• Real Life Fantasy Feels like Hell

    Chapter VI – What’s going on.

    I woke up in the morning, a little confused. It took a while for me to remember everything that happened last night. I’m too lazy to get out of bed, so I just stay still. I wonder what’s going on with Puppy? Ok, what should I do?

    Stay in bed or go see Puppy? Ugh… so… lazy… I’m staying in bed! I started to hear footsteps on the steps. Thud… thus… thud… BAM! Bursting through the door was Puppy.

    “Did I scare you?” Puppy asked. I reply, “Nope, you only made yourself look stupid for no reason.” He laughs. “You can be oh, so nice Chibi” I giggle then reply with a smile, “yea… I know I am…”

    Then I said, “Hay, you’re going to let me into your secrets you know.” Puppy replies, “Secrets? Me? Oh…the only thing I did weird was bent a guy’s gun in a 60 degrees angel and sensed incoming dangers…” He laughs. Then I say, “Haha, yea, all humans can do this huh?” He replies, “Yup! I don’t know why people would freak out when I do this, hehe”

    I said, “Hay, what are you anyways?” Puppy replies, “Guess…” I reply, “Okay… you’re… a vampire?” He shakes his head. “A dark evil spirit that made me sell my soul?”

    “What?” He replied quickly. Then I remember the howling the night I was kidnapped. “I shall tell you later, I’m guessing you’re a werewolf” Puppy then said, “oh me a werewolf? Naw… could I be? Or am I just pretending?” I laugh then suddenly stop and say, “No, you’re not pretending. It’s funny how you’re a werewolf and you have the name Puppy.”

    He smiles, “Yea, I know.” I then say, “So, what is this… evil spirit that killed your parents?” He replies, “Oh, their just everyone’s worst nightmare, every nightmare of a person happens to come to life then kills the person, apparently they can’t get to me or you.” I ask, “Why is that?” He answers, “Have you ever had a nightmare before?”

    I shake my head. “Exactly.” He then said. I smile, “Okay, and, as a werewolf, what do you do?” Puppy answers, “Eat, sleep, protect angels, and a lot more.” Then I say, “Which reminds me, you have an idea what I am. What am I?” He stares at me, “yes, you’re the angel of death. You do know you can do more then just fly and be able to beat the living s**t out of anything right?

    I shake my head, “That’s all I really know for now. What else can I do?” He replies, “Oh, you’ll find out…” I get up then stretch. “I’m going to be putting my stuff away, mind if I have some probity?” He simply replies No then leaves the room.

    I always liked to get my stuff done first before anything. It’s so I can get the stress out of my system. I can’t really pay attention when someone talking and I have to worry about doing something. I start to take my clothes out of my bag, and put specific clothes in certain drawers. Then when I was done with that, I’ve decided that I’m going to take a shower.

    I got my clothes, and then noticed a door in the corner of my room. Awesome… it’s a bathroom! I start to take a quick shower, and then when I was done I already noticed it was already dark outside. I guess I have been talking to Puppy for a while. I get out of the bathroom all shiny and clean.

    I hear Puppy calling from downstairs, “Hay, I got us dinner, tables ready!” I started for the stairs and looked for a table with food. I eventually found puppy sitting on a chair in front of one. “Hay” I greet. He replies, “I got a deer” then smiles.

    “How?” I reply. “Hunting in the woods, duh” He replies then smirks. “Haha very funny, be specific.” I reply. “Ok fine, I bit off its head when I smelt it” He gives off a warm smile. I stare at the meat on the table, sit down then stare some more. I look at him then say “At least werewolves don’t eat raw things, haha.”

    “Hay, not all wolf’s are the same.” He replies. We serve ourselves some food, and then I stared at it and started to poke it with my fork. “I’m pretty shure I killed it.” Puppy said. I laugh, “Sorry, I was thinking and being random” “randomness is awesome” he then said with a smile.
    We talked for a while and were being as random as possible, then when we got done eating; Puppy said its time for me to get in bed as he was heading upstairs. I replied, “Ok!” I felt tired, so why shouldn’t I? Started heading upstairs and plugged my IPod into a speaker and started to play music.

    Then I got dressed into my night clothes and laid down in bed. I was starting to thinks about the other things I could possibly do. As I was, I was starting to feel drowsy and my eye leads started to get heavy. I fell asleep right after I hear Puppy shout goodnight.