• When the air was still cold, but the surf frothy, Nicole dipped her feet into the bitter waters.Her butt vibrated from her phone, she had another text.
    As she flippd the phone on keyboard the waves were slowly comming closer...
    she went back, and they seemed to follow her!She closed it, it was Jamie, she was diagnosed with lukimia!

    Just a week ago Jamie and Nicole were playing basketball.
    Jamie was the BEST player on the team!The ball was chucked at her chest and ended up in her arms. she shot a three pointer, but the rebondwacked her nose!A pool of blood soaked the concrete! This is were first aid is handy!
    The nurse covered, disinfected and did EVERYTHING to stop the bleeding!But eventualy the hospital was needed! there was more blood that when my dads boss cut his toe off!It was grotesque!

    Nicole cried, she had no idea of the outome..
    it was life
    or death!