Sometimes. . .i wonder what happend, why did i go? What is the matter with me? I had such a good life why did i give it up? Ill tell you why. . .because when i was made i knew i was just a copy of a human,a stupid copy . Yet i didint care . i still kept on trying to do everything a real human could do.

    Then it came. . .the day i made the choise to run , run from my fears but it took me this long to realize i wasent runing from my fears i was making them worse by runing away from my dreams.But most people dont just bite there leek and say "I think ill be japans best singer tomorrow!" but im not human im a vocaloid ,im pretty shure vocaloids dont do that too thogh .Of corse then i wasent verry smart so i ran,ran all the way to tokyo,japan,Then i met him.He was a tall blue haired young man,I was pretty shure he was a vocaloid too.He asked if i needed derections,of corse i just looked around and ran off.

    Then he said , or screamed "HATSUNE MIKU!" I turned and said "h-h-how do you know my name?He said "you are vocaloid 01 hatsune miku correct?"
    I stood in shock then he said slowly,"My name is Kaito i am a vocaloid as well."