• ~Prelude~

    There was a land hidden away by the sands of time. In this land, Mythical Creatures were able to survive. Eons have passed through the land and nothing has changed. The hidden land was always peaceful until one day. The ruler of the Elven region, claimed power and enslaved those who opposed him. The Elven king and his legion of Elves and Elvens, took control of the land. Sunlight to the creatures seemed so far away, Darkness covered the land and hearts were stolen. This land hidden away by the sands of time became cold and desolate. The name of this darkened land is Hana Tani meaning Blossoming Valley.
    In Hana Tani, the regions were split. Sakura Terachi, Hira Andou, Kaiya Hara, Kimora Nishimura and Tsaya Niikura were in a battle to restore peace to Hana Tani.


    ~Sakura: Angel of the north
    ~Hira: Elven of the south
    ~Kaiya: Mermaid of the sea
    ~ Kimora: Magic of the east and west
    ~ Tsaya: Mysterious vixen of Kenosha
    ~ The Battle for Hana Tani: Will the chains be released

    ~Sakura: Angel of the north

    In the north of Hana Tani, was the home of angels and demons. Sakura, the cherry blossomed angel sat underneath a tree of the same name. News of the Elven King, Riku’s take over had reached them. News such as this was the first to reach the northern region.
    An icy cold wind blew through the region. Sakura’s purple and silver locks blew with the wind. The petals of the Sakura Tree froze and fell onto the ground. “What is going on?” she whispered. She picked up a petal and her finger trailed over the frozen petal. Her dark purple wings spread out as she stood up. Her body lifted off the ground and she flew back to her home. “FATHER!” she yelled as she entered her home. “What is going on?” asked a half demon, half angel named Toru. “Toru where is my father?” she demanded. Toru looked at her and answered, “Sakura calm down. What happened?” Sakura threw a frozen petal at him. “It’s a sign.” She told him. Her father came down the steps and asked, “What sign?” “Father. The Petals of the Sakura tree are frozen. It’s happened.” She answered him. Her father examined the petals and sighed, “Riku. I knew he would take a hold of this land one day. Damn!”
    “What do we do now?” Toru asked. “Fight back! With Riku in charge of Hana Tani, things will get worse. The light we know won’t be around much longer.” Sakura explained. Toru looked at Sakura’s father as he spoke, “She’s right. Riku’s reign could destroy this land. Hana Tani, the last place Mythical Creatures can live in peace will come to an end. Life as we know it will be vanished for all eternity.” Her father coughed and walked towards the door shaking. “We must find someone among our kind, from this region, to go forth and stop him.” He mumbled as he left. Sakura sat down and Toru closed his eyes with his arms crossed.
    A couple hours later, Sakura’s father came back and sat down. “So?” Sakura demanded. She was eager to find out. He sighed; his once silver hair had faded. Toru pretended not to be there as he faded away. “You’re the chosen one.” Toru answered for her father. Her auburn eyes narrowed to Toru’s light brown eyes. “He answered correctly. Sakura you are to leave at dawn, tomorrow morning.” Her father explained taking Toru’s side. Sakura vanished from their sight. She appeared on her rooftop and watched the children below play. Her eyes peered to a darker side where the demons lived in peace. Her wings spread out and she set flight once again. Toru tracked her down. “It’s not hard to find a angel.” He joked. “Toru…” she whispered.
    She could feel his strong arms wrap around her. “Toru….” She whispered. “I’ll come with you. If you want me too.” He whispered in her ear. The once icy cold breeze seemed to warm the air. The petals of the Sakura tree were unfrozen. She turned her head to him. She looked up at the half-breed angel. The softness from his hand struck her cheek. A light rose color came across her cheeks. He smirked and cupped the right side of her cheek in his hand. He looked down at her and looked at her rose lips. With a kiss, it seemed like sparks were flying at a celebration. The two were on the ground now. Toru’s hand trailed down the side of her body. His lips pressed against her neck, his kiss trailed. Sakura’s hands were sliding off his top. Her head back against the ground, her eyes closed. He removed his kiss from her neck as his right hand went to the back of her shirt. Looking into one and other’s eyes; they were able to remove a single piece of clothing from each other. With his left hand, he cuffed her breast, his lips trailed in between. His right hand slid off her skirt.
    Her hands held onto his sides, her fingers were able to reach his belt. She was able to undo all three of his belts. One at the waist, two dripping down at his side, then she unbuttoned his pants. He reached his pale lips to her rose lips. Their lips connected. They could feel the warmth from the other’s flesh. The desire growing inside them wanted to be expressed with their passion for each other. Their kiss released. And he looked into her eyes as their bodies began to come one. Her hands fell to his chest as she let out her first desperate plee. Every second in that moment made her scream out from joy. Their bodies started to gleam with the sweat. His lips left hers and went to her neck. Her eyes remaining closed, she would gasp for air as she could feel their bodies intertwining. His hands connected with hers and then to her waist.
    Their bodies aching as it was about to reach its peak. The point of pure passion and ecstasy was reached, Toru and Sakura both gasped for air. He collapsed on top of her his head resting in between her breasts. “I love you Sakura.” He whispered. Her eyes widened before they softened. “I love you too Toru.” She whispered softly. The air grew cold they redressed. Toru held Sakura’s waist with both his hands and kissed her; Her hands were against his chest as she kissed him.
    The next morning, dawn was approaching. She was already awake. Sakura was waiting for Toru. Toru entered Sakura’s father’s chamber. “Dawn is rising.” He said softly. “I can’t see her. It already brings to many tears to my eyes to think of it.” Her father answered. The sun peered over the mountainside and through the valley. Toru came to Sakura asking, “You should know what I am going to ask.” She turned to look at him. She ran into Toru’s arms so she could hold him close to her. “Of course I do. But what about my father?” she answered him. “He can take care of himself. He is in pain just knowing that you’re leaving.” He whispered. She was about to speak when his finger pressed against her lips. “If you need me to stay with your father, I will. Just be safe my love, I will always come to you, whenever you need me.” He said softly. ”Come with me. It’ll be easier if I know your at my side.” She whispered. He released her and went inside. He left a note to her father. Stating:

    My Lord,
    I will accompany your daughter Sakura, on her journey. She has asked me too. If you ever need us, just call and we’ll be there right away. Take care of yourself. Don’t worry about her. I won’t let anything bad happen, I promise to protect Sakura with my life.

    Sincerely yours,
    p.s. After all of this is over, may I take your daughter’s hand in marriage?

    After writing the letter, they left at dawn as their orders were. Days seemed to pass quickly for them. They reached the Elven Kingdom in the south. Hira, the daughter of the Elven King Riku crossed paths with Sakura and Toru. Sakura went up to her and demanded, “Where can I find Riku?” Hira’s eyes widened. “Why do you want to know?” Hira growled and drew her sword. Sakura stepped back and drew her blades, connected to ribbons. “Haven’t you seen what he has done? It’s only the beginning of it.” She asked her. Hira eyed Sakura and attacked. Sakura’s wings lifted her into the air, her ribbons turned away Hira’s blade. “An angel like you would never understand!” Hira growled cutting the ribbons.
    “An angel like me. Huh? Then please explain!” sakura growled as she caught her blade. Toru wouldn’t stand by any longer. He disappeared and went behind Hira. He grabbed her hand that held her sword. He brought it up to her neck with her other arm behind her back. “Now where is he?” Toru demanded, his eyes changing, his teeth sharpening. Hira laughed and was able to get out of his grasp. She paralyzed Sakura’s body. Sakura tried to move but was unable to. Other Elves came to Hira’s side. “Attack him!” she ordered. She then jumped into the air, snatching Sakura. She landed on the ground and dug her claws into Sakura’s neck. “Sakura of the northern region and her lover the half breed.” She whispered. Hira disappeared with Sakura and Hira’s men after her. Toru held his sword, getting off of the ground. “Damn it.” He grumbled. His body seemed to heal quickly.
    He kept heading to the middle of Hana Tani; there he knew Riku, Hira and Sakura were to be found. While heading north, he met a new ally from the west and the east. The woman had her eyes on him, after a battle between them. “Who are you demon?” asked the woman. “My name is Toru, and I’m half demon. Who are you?” he replied. “The name is Kimora Nishimura.” She answered lowering her guard. “So you too are going after Riku. What region are you from? I myself derive from both the east and west regions.” She asked as she sat down on a cloud that appeared near her. “Yes along with the woman I love, her name is Sakura Terachi. An elven under Riku kidnapped her. We come from the northern region.” He answered as he wiped away the blood from his face.
    “What are you? Priestess? Witch?” he asked her. Her staff at her side, she mumbled something that could not be understood and a glass of water appeared in her hand and at Toru’s side. “Drink some water. Don’t worry I’m an ally.” Kimora said reassuringly. He kept his eye on her as he drank the water. “Thank you Kimora.” Toru told her sweetly. She smiled and cloud flew into the air. “Come with me, I know someone who can help us defeat Riku and get Sakura back.” She yelled down to him. His body lifted into the air, no wings on his back. He followed her.