• Chapter 3 The Library
    Suddenly, Rith’s detached arm glowed, and suddenly, slowly came toward Jason. “I’m going to end this now!” Rith said, bringing his hammer high in the air. “Now die!” he said, swinging down his hammer. Jason closed his eyes and held his arm up.
    “Where did Kin go?” Nicole asked out of curiosity. Jason rubbed his hand on his chin, obviously in thought. “Well that’s one of the reasons I’ve been traveling, I’m looking for him” Nicole nodded. “That makes since. But I wonder….” Jason glanced up, almost reading her mind. “Do you know where he may be at?” Jason said in utter amazement. Nicole put her head down slowly. “Well….maybe….but we’re going to have to go to the library. You can tell me the rest of the story while we’re going” she said, slowly getting up from her squat position. Jason nodded. “Yeah, I was planning to go to the library today anyway. I need to get a book.”He slowly rose up from his squat position and walked out the alley he was currently in. “Let’s hurry up; I want to know where my brother’s at. I’ll be running fast so you better keep up!” Nicole grinned. “I don’t think that will be a problem”, she said. And with that, she bolted down the street. Wow, she’s fast! Jason thought to himself.
    “So what are you looking for?” Nicole said, browsing through the O section. Jason, himself, was reading a text book titled The Death Of Mordric. He was obviously deep into the story, so Nicole decided not to bother him. Time passed by, and he still was buried deep into the book. “Jason”, she would whisper once in a while, but he would not respond. Wow, he’s a deep reader! She thought to herself, still looking around for a book that may describe where Jason’s brother could be. I know he’s somewhere around the orc area. He must be. There’s no way a teenager could survive an orc invasion on a village! But then again…….. “Hey Nicole, you found the book yet?” Jason shouted, breaking her train of thought and apparently forgetting he was in a library. “Shut up Jason, you’re in a library!” she whispered to him. “What?!” Jason shouted, now in complete stupidity. Nicole bumped him in the head. “Shut up!” Nicole shouted, even louder and with more stupidity than Jason. “Ow!” Jason cried. By the time she was done whopping on him, the whole library was staring at them. Nicole frowned. “See what you did?!” She said in an annoyed voice. Jason sighed. He obviously wasn’t use to the city. Jason let out a bigger frown than her. “Okay, okay, I’ll be quiet” he said, folding his arms with a pout. And for the rest of the time they were in the library, they were silent.
    “I got it Jason, I got it!” Nicole whispered to him, but he was already on a bench, fast asleep. “Okay then.” she said to herself. She let out a deep sigh. “This kid sure is something. Why am I still with this little boy anyway?” she asked herself. Nicole peered down at the book that laid in her hand. It read Orc Invasions. She stared at the front cover for a brief moment, and then opened the book up. The pages where wrinkled and it had a musky smell to it. “I wonder how old this book is.” Nicole said to herself. She scrolled through the pages, scanning every detail on each page. This book was filled with old battle plans that wiped out entire nations, races, and other things. Her eyes widened in amazement as she looked at the sketches of the old armor and army formations for the orcs. Sweat dripped down her face as she looked at the excruciating torture techniques that were used for their enemies. This stuff is gold! All the history of the orc’s is in this book. I wonder why this is in a library….
    Suddenly, Jason let out a deep yawn. “What’s going on?” He said, rubbing his red eyes while slowly getting up, making a
    creaking sound on the bench. Nicole rolled her eyes. “This is embarrassing” she whispered to herself. Jason stretched his arms to the left to the right, and then popped his knuckles. “So you found the book?” Jason said, wiping the dry drool of the corner of his mouth. Nicole nodded. “It’s quite interesting. It not only shows where Kin’s at, it also shows old battle plans, their armor, and there classifications.” Jason gasped in amazement. “This is amazing! We need to show someone this!” Jason said, scanning the book, as well as Nicole earlier. Nicole nodded. “I can tell my father.” she said, now closing the book. Jason nodded. “Okay, let’s go!” he said. “Alright, but you are going to have to tell me the rest of the story” Nicole reminded. Jason nodded. “Okay, so after I was almost near death….
    “What happened to my arm?” Jason screeched, holding Rith’s detached arm and running around the room, screaming a blood-filled scream! The arm’s nerves attached to his and blood gushed out of Jason’s other part of his arm. “My arm! You cursed full! It attaches to anything that is alive if it is detached!” Rith screamed. Jason fell on the floor, twitching on the ground with painful screams that would probably break an average man’s ear drum. Tears streamed down Jason’s eye. “Now you’ve done it! You son has cast your fate.” Rith screamed, walking toward Jason’s mum, wielding his axe on his one hand that wasn’t broken off. “Stay away from her!” Jason screeched through clenched teeth. He slowly walked toward Rith and held the blade in his normal hand. “You are too weak to save your mother now naïve!” he screeched, swinging his war hammer in the air. “No!” Jason screeched, now sprinting toward him. Jason’s mum looked down, tears streaming down her eyes. “I’m sorry Jason…..I shouldn’t have told him about It.” she said. Hot tears streamed down Jason’s eyes. “Told him what! What are you talking about?” he said, clenching his fist.
    Suddenly, Rith brought his hammer down. “No!” Jason screamed, but it was too late. The hammer collided with Jason’s mum, and the rest, was history. Jason stared down at the limping body that was his mum. Rith grinned in satisfaction. “That’s why you don’t mess with Rith” he said, bringing his hammer on his shoulder. Jason glared at Rith. “What is it? Are you mad because I killed your mum? You know this is your fault. You shouldn’t have defied me” Jason clenched his teeth even harder. “I….hate…you!” Jason screamed. His hand slowly glowed and a dark purple aura surrounded it. “What’s going on?” Rith said, backing up slowly. “Now….I’m going to kill you!” Jason screeched, dashing toward Rith. With a swift movement, Jason dragged his blade onto his stomach. Rith coughed up blood onto Jason’s blade. “You…you piece of crap!” Rith cursed, put his hand on the blade. “You think this hurts….” he asked. He suddenly dragged the blade deeper into himself, letting the green blood gush out onto Jason’s clothes. “This doesn’t hurt one bit!” he screeched. Jason’s eyes widened, and he suddenly felt drowsy. He slowly drifted toward the ground and fainted.
    “So that’s what happened.” Nicole said, eyes widened in amazement. Jason nodded. “Now, whenever I feel a slight bit of hatred, my arm grows, but there is a good side. I have all the powers and orc has, but I’ve only learned one which is fireballs” Jason said, staring at his arm. There was a white glove on his arm currently, so no one could see it. “So are we almost there?” Jason asked out of curiosity. Nicole nodded. “It’s just ahead, we’ll be there in a second” she said, walking a little faster. “This is a house? You didn’t tell me you were a princess!” Jason screeched, dashing through the house, examining the paintings that laid around the house. Nicole sighed. She was use to people overreacting when they entered her house. Other then the fancy clothes, there was no significant source of anything about her that would make them think that she was a princess. She wasn’t really snobby like most rich girls; she was just like any other girl.
    “Um….yeah, I’m kind of a princess” she said, scratching her head. Jason’s eyes widened. “Oh my god, I would of never guessed” he said, dropping an obviously valuable vase. “Yeah, I get that a lot” she said, looking toward the stairs that laid in-front of her. They where pure white and there were no cracks in them and didn’t have one fault in sight. “So are we going to see your dad or what?” Jason asked, walking toward the pure white stairs. Nicole nodded and followed Jason up. Jason wasn’t use to so much jewelry and fine art. Finding all of this different cultural paintings and clay molds in one household was quite a shock to him, and he could barely take a step without screaming ‘Look at this’ or ‘What’s this’. It was quite annoying to Nicole, yet she didn’t mention it.
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________“Father, father!” Nicole screamed into an empty white office. It was full of white chairs and a window laid in-front of it, showing her. “Where is he?” she asked Jason after searching for a couple of minutes. Jason shrugged. “How would I know” he said, stretching his back on the wall and putting his hands over his head. “Why are you so relaxed? My father never leaves his office.” she said, beginning another search. Jason sighed. “Oh yeah, I found this note before you started searching. I found it on his desk.” he said, handing a white sheet of paper to her. Nicole’s eyes almost bulged out.
    “You’ve got to be kidding me” she said, snatching the sheet of paper out of his hand and examining it. It read: I’m sorry pumpkin, but I will not be at home today. The war is getting real violent so I think I should be visiting the troops on the orc territory to sign a treaty of peace. There is also a rumor that the leader of the orcs is rising and that the prophecy shall be confirmed soon. If the rumors are true, then this shall be the first time the orc lord has ever shown his face other than the beginning of time. Let light prevail! (P.S I’m sending Grindington over to watch you. Make sure you don’t get in trouble!
    Sincerely, Your Father
    Nicole’s eyes widened in fear. “The prophecy……isn’t that what your mom was……” Jason nodded.“I have a bad feeling about this”