• As I stepped onto the store I seen someone I thought I would never see again.

    Right in front of me was the boy with blue hair and eyes. The one from the park. I only got 1 second to look at him because once again we bumped into each other.This time we hit heads,hard. And we fell.
    "Ow." I said
    "Crap." he said.
    He stood up and held out his hand to help me up.
    "I'm really sorry if I hurt you Dem."
    "Wait.How do you know my name?" I asked
    "We go to the same school."
    "Oh so...."
    "Crap I really got to go.Cya at school." he said as he ran out of the store.
    I went up to the store clerk.
    "Yes how may I help you." she said nicely.
    "I would like to but the guitar necklace like the one in the window,please."
    "You're just in luck my dear.We happen to have only one left." she said as she took the one from the window and put it in a little box.
    "Thanks." I said while giving her the money.

    Out the store I went and after 3 minutes a voice called out to me. Someone also grabbed my hand and startled me. I quickly turned my head, it was Danny who did it.
    "C'mon,Alyssa and the rest are in the Coffe shop." he said while pulling me through the crowd of people walking in different directions. Soon we were in the Coffe shop.
    "Whoa,no way....."
    "I'm serious."
    I heard so many conversations going on at once.
    "Whoa!Oh,hey Danny,Dem!!" Alyssa called out to us.
    "Hi guys." we replied.We both sat down and began talking.
    "Alright.Well since we're all here,let's talk about the music video." Joseph suggested.
    "Yeah.Let's use Alyssa's house." Austin added.
    "That'll be cool.If Alyssa's parents will let us." Danny said.

    The talking continued and they were a few disagreements. In the end,everything was planned. We'd all go to Alyssa's house next weekend and film it. I was suppose to be acting/dancing. I would have to pretend some maniac murderer was trying to kill me.Alyssa was going to be telling the story through a song she wrote. Austin was going to be the killer. Joseph was going to film it and Danny was going to be the friend who found my dead body and called the police.

    We also talked about other stuff,until I seen the sun was setting.
    "Oh,hey I got to go." I said while getting out of my chair.
    "Okay,cya." they all said.
    I ran out of the shop and home so I could take a nap.
    "Oh,Demory your home." my mom said as I went through the front door and half way up the stairs. Then I walked back down the stairs and crossed my arms.My mother only called me Demory when she was up to something or had a suprise.
    "What are you doing?" I asked with one eyebrow up.
    "Remember what's on Wednesday?"
    "What is?" I asked.
    "Your cousins are coming over.It's Janett's birthday,remember.Tommorow we're going to buy her a present."
    "Okay.Thanks Mom."

    I ran up to my rooma and laid on my bed.Janett was my favorite cousin and she was going to be here on Wednesday.She was there when I was put under this curse,infact she's put under it too.Her hair was black whith white tips instead of red with white like mine.I somtimes forget how I looked like before this curse happened.Janetts was coming over,she'd maybe meet my friends.This was all going to happen on Wednesday.

    I stared up at the ceiling.My alarm clock was set for a 2 hour nap then I would catch up with Sky.And off I went into a land of sleepiness.