• "How could you?!We didn't raise you up to fall in love with this junk!"My father shouted at me with fury,his veins was rising,his face was pale as if he saw a ghost.He now pointed at Liny who was sitting right beside me.Her face falls down.I tighten my grip at her hand.It was soft as her heart evenrthough deep inside lays a hand of steel.A mechanical hand,which runs with oil and grease.
    "Dad..,"I plead at him.I kneel in front of his body,begging for mercy.
    "I love her,can't you see?Love conquers all..Eventhough she's not the same like us..She has feelings too,dad!"I said,my voice was shaking.I didn't want to infuriated my father.
    "What feelings does she have?For god's sake,she's a robot!"My father said.His eyes was red with fire.My mother who was listening all awhile stood beside him,calming him down.My heart drop.
    "I should've have reported you to the police all along!Robots and humans cannot fall in love!Robots and humans.."My father then stopped his words.He clutched his chest.He gasped for air.I then took Liny's hand and walked out of the house or good.
    "Danny!!"I could hear fainting sounds of my mother's voice,calling my name from behind.Liny then stop her steps,looking at me,she said,
    "Maybe we should go back.Danny.."Her soft voice touches me,pulling my hand to another direction.I yank Liny's hand and pull her towards my air car without turning my head back,tears run down softly on my face.