• The group of people turned the corner and Damien saw that it was Blaine. The other guy was shorter than Blaine by an inch. He had dark brown hair and deep green eyes. The girl had fiery red hair and blue eyes. Blaine looked up and saw me.
    “Hey, there’s Damien,” said Blaine.
    “Hey,” said both the girl and the guy.
    “This is Natalie and Derek,” said Blaine. He walked up to Damien.
    “Let’s drain them,” said Blaine. He turned around and jumped at Natalie and bit her on the neck as he grasped her shoulders.
    “Nata-” said Derek. But Damien stifled his yell. Damien got a hold of him and bit his neck. They drained the blood from their bodies and left their bodies lying on the ground in the alley.
    “Now our river of blood won’t run dry,” said Blaine “It’s very important to feast on blood every night before dawn breaks.” With that, he left Damien standing alone in the middle of the streets.
    Damien started walking down the street. He didn’t care where he was going. He was passing by a closed coffee shop when someone came from behind the building and put a bag over him. Damien started kicking the bag trying to get away but he couldn’t. Suddenly, he felt something hard smash into his head. Then everything went black.
    He awoke several hours later. He was in what looked like a run down theatre. He was up on one of the balconies lying on some of the chairs with their armrests up. The seats were a dark purple and the curtains were the same. They were dark purple with red outlining. It was an old theatre that was run down and everything was wearing out.
    “Who the ******** brought me here?” asked Damien aloud.
    “I did,” said a voice. Someone came out from behind the curtains of the stage.
    “Who are you?” asked Damien angrily.
    “I am Drusilla Crimson. I have been watching you lately.”
    “So you know I’m a vampire.”
    “Indeed. I too am a vampire.”
    “Then why have you kidnapped me?” asked Damien staring into her eyes.
    “I wanted to meet you. I wanted to get to know you. I have met your master Blaine. How can you stand being with him? He’s so cruel and aggressive and mean,” said Drusilla.
    “My master? He’s more like my teacher. I’m used to him being like he is,” replied Damien. He got up and started walking down the stairway to the bottom level of the theatre. Once he got to the bottom, he headed to the stage. He walked to the middle and drew nearer to Drusilla. She had light brown hair and brilliant red eyes. Her face was pale and she wore a lot of black eye liner and black lipstick. Her pale face looked as though it was carved from stone as most vampires’ faces are.
    “So why did you want to meet me?” asked Damien, a grin creeping onto his face.
    “There’s something that I like about you,” she replied backing away from him as he moved closer.
    The entrance doors to the theatre opened suddenly. It made a loud noise that echoed throughout the theatre.
    “Drusilla Crimson! How are you love?” Damien and Drusilla could instantly tell it was Blaine. He walked up to the stage and stopped.
    “I see you have met Damien. He’s a fine young guy isn’t he?” said Blaine standing in the walkway.
    “Yes, he is,” replied Drusilla.
    “What are you doing here?” asked Damien.
    “I always come here when I feel like it. It’s one of my favorite hangouts. No one comes here so it’s a perfect place to be. Also Drusilla is here,” said Blaine. He was walking backstage and browsing around. He was picking up things and then putting them down. There was a pack of cigarettes on one of the tables. He picked it up and took one out while reaching into his pocket and taking out a lighter.
    “Anyone want a smoke?” he asked.
    “Sure,” said Damien and Drusilla. They each took out a smoke and Blaine lit it for them.
    “Well, there’s no excitement here. I’ll head to the night club and see if I could have some fun there with one of the play boy bunnies,” he said as he left the theatre and headed for the night club. Damien and Drusilla looked at each other.
    “I should go to,” said Damien.
    “Goodbye,” said Drusilla giving Damien a hug and he instantly froze.
    “Bye,” said Damien backing away from Drusilla.
    Damien walked through the entrance doors and headed to the streets. He was thinking about Drusilla. He felt somewhat attracted to her. She reminded him about one of his old mortal friends that had died due to a fire that she was unaware of.
    She was in her house cooking something and forgot about it. She had fallen asleep because she was up all night from going to the bar with Damien. She awoke to the smell of smoke and saw fire in her bedroom. Before she could get up, the fire had spread even more and she was unable to escape. She was burned alive by the flames and you could hear her screams miles away. Nobody got there in time and the house burnt to the ground. Everything turned to ash, including her body. It was a tragic day for friends and family.
    Damien didn’t like to look back on those memories. He was crying on the inside the day he heard the terrible news. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was crying. He hid his feelings from the world. He liked to be like that. His whole world was black.
    He was passing by a closed restaurant. He looked inside and looked at the clock that hung on the wall. It was 3:37 A.M. He didn’t know where he was. He was too busy thinking that he wasn’t paying attention to where he was going. He decided to turn around and head back. He was walking for several minutes when he came across a bar.
    Damien walked in and ordered a beer. He sat on one of the bar stools and started to relax. Then something caught his attention. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Blaine. Blaine walked up to Damien and ordered another beer. The black lipstick was smudged on his face.
    “Your lipstick is-” started Damien. Blaine held up a hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a mirror.
    “Stole it off the girl,” said Blaine. He looked in the mirror. His reflection showed only the black eyeliner and smudged lipstick that was on his face. Blaine pulled out a tissue. He wiped away the lipstick and pulled out a small bar. He pulled off the top and reapplied the black lipstick.
    “It gets pretty wild with them,” Blaine started. Damien felt uncomfortable discussing this subject. He decided to try to ignore what he said.
    “So did you like Drusilla?” asked Blaine moments later.
    “She’s cool. I like her,” replied Damien turning to look at Blaine.
    “So what did you do with her?” asked Blaine.
    “Nothing,” said Damien
    “So you didn’t do it with her?” asked Blaine.
    “No, why?” asked Damien. He looked interested.
    “She’s a vampire whore. She’s trying to stop but she does it for money because she has nothing but that run down theatre and me, you and her old mortal friend Libertina,” said Blaine. Damien couldn’t believe what Blaine said. Drusilla didn’t seem the type to be one of those people. Being a vampire seemed to fit her more. He could understand why people would want to do her.
    “Did you ever do it with her?” asked Damien.
    “Many times since I first met her in the 1700’s. By the way, did I mention vampires are immortal? We can only perish if we get stabbed in the heart with a stake or a cross and get our head severed. If we just get stabbed, we can come back to life. We can also die if we go into the sunlight for a really long time. Enough for it to burn our skin,” said Blaine.
    “How could you have done that? How could you have used her for your own enjoyment?” asked Damien angrily.
    “It was not just me, Damien. Other people as well.”
    “That doesn’t make it right. Do you even have feelings toward her?”
    “Kinda,” replied Blaine. They both got up and walked outside onto the porch. The cold night wind blew on their faces as they stood there.
    “I used to date her for a while but she grew tired of me. She left me with a broken heart, bleeding. Yearning for her touch, her smile, her voice,” said Blaine turning to stare at the full moon that lit up the dark blue sky with the company of the stars.
    “She was everything to me. I eventually forgot about her and decided to be friends with her. She doesn’t really like me at all,” said Blaine still staring at the sky. He still had feelings for her but he hid them from everyone. He still loved Drusilla.
    “Anyway, I have taken an interest in her mortal friend Libertina. I think I’ll turn her into a vampire and date her for a while.” Blaine took out a pocket watch and saw that it was 5:00 A.M.
    “We better get back to the house. Soon dawn will break the night.” They left the porch and walked to the house not speaking a word to each other.