• Darkness keeps falling,
    Shadows still cling,
    Hearts still Fading,
    Hearts grow Dim.

    Hearts are still breaking,
    Breaking deep Within,
    Haunted by light,
    Tormented by sin.

    No matter the friendships,
    No matter the brightness of light,
    I'll always sit alone,
    Alone contemplating many plights.

    Shadows of past,
    Still haunting my soul,
    My future seems lost,
    Can this remnant be whole?

    The day linger on,
    I keep wondering was I wrong,
    and could you find me,
    by the fall of today?

    The world is twisted and fettered,
    Make me think to myself,
    Is it easier if everyone hated me?
    Would it really be better?

    Now Haunted by anger,
    Tormented by Pain,
    Feared by love,
    And Nothing to Gain,

    I am consumed by eternity,
    Forgotten and lost,
    Find me dear love,
    With hope your not too high of cost

    For I'll love the Eternal,
    Be faithful and true,
    Thus a friendship will blossom,
    And tell me who knew?

    But love not last,
    This feeling ring true,
    'Twas it never to be,
    There waiting for you?

    So darkness come again and create the hollow,
    This pain, rage, and emptiness is a pill,
    will it be hard to swallow?

    Now waiting in the shadows yet one more time,
    For someone to find me,
    Someone true and sublime,
    find where I am and let me be free

    For now this is a poem to eternity