• Ok, like this one time I dreampt that my cell phone didn't work (candy bar style) and so I opened it up and there was a big spider in it about an inch around, but it had no legs. I then took a spoon and scooped it out and just left the spoon hanging in mid-air. Also there was no battery in my phone so I closed it anyway and tried to turn it on. It didn't work so I shook it and opened it back up and found a stick of gum in there. I took it out and closed it again and it worked this time!

    Then I found out my house was going to explode so I went with my family and as we were driving away our house was exploding and my mom detoured to some strange country fair where they were jousting to country music and I went to my dad who had turkey legs and gravy... then I woke up. I seriously don't know why.