• The day was growing dark. People were leaving the streets and the cemetery was almost empty except for the caretaker. He was trimming the grass and clearing away dead flowers. Blaine came into the room. Damien was staring out the window with a beer bottle in his hand.
    “I see you found where the beer and alcohol was.”
    “Yea,” replied Damien. Blaine was wearing a black cape, a black dress shirt and black baggy pants with boots.
    “I also see you have developed your fangs. You should have already developed the ability to fly by now. But you still have to learn.”
    “Which sucks,” said Damien looking grim. Blaine ordered Damien to follow him out of the house and onto the streets. They walked down and alley and through the cemetery under the moonlight. They stopped in a square at the edge of the town.
    “I shall teach you how to fly,” said the vampire. He grabbed the ends of his cape and jumped into the air. He started to float. Then he told Damien to try.
    “You don’t need a cape to fly. I just wear it for the style,” he told Damien. Damien took a few test jumps and then flew to the air.
    “I did it on my first try too,” muttered Blaine.
    “This is gothic,” said Damien. Minutes later, they got back to the ground. They landed in front of a nightclub.
    “Why the hell are we here?” asked Damien.
    “Every night we vampires must feast on the fresh blood of humans. If you don’t before dawn breaks, you’ll become gravely ill and fall into a deep slumber. You shall learn from me how to lure humans to trust you. Then suck their blood.”
    They entered the nightclub and Damien automatically went to the bar. Blaine followed him. Damien ordered tequila and Blaine ordered two martinis.
    “Watch and learn,” he said to Damien taking his third shot. Blaine walked up to a girl with light brown hair that shimmered under the light close to the dance floor. Blaine talked to her for a while and then left to go into a room away from everyone. Damien followed them. As Damien walked towards the room, he could see that Blaine left the door open a bit. The girl went into the washroom and Blaine motioned for him to enter.
    “Go into that closet and watch. I’ll show you how to get a human to trust you. Then slaughter them to drink their blood,” whispered Blaine. Damien did as he was told and hid in the closet while Blaine closed and locked the door.
    Blaine took a seat on the couch that was behind him. The room was filled with candles that provided only a bit of light and there was a bed in one corner of the room. The girl came out of the washroom and took a seat on Blaine’s lap. She started to stroke his blonde hair as Blaine started to kiss her gently on the neck. He offered her the martini that he got while taking a sip out of his.
    “Why the hell did he want me to see him make out with a whore?” asked Damien.
    “What was that?” asked the whore.
    “Nothing love,” said Blaine as he started kissing her.
    Fifteen minutes later Blaine was lying on the bed with the whore, his head resting on her shoulder as she stroked his long blonde hair. There was a bottle of champagne on the table beside the bed. She got up from the bed to get it. Suddenly, Blaine blew out all the candles. The whore let out a scream that was muffled by Blaine putting his hand over her mouth. It was too dark to see in the closet so Damien came out. Blaine bit into the warm flesh of that human tasting the blood that ran through her veins. He drained all the blood out of her. Damien could only see the outline of the figures but he knew what was going on. Blaine dropped her dead naked body onto the floor and put on his clothes. His cape was hung up in the closet but he didn’t bother to put it on. The girl was crying on the floor. Both of the vampires were surprised she was still alive.
    “That’s what you get for being a whore. You shouldn’t do things like that. Now you shall suffer the consequences,” said Blaine spitting on the floor next to the trembling girl. A small smile came onto his face.
    “Help me,” she said shaking with fear.
    “It’ll all be over love,” said Blaine bending down and stroking her hair. Damien could tell Blaine has been to that room before and he had killed a lot of humans there because he opened a door under the bed and took out a coffin. He picked up the girl ignoring her deafening screams and cries as he put her into the coffin.
    “Please don’t do it! Please don’t,” said the girl her eyes red and filled with tears.
    “I must, love. It’s for your own good,” he whispered to her gently as he kissed her warm, soft forehead.
    “You’re not going to do what I think you’re going to do,” said Damien excitedly.
    “Yes I am,” said Blaine with an evil smile.
    “No! Don’t do it,” cried the girl. Blaine lowered the lid of the coffin over the girls body which lay in the bottom half. Her screams and cries grew even louder than before but no one could hear them outside the room.
    Blaine and Damien took the coffin and flew into the air. They ignored the cries coming from the coffin and headed to a nearby cemetery. They landed and lay the coffin on the ground. Blaine started barking orders at Damien. Damien went towards a shed and came out with two shovels. They started to dig a hole in the ground. When the hole was deep enough, they carefully lowered the coffin into the hole. The girl’s screams were growing louder. They grew louder and louder as the two vampires dropped dirt into the hole with their shovels.
    “So sorry love,” said Blaine when the hole was completely filled and they could no longer hear the screams.