry are you done warming stuff up yet ask Jack.”
    “I almost done warming them up Jack be patient will you says Bell.”
    “I don’t want to be patience I want to eat now it is 6:35 and I want to eat now says Jack.”
    “Relax Jack I am almost done I have one more to do says Holly.”

    After about 43 minutes Jack was getting so mad he thought about going into the kitchen and yelling at her to hurry up or he will faint so he decide to give her 5 more minutes to get it the food warm up when Jack was about to go and yell at her when Holly came in the room with a blindfold in her hands he thinks this is not going to be good if she has a blind fold with her.

    “Hey Jack are you ready to eat breakfast now ask Bell.”
    “Ya it is 9:18 and I am ready to eat but what is with the blindfold ask Jack.”
    “Just turn around will you I am going to tie this around your eyes for you not to see says Bell.”
    “Why can’t you just tell me sis please wines Jack with hunger.”
    “Why can’t you just be surprise once in a while ask Jack.”
    “I hate surprises says Jack.”

    Well Holly ties the Blindfold Jack is trying to figure out what was going to happen is it going to be good or bad then his mind goes back to his mother where was his mother? Is she ok when will she be home when his he going to eat and dose he have to go to school. As he walks with Holly in the back of him guiding him somewhere.

    “Jack hold still please says Bell.”
    “I don’t want to Bell I am hungry and I am not in the mood for games right now says Jack.”
    “Just listen please bro says Bell.”
    “Just sit down ok Jack and you will see soon.”
    “When are you going to take this blindfold off me sis ask Jack.”

    As Jack sits down on something solid his sister “says are you ready why you had to wear the blindfold.”
    His sisters take off the blindfold and right before his eyes was there was waffles strawberries on them with whipped cream powered sugar and scrambled eggs and crispy bacon with it and pancakes with blue berries on them with brown sugar with maple sugar on them. Jack just look and trying to figure stuff out who made this and how did it get here but dam it smells good .

    “Who made this sis it looks good or did you just find this in the freezer and warmed it up for us ask Jack.”
    “Do you really want to now where it came from ask Jack without even answer his.”
    “Yes I want to know sis and can you just please answer my question I ask you says Jack.”
    “ok Jack I will tell but you can’t laugh and you got to say you like it or something you ready to find out how or who did this ask Bella.”
    “Yes I promise I will not laugh when you tell me where this awesome food came from says Jack starting to eat it.”
    “Well I made it the food Jack says Bell.”
    “What you made this ask Jack.”
    “Yes Jack I made what you are surprise I did this says Bella.”

    Well Bella was talking to him Jack started to pile waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs on his plate and started to eat the pancakes when he heard his sister say “I made these” he just stop with pancake halfway to his mouth he looks up his sister sits down and puts waffles, bacon and eggs on her plate and starts to eat it she did the same thing as Jack she looks up to see Jack looking at.

    “What is wrong Jack don’t you like your food what I made for you ask Bella?”
    “No No Bell I like it is I can’t even say the right word for you to know how amazing this is says Jack.”
    “So how much do you really like about it did I make the pancakes like mom dose ask Bell?”
    “Sis look at me they are good even better then moms but don’t tell her I said that ok says Jack.”
    “Bell says Jack.”
    “Ya Jack says Bell.”
    “How come I never knew you know cook ask Jack?”
    “Well because you never ask me about it you always said stuff about moms cooking so I was afraid to tell you says Bell.”
    “O so how long have you been cooking ask Jack?”
    “I been cooking for about 2 years or more I learn in school says Bella.”
    “Wow says Jack.”
    “Jack do u have the time ask Bella.”
    “Bell it is 9:40 sis why ask Jack?”
    “Let’s finish eating and we can go to school says Bella.”

    After they were done Bella stood up from the table and start to clear the table and putting them on the counter to be washed she was thinking if Jack believed her she made this for them so she put that aside for now and start to think about her mom where is she , is she ok ,and more questions pop in her mind well she did the dish and Jack singing and drying the dish for her well she wash them they were almost done when they heard the phone ring.

    “Hello this is Bella may I please who is calling ask Bella?”
    “muffles on the other side of the phone”
    “Hello is anybody there ask Bella?”
    “I got your mother says the unknown person.”
    “Why do you have our mother says Bella?”
    “I can’t tell you that says the unknown person.”
    “Here talk to my mother and tell him says Bell.”
    “Hi this is Jack what do you with our mother ask Jack?”
    “The only way you can get your mother back is giving me 50,000 dollars says the unknown person.”
    “How come you want that much money says Jack?”
    “Because if you don’t give me that much money your mother is dead do you understand Jack ask the unknown person?”
    “Yes I understand when do u want it ask Jack?”
    “I want the money in 5 days and u better have all of it says the unknown money.”
    “When 5 days come meet me in the German graveyard with the money says the unknown person.”
    “Ok I will be there but how will I know it is you ask Jack?”
    “I will be the only one there trust me good bye says the unknown person.”

    Jack takes off running out of the room and up the stairs into his room and goes to his safe to see how much money he toke the money out and start to count it and he counted $456,998 dollars so Jack put the money back and started back downstairs when he remembers that Zack has a job fixing cars up and he has been working there for 2 years now so maybe Zack can help out. As Jack was about to call Zack the doorbell rings so he hangs up the phone . So Jack walks to the front door and looks out to see Zack there in his uniform blue jeans, and a blue button up shirt so he steps back and opens the door.

    “Hey Zack I was about to call you says Jack.”
    “Well I decide to come to your house and ride with you to school says Zack.”
    “Come on in Zack did you eat yet Bella made breakfast do you want any ask Jack?”
    “Nope I didn’t eat anything yet and I would love to have some breakfast says Zack.”
    “Come on and follow me and you can eat well I get my book bag says Jack.”
    “Ok thanks Jack says Zack.”

    In the kitchen Bella was still cleaning the dishes and drying them for Jack when she hear the kitchen table chair move and moves back in again so she had the plates stacked up and she was walking where they keep the plates out when she saw Zack sitting at the kitchen table stirring at her and she was in a apron but Zack can still see what Bella is wearing underneath it. She put the dishes back in the cabinet

    “Um hi Zack I am sorry I didn’t see you there can I help you or get you anything ask Bella?”
    “Can I have some waffles, eggs, and bacon please ask Zack?”
    “Ok Zack I will get your food ok says Bell.”
    “Thanks Bella says Zack.”

    Well Zack was sitting on the kitchen chair watching Bella he was thinking she is hot and she is cute, nice and he thinks about what Jack told him about her but the thing what caught his eyes was the strapless red dress on her and they way her hair is black straight long her back and the he notice the black flat shoes on her feet he says in his mind dam it she is hot and I like the way she dress. Well he stares at her Bella turns around to catch him doing it she is thinking what his he staring at his something wrong with my dress or my hair is my hair messy or something.

    “Zack what are you staring at is something wrong with my hair or something ask Bella?”
    “Do you want to know what I am really staring at ask Zack?”
    “Yes Zack I want to know what you are staring at say Bella?”
    “ I was staring at you ok says Zack.”
    “Why were you staring at me Zack ask Bella?”
    “I was looking at your dress says Zack.”
    “Why were you starting at my dress any way ask Bell?”
    “I think it looks beautiful on you that’s all says Zack.”
    “Thanks Zack you really like this dress ask Bell?”
    “Ya I really like your dress and your hair says Zack.”

    As Bella puts some waffles, eggs and bacon on Zack plate and walk over there and put the plate in front of him he picks up the fork and knife and starts to cut the waffles up and puts the knife done and starts eating it and he is eats the eggs and bacon next and when he was done he looks up to see Bella is taking her Apron off and hangs it up by the Kitchen door and sits right across from him and picks up red high heels from underneath the chair and puts them on while Zack looks at her with love in his eyes and that is when he realize that he is falling in love Bella and he is thinking about asking her to be his girlfriend but what will Jack is Best Friend well he say ok you can or hell no you can’t date my sister.

    “Zack how was your food ask Bella?”
    “It was really good Bella says Zack.”
    “Really you like it ask Bella?”
    “Ya I really think it is really good Bella who made it ask Zack?”
    “Didn’t Jack tell you that I made breakfast today ask Bella?”
    “No he didn’t says Zack.”
    “JACK COME HERE RIGHT NOW screams Bella!”

    As Jack was in his room getting his book bag and checking the computer if Nancy emailed him back yet well she didn’t so he was shutting it off when he heard Bella screaming for him to come down as he was thinking she sounds mad I wonder who did it Zack or me well I will find out soon or later I guess I better go down there before she comes up here and drags me down before she dose it for me as he was walking down the hall here comes Bella running in high heels and tackling him down on the floor yelling at him about something and Zack was right behind her standing far away from it watching it.

    “Bell get off me says Jack.”
    “NO I will not get off you until you tell Zack I made the breakfast today and not bought says Bella.”
    “Zack Bella made the waffles, the pancakes, the bacon and the eggs for breakfast says Jack.”
    “She did she made breakfast says Zack.”
    “Yes I did Zack says Bella.”
    “Bella can you get off me now I told him ask Jack?”
    “Why do you want me off of you ask Bella?”
    “It hurts can you please get off me ask Jack?”

    As Jack was on the floor with his sister on him and him on the floor of the hallway when his back started to hurt really bad and he can’t get up with his sister on him and his Best Friend Zack was laughing so hard he had to lean against the wall for sport if he didn’t he will fall laughing from so hard as he watches Jack and Bella wrestling each other Jack in his school clothes Black Shirt and Blue Jeans on and Bella was wearing that amazing red strapless dress and the red high heels.

    “BELLA GET OFF ME RIGHT NOW scream Jack!”
    “Ok Jack I will get off you says Bella.”

    Well Bella was getting off of Jack Zack was still laughing about what she did so she just let it go she just look down at here brother with love and honesty and much more then that. It was about 5 or 9 minutes latter when Jack didn’t get up and Bella is getting scared she hurt him so she just starred at him.

    “Bella I can’t get up it hurts when I move says Jack”
    “Jack it is going to be hard for me to help you up you know that right says Bella.”
    “ZACK screams Jack!”
    “Ya Jack says Zack.”
    “Help Bella to help me up Zack says Jack.”
    “Why can’t you get up ask Zack?”
    “I don’t know it hurts when I move ok now please help me says Jack.”

    When they finally got Jack up from the floor they help him to Bella room and sat him down on Bella bed while Bella went to the bathroom to get something to put on Jack back to make it stop hurting she is thinking about what she done to Jack her loving brother she probe hurt him really bad so she was trying to figure out how to make it up to him and that stuff as she look in the medicine cabinet Zack and Jack was talking about the guy on the phone and how to get there without hurting Jack as much he is right now.

    “Zack how are we going to bring the money if I can’t stand up ask Jack?”
    “Can someone else go for you ask Zack?”
    “I don’t know I didn’t ask the guy on the phone and he didn’t give me his number for me to call him says Jack.”
    “Do you think Bella and I can go and give him the money ask Zack?”
    “I don’t know says Jack?”
    “Do you have a car ask Jack?”
    “Ya I have a car says Zack.”
    “What kind is it ask Jack?”
    “It is a Nissan skyline says Zack.”

    As Bella was walking down the hallway and stop outside of her door she heard Zack and Jack talking about the guy on the phone and how Jack was going to do she was thinking why did I jump on Jack and knocked him down really hard and now we will probly not get mom back when she thought if Jack doesn’t go with the money then who will do it.

    “Jack I got something for your back says Bella.”
    “Thanks sis for the warm pack for my back says Jack.”
    “How is your back Jack I hope I didn’t hurt you to bad ask Bella?”
    “It hurts really bad but it feels good underneath of the hot pad says Jack.”
    “How are you going to give that person the money if you can’t stand without hurting ask Bella?”
    “Maybe you go for me and you can dress like me and give that person the money for me says Jack.”
    “ You are taller then me Jack says Bella.”
    “Do you know how to use stilts Bella?”
    “Yes Jack I know how to use stilts why are you asking me this ask Bella?”
    “Well you can walk on stilts and be my height says Jack.”
    “Fine I will do that for you Jack says Bella.”

    Bella was downstairs in the closet to find the stilts and practice to see if she can still do it and upstairs Jack was telling Zack what he did and they were both laughing so hard from what Jack did to his sister.

    “Zack do you really think I hurt my back ask Jack?”
    “Yes I think you hurt your back because if you didn’t Bella and I wouldn’t have helped you to her room says Zack.”
    “Want to know a secret ask Jack?”
    “Sure why not says Zack.”
    “Are you going to tell Bella if I tell you ask Jack?”
    “No I won’t tell Bella when you tell me I promise says Zack.”
    “Ok I really didn’t hurt my back I am pretending to says Jack.”
    “Why did you do that ask Zack?”
    “Because I want to see if she do it by herself and not me helping her all the time says Jack.”

    It was the day before the big day when Bella was going to dress up like her brother and talk like him and walk on stilts to be his height so she was downstairs practicing on the stilts in one of Jack shirts and pants she was thinking if I didn’t get mad at Jack and hurt his back he will be the one doing this not me and I will probly get kill or hurt doing this but the good thing is if I do this I can get mom back and safe to and Jack will get better soon I hope here goes anything and Zack is coming to.

    The next day was the day that Bella was going to dress like Jack, talk like Jack and be is height she practice those 5 days and she was really good at it and Zack was going to be with her so if anything happens to her he will hurry up and come to help her. Jack was sitting at the kitchen table and Bella was by the door way and Zack was right by her.

    “Good Luck sis and please be careful I can’t loose you says Jack.”
    “Thanks bro I will be careful if anything dose happen I have Zack to save me says Bella.”
    “Don’t worry Jack I will keep her safe for you and I will bring her back alive says Zack.”

    Zack was helping Bella on the stilts when she fall backwards and Zack caught her and kissed her on the lips Bella stayed like that for about 15 minutes until Zack help her to be balance again Bella was trying to figure what was going on dose Zack like me will he ask me out and will he kiss me again. Driving to the German Graveyard it was really hard for Bella to sit normal with the stilts on and a wig on the color of her brothers hair and his clothes. Pulling up not to close to the graveyard where the unknown person could see the red Nissan skyline Zack help Bella out of the car and the old beaten up black book bag with the $50,000 dollars and help her put it on her shoulder he kissed her before she started to walkway to the graveyard to get her mother back for Jack. Getting closer Bella was getting scared of what will happen to her and if her mother is really there with the unknown person but Bella pushed that out of her mind and thought about the kiss with Zack. Seeing a guy leaning against a tombstone she walk all the way to him.

    “Excuse me sir are you the one I am suppose to meet u here to give you the money and get my mother back ask Bella sounding just like Jack?”
    “Yes I am the person you talk to on the phone where is the money ask the unknown person?”
    “Right here in the bag where is my mother at ask Bella still talking in Jack voice?”
    “Right here in that white van you give me the money and I will give you your mother says the unknown person.”
    “No bring my mother out her right now we will trade at the same time says Bella Still talking in Jack voice.”
    “Fine I will get your mother then you give me the money ok says the unknown person.”

    Walking to the white van the unknown person grabs out Jack’s and Bells’ mother out and drags her to Bella. Bella was thinking what did he do to their mother she is so pale and doesn’t look like she ate at all when he had her and is Zack watching this and to see if she is doing ok she is wishing that he comes and helps her soon because she is thinking that she can’t do it anymore.

    “Here is your mother give me my money now demands the unknown person.”
    “How do I know that is my mother says Bella still talking Jack.”
    “Ask her anything and she will answer you says the unknown person.”
    “Mom how old is Bella ask Bella using Jack voice?”
    “She is 15 and a half turning 16 March 20th says their mom.”
    “You are our mother what happened to you says Bell using Jack voice.”
    “GIVE ME MY MONEY NOW demands the unknown person.”
    “Fine here is your money says Bella using Jack voice.”

    Out of the blue the guy hits Bella in the head with something really hard and Bella falls to the ground black out not moving at all her mothers screams and here comes Zack to the rescue and the unknown person is already gone Zack doesn’t care about that the only thing what he cares about is Bella so he runs all the way to where Bella is lying on the ground with Jack’s and Bella’s mother over her crying and shaking her saying Wake Up Jack, Wake Up over and over again Zack got there just in time to tell Jack’s and Bell’s mother that it is not Jack.

    “That is not Jack Mrs. Johnson says Zack.”
    “What do you mean this is not Jack Zack ask Mrs. Johnson?”
    ‘That is Bella dress up as Jack I will explain everything when we get back to your house says Zack.”

    Falling on his knees and leaning over to see if Bella has heartbeat then he did what his mind was saying to do Kiss the girl and she will wake up he was saying in his mind should I kiss her right in front of her mother the answer is yes so he leans to her face and kiss her on the lips and saying and after about 3 minutes Bella opens her eyes and looks up to see Zack looking down at her with happy tears coming down his face and then she looks to see her mother looking at her with love and happy she is alive and not dead.

    “Zack what happened and mom are you ok ask Bella?”
    “I will explain everything latter when we get you and your mom home says Zack.”
    “Ok says Bella.”

    Walking up the steps to Jack’s and Bella’s house Mrs. Johnson open the door for Zack because Bella was in his arms walking in they went into the family room and saw Jack doing push ups and Bella saw this and she got mad and thinks if he is not hurt why did I have to go for him. Jack didn’t see them come in at all.

    “YOU IDOITIC b***h OF A FAKER screams Bella!”
    “YOU ARE NOT HURT FAKER OF A b***h screams Bella!”

    Hearing Bella scream he turns around and sees Bella in Zack arms and then he notice that Bella was holding her head with one hand the other hand around Zack’s neck. Then he notice his mother next all dirty and pale and skinny looks like she didn’t eat for a long time hearing this and replaying it in his head Jack falls to his knees the looks to see his sister face and body in Zack’s arms trying to figure out what was going on he was dreading to ask what happened. Getting up he walks to Zack and stands there and looks at them until someone talks first.

    “Jack Bella got hit in the head with something but she is ok they guy got away with the money says Zack.”
    ‘Sis are you ok and how bad dose your head hurt ask Jack?”
    “My head doesn’t hurt Jack I am fine ok says Bella”
    “Then let me look at your head then says Jack.”

    Putting her head down and removing her hand to let her brother look at it she looks to see her mother sitting down on the sofa. Bella was thinking is her mother ok is she sick I know she is here now but why dose she look so pale and dirty. Then she looks at her brother in the eyes trying to figure out what he was thinking then she look at Zack to see love in his eyes.

    “Well it didn’t go through the skin at all sis says Jack.”
    “Jack I have to tell you something says Zack.”
    “What is it Zack ask Jack?”
    “I lover your sister Jack says Zack.”
    ‘You love who ask Jack?”
    “I said I lover your sister says Zack.”
    “Jack and I love Zack says Bella.”
    “Bella will you be my girlfriend ask Zack.”
    “Yes I will love to be your girlfriend says Bella.”
    “Good says Zack.”

    Leaning down Zack kiss Bella again it has been 1 year they have been dating and Zack is thinking about getting married to Bella right now but he doesn’t know what will Jack say so he think he should do it right now.
    “Bella can I ask you a question ask Zack?”
    “You can ask me a question Zack says Bella.”

    Getting down on one knee and looking at Bella right in her eyes Jack and Mrs. Johnson in the room when he did this. Zack was thinking what will Bella say and she dose love me back and we were dating for this long and what will Jack think and what will Mrs. Johnson think will they be ok with this.

    “Will you be my wife Bella ask Zack?”
    “I will love to be your wife says Bella.”

    May 20th Bella and Zack got married and lived happy with each other they have kids 2 girls name Clio is 6 years old and Elsa who is 3 years old there mother went to another state and found someone special and got married and adopted some kids of there own. You ask what happened to Jack he went to some college and he ask Nancy if they can meet in person and they both fall in love first sight Jack went to serve in the war and Nancy went with him and kept him safe. Jack and Bella they keep in touch they write each other and keep to update but Jack sends letters once a week or two weeks. Sometimes on the phone before they hang up Bella always say I love you and please be careful.