• ~Hira: Elven of the south

    Hira arrived back at the castle. The walls and towers were covered in vines with dead flowers. The castle was covered in a blanket of darkness. She dragged Sakura down into the torture chamber. Chaining her up to the wall; her clothes stripped away to ensure no concealed weapons. Her body unfroze and with both her arms and feet chained. She demanded, “What the hell is wrong with you?” “Father will be coming to see you soon.” Hira answered, exiting the room. Her face became flushed and she shook her head. She entered the great hall, pushing back her black hair. She went down on one knee and said softly, “I’ve brought Sakura Terachi of the northern region for you.” A grin came across a man’s face, his silver hair rested on his broad shoulders. Cloaked in black, his hand caressed his chin as he snapped, “Good. Now go!” She bowed her head and walked backwards exiting the hall.
    The man stood from his throne, with a swift movement of his hand he opened a passage, leading to the chambers. After opening the door to the torture chamber, the flames on each candle ignited as the night began to fall. The door shut behind him. His glowing eyes pierced Sakura’s eyes. She turned her face from him. “Riku Andou I presume.” She growled. He snickered, “Nice to finally meet you Ms. Terachi.” His hand snatched her face pulling her towards him. Riku smirked and did not say a word as he eyed her from head to toe. He seemed to lick his lips as his open hand went down the side of her body and to her waist. “Be good and you’ll receive a reward.” He whispered in her ear as he yanked her body to touch his. He released her as she closed her eyes. When she opened them again he was gone. She took a deep breath and sighed heavily. She tried not to think of the situation she was in, or what could happen to her but she thought about be reunited with Toru again.
    Over the night, Hira came into the chamber and watched Sakura as she slept. Far away…Toru and Kimora arrived near the ocean. “I would like you to meet someone.” Kimora said softly pointing her staff at the water. A shadow arose from the water. A mermaid as it seemed, you couldn’t tell really, her fin had changed into legs. The only way you knew was her ears. “Kimora…” the mermaid whispered. “Kaiya, I would like you to meet Toru. He is with the region in the north along with his love who was captured by Hira.” Kimora answered. Kaiya looked Toru up and down and extended her hand saying, “Hello Toru. It seems we are allies now.” He shook her hand and replied, “Nice to meet you.”
    The next morning, Sakura opened her eyes. She sighed when she noticed she was still in the chamber. Hira opened the door with a plate of food with her. “Here is your meal for the day.” Hira growled and slightly winked at her. Sakura didn’t say a word and ate the food given to her. After Hira finished feeding her, she exited the room. Before completely exiting the room she warned Sakura, “Don’t do anything to disturb Father. He’ll hurt you in the worst possible way.” Sakura huffed and ignored her comment. Days passed with the same routine, her body grew cold and became very tired of trying to struggle her way out of the chains that binded her. Riku entered into her room, dark and mysterious, as always he would eye her. It turned him on to see her struggle.
    He came to her, his hand trailing up from her leg. She watched him and kept her mouth silent. His hand reached her v****a and he looked at her as he stuck his fingers inside. Her eyes widened and she tried to strike him but was unable too. “A little feisty today.” He mumbled. He took the chains off the walls and threw her to the ground. Her wings spread out and he stuck his cold blade threw one of them. He grabbed her face and stuck his tongue inside her mouth. His knees pinned down her legs and the sword held down the chains connected to her arms. She closed her eyes with tears streaming down. Sakura tried hard to ignore the pain as he raped her. Her hatred towards him grew. As he finished, he grasped her breasts and squeezed them. A grin on his face as he removed the blade and gave her one last kiss. He patted her stomach before he vanished. Leaving her helpless on the ground, she curled up in a ball with tears streaming down her face.
    Hira heard the whole thing and brushed past her father to check on Sakura. Riku didn’t even notice her. She felt horrible for what her father just did. She unlocked the chains and wrapped Sakura in a blanket. “Come with me. I’ll take you to my room to get you some clothes.” Hira whispered. Sakura didn’t say anything and covered her face. Hira was able to sneak Sakura into her room without being caught. Sakura sat by the fire with her body slowly regaining heat. A blush came across Hira’s cheeks and she hid it. She sat clothes in front of Sakura. “Hopefully these will fit. I don’t know what they did with your things so this is all I have right now.” She told her. Hira was about to walk away as Sakura grabbed her hand. “Thank you.” She whispered. A smile came across Hira’s face and she bowed her head.
    Sakura got dressed and walked over to Hira. Hira was looking out her window at the moon and could feel Sakura’s hand touch her shoulder. “Who knew.” Sakura whispered. “Who knew what?” Hira asked turning around. “Who knew you would be a friend instead of an enemy.” She answered softly. Hira’s face turned beat red and she bowed her head telling her, “I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I never thought he would do such a thing.” “It’s alright, I will get him back for that.” Sakura reassured her. Inside, she was uncertain on whether she could really trust Hira. Hira noticed the blood dripping onto the floor and she saw it dripping from Sakura’s wing. Sakura noticed the look of concern growing on Hira’s face and she told her, “It will heal over night.”
    A further distance away standing at the sea bay, Toru was looking at the moon. He felt a strong pain growing and he fell to his knees holding his stomach. Kimora and Kaiya went to help him but he yelled, “Don’t come near me!” When the pain disappeared, he passed out on the ground. While he was knocked out, he could see what happened to Sakura. Kimora and Kaiya sat at his side waiting for him to awake.
    That night at the castle, Hira sat on her bed holding Sakura’s sleeping body in her arms. Her fingers brushed Sakura’s silver hair with a look of content on her face. She didn’t understand the growing feeling inside of her. When the sun arose, Riku went to the torture chamber only to find it empty. Enraged he sent out a swarm of ninja’s to search his castle and it’s surroundings. A ninja came into Hira’s room and spotted the sleeping entities of Hira and Sakura. The ninja came to Riku’s feet. “Master. I’ve found her.” The ninja told him. Riku stormed into Hira’s room waking them up. Hira stood in front of Sakura. “WHY IS SHE IN HERE!” he demanded. “SHE WAS INJURED AND FREEZING COLD! I DID THE RIGHT THING AND HELP HER! AFTER ALL SHE IS LIVING WITH US!” Hira snapped. Sakura kept her eyes on Hira. Riku then growled, “Kakashi! Take my bride to my room!” The ninja came from behind and replied, “As you wish.” He jumped and snatched Sakura. Sakura’s eyes widened hearing the words, “My Bride”. Her hand snatched a shuriken from Kakashi’s pocket as he snatched her. After Kakashi disappeared with Sakura, Hira screamed, “SINCE WHEN WAS SHE YOUR BRIDE?” “Since last night.” He answered and smacked her. She hit her headboard and fell onto the ground watching her father leave.
    Riku entered his chamber and threw Sakura to the floor. “You will make a fine wife angel.” He snickered after kicking her. Her eyes narrowed on him, as she stayed silent. He threw clothes at her and snapped, “Wear proper attire as you are the Mistress.” She took the clothes and put them on. Seeing how indecently her body was exposed, she decided to make it worse and put tares into the dress he threw at her. He was waiting for her outside of the room. She came out and looked at him. “I like how you ruined silk!” he growled and snatched her by her hair. “We’ll talk later.” He whispered in her ear. Fear went down her spine. All day, Sakura was forced to stay at his side. At night she was forced to tend to his needs. The anger and pain growing inside of her enflamed her eyes. Hira was helpless. She tried to stop it in every way possible but was either tortured or hurt in any other possible way imaginable.
    The day came when Sakura was to be married to Riku. Sakura was unable to do anything as elven women dressed her. Inside she was crying. Luckily she was able to hide a blade close to her. She was waiting to strike. Riku sat ready and eager to get the damn wedding over with. Hira was allowed to watch from afar but she came to Sakura. “Sakura. I have a plan.” She whispered into her ear. Sakura’s hand snapped into the air and she growled, “GET OUT!” The elven women stumbled out of the room frightened. Hira hid kunais in Sakura’s dress as she finished dressing her up. “Alright, now listen. I know the position of every ninja assigned to guard the wedding. When it comes to the part in the ceremony for someone to stand against it, I will rise and that’s your time to strike.” She told her. Sakura grinned and replied, “That might work. But if it doesn’t be prepared to fight.” Hira nodded her head and disappeared from the room. Sakura finished getting ready.
    The ceremony was about to begin; Hira hid herself away from her father or his ninja’s view. Sakura was only able to catch a brief glimpse of her. The music began to play and Sakura came down the aisle. The “King” of Hana Tani, Riku had another smug grin on his face. His grin turned to a small smile that lasted a second as he took her hands. “Now before we begin. Is there anyone who thinks these two should not be wed? Speak now or forever hold your peace!” said the priest. Hira knew that was her cue and shouted, “NEVER WILL IT BE!” All eyes turned to her voice. Sakura took the knife and went to stab Riku but he caught her wrist and took the blade from her hand. Hira ran to Sakura’s aid and then she felt a sudden sharp pain as she fell to the ground. She looked down at her chest and saw the same blade Sakura had right next to her heart. Blood dripped from her wound and her lips.
    “b*****d!” screamed Sakura. Without a word being said, Hira’s body was cleared away. The crowd stayed silent as sadness grew in Sakura’s eyes. Riku’s fangs glistened and the priest continued on. Once the ceremony commenced, Riku drug his wife to their chambers. He threw her into many objects. She stood and tried to escape. Unfortunately he caught her and his nails dug into her wrists. Blood escaped and her eyes narrowed. “Make a fuss and I won’t hesitate to kill her.” He growled. “She’s your own flesh and blood!” she yelled. He laughed, “I don’t care! She disobeyed her orders!” Sakura didn’t say another thing as her husband violated her once more, smacking and beating her. The torture never stopped as he made it the worst he has ever done to her before. Days seemed to pass slowly and as long as she didn’t do anything, Hira was allowed to live.