• Chapter 5 Unite

    The Zinacts had to find a new base. They didnt know if the ghosts were still occupying their's. They were searching in a remote desert when they saw something they thought they would never see. The Mystics were also walking on the move but they were missing a peerson. The famous spirit wasnt there. They went to investigate. When the Zinacts reached the Mystics they were surprised to hear that the ghosts attacked them too. They traded off information to each other. The Mystics told the Zinacts that they thought they were called DARK. They also told them that spirit had died after he got turned into a DARK warrior. Then the Zinacts told them that happened to Bullzeye but he didnt revive after the transformation. Then Coon called out, "Well lets figure a solution to defeat these guys. I know we are enemies but these "DARK" warriors are going to kill us all. We need to team up. After we can go to our old selfs." " He is right. We will team up and defeat these damn warriors befroe they kill us. Now lets find a base and make a plan!" exclaimed Torpedo