• Once there was girl named Elliot. She, of course like all other girls, was in love with a boy named Ven. Ah, Ven knew this, but did not feel the same -he did not tell the poor, silly, girl Elliot this. So instead, he pretended he felt the same. He told her he loved her and they became The 'Fake' Lovers.

    Ven was paid everyday he was with Elliot -a hundred dollars- by his friends who did not know what was to come.
    Anyways, a couple of months past, and something in Elliot's heart told her something was horribly wrong. She asked Ven about it. He said,
    'Don't worry, love, I love you and there is nothing to worry about!' she smiled and let go of the feeling.
    So, their 'relationship' became faker and faker everyday, for Ven was with his real lover, Roxane. Elliot did not know this until a few days later: a letter came from Roxane to Ven.

    'Dear Ven,

    When will you hurry up and end your fake relationship with Elliot?! I want our love to be public and not hidden from everybody! Please hurry love. She doesn't deserve a place in the world,' (only because nobody liked Elliot because her father was the mayor of their town and he was very unfair.) 'and our love and the world will be so much better off without that wretched girl, so please do hurry.'

    Elliot was shocked.
    She decided to write a letter to Ven,

    'Dear Ven,

    I hope you and Roxane are happy together. I do not deserve to be with someone like you, nor do i deserve to like. Please, do not find me. If you do, whatever has happen to me, is because of my mistake and your silly joke' and placed the letter in Ven's shirt pocket, the shirt he was to wear the next day.

    Before I continue, Elliot used to go a cliff where she used to cry and look up at the sky because she had no one to talk to; nobody listened to her not even her parents.

    Elliot went to that very cliff. The cliff was very tall and beneath it were jagged rocks and a very dangerous lake. The day Elliot went to the cliff, there was a terrible thunderstorm.
    Elliot first cried and she said a quick prayer to herself and a curse for Ven and Roxane. She held up a knife stabbed herself, then she jumped off the cliff into the lake. She missed the jagged rocks by a few feet but she drowned without struggling.
    The next day, Elliot's body was found on the shore.
    Police and everybody else found her and dragged her to the hospital. When Ven and Roxane found out, Ven was wearing the shirt with the letter and took out the letter and read it. And reread it. And reread it. And then he reread it again. And he cried. He wept over Elliot's dead body and prayed to God that he be forgiven.
    Elliot's curse did not allow that; she had placed a horrible curse on him and Roxane: everyone who saw them, would never see them. They would be ignored forever until the end of time. They would never die and will rot and be tortured.

    ** This is my first story and I hope it was somewhat okay.