• Once upon a time, a king and queen were blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, they named her Annette. As she grew she became more and more beautiful. Annette had long blonde hair as soft as silk and blue eyes that left you in a daze, anyone who saw her almost instantly fell in love. The day that Annette turned 17 her parents king Isaac and queen Juliana told her that she was to be married to the prince of the neighboring country , and that they were going to hold a ball in celebration where she would meet him for the first time. One week passed and then it was time for the celebration to begin “Annette?” the queen called out “oh where is the princess, Annette?”
    “Coming mother” Annette said as she ran down the hall to her mother
    “Annette proper ladies do not run!” the queen scolded in an icy voice
    “I’m sorry” said the princess looking at the ground “I couldn’t pick what dress to wear so I was delayed”
    “Well lets get going, we do not wish to keep our guests waiting” the queen started pushing her daughter down the hall to the grand ballroom.

    Annette stepped through the giant doors into the room; it was full of people dancing to soft music, talking about how rich they were and some guys just leaning against the wall looking at all the girls. Annette’s mother grabbed her wrist and started pulling her towards the table that most royalty were already sitting at, the queen took her seat next to the king and the princess sat five chairs down, one her right was a snobby looking girl who kept eyeing her speculatively and the seat on her left was still vacant. No one talked to Annette so she just sat still looking down at her fingers in her lap, until she heard someone pull out the chair on her left and sit down. She looked out the corner of her eye to see who it was and was shocked to see a handsome man sitting there; he didn’t look older than her, he was tall but not lanky, had light blonde hair, very pale skin and most surprisingly was staring at her. Annette could feel the blush make its way onto her face, she turned to face the handsome stranger “I am Princess Annette, and you would be?” she said in a calm voice even though she knew her heart was racing “I am Prince Eric, your fiancée” he said while gently lifting her hand and kissing it “wha...what did you say?!” the princess almost shouted quickly covering her mouth embarrassed “I said I’m your fiancée” he said while brushing a finger softly down Annette’s cheek “and you are....pretty I’ll give you that” Annette was almost in a trance she was going to marry him?! This man who was so...so....ah so beautiful no words can describe him?!, but then she snapped out of it, because no one, no one ever called her merely pretty, she deserved more than that! “I am more than just pretty” she snapped turning her head away from him and lifting her chin. She heard him laugh and turned back to glare at him through narrowed eyes, she glared at him for 5 minutes straight not even blinking and he just stared back a grin on his absurdly good looking face, that’s when her mother came over, and of course she was drunk, she put a lazy arm around the prince and princesses shoulders “shoo howsh the lovely couple?” she asked slurring her words, Annette just turned her head from the drunk queen looking away to the dance floor, but the prince kissed the queens cheek and said “ah Queen Juliana, you get more lovely every time I see you” the queen smiled at him and sat herself right on his lap, Annette couldn’t help but laugh, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into... but no sooner had the thought crossed her mind the queen was getting up again, “thats not fair” she whined “whenever she sits on me she doesn’t move for hours” she laid her arms on the table and watch the dancers twirl round and round again. The prince saw her watching them “shall we dance?” he asked in a seductive voice grabbing her hand “what?! No, no way I can’t dance, at least not with you” Annette complained but he didn’t let go, he towed her to the centre of the dance floor and hugged her tightly to his chest then whispered in her ear “I can’t think of a better person for you to dance with than me” they started to twirl around gracefully all the other couples stopped dancing to watch them which made Annette blush and hide her face one the prince’s shoulder. They danced for hours the prince never got tired and Annette never had to do anything, so they danced and danced and danced until almost everyone had left the ball. He finally stopped as the last two guests left the room walking towards the exit, he walked over to the king and whispered something in his ear in a voice to soft for Annette to hear then he turned around and smirked at her, “Annette” her father said in a loud voice “Prince Eric will be staying here tonight, so you must look after him is that understood” the princess stood still, frozen in spot mouth hanging open like a fish “but...but father” she started to protest but was silenced when he gave her an steely glare “yes, I understand” she whispered doing a small curtsy before exiting the room, followed by the prince. Annette stopped in front of a big wooden door “this will be your room, if you need anything during the night my room in just across the hall” she gestured to another large door with her hand “alright, thank you” the prince said smiling, Annette quickly ran to her room slamming the door loudly before collapsing on her bed, she walked slowly over to her cupboard and took off her annoying dress, changing into her sleeping clothes which also happened to be a dress, but it was plain white, shorter and not as tight than all her other dresses, she got into her bed and instantly fell asleep. “Bang” Annette’s eyes flew open, it was still the middle of the night so it was hard to see “creeeek” she heard another noise, Annette sat up rubbing her eyes tiredly, once her eyes adjusted to the darkness she saw a tall dark figure standing at the end of her bed, she was about to scream but a hand was suddenly covering her mouth, the person had moved so fast she couldn’t see them, her eyes widened in shock as she realized the person was prince Eric. He slowly removed his hand and that’s when Annette noticed the position they were in, he was right on top of her, the princesses started to blush deep red “ca...ca...can I he...help you?” she asked barely able to make the words come out the prince leaned his face down towards her and inhaled her scent “you know, I think you were right you are more then pretty, your beautiful, but you know you could be more beautiful” he leaned his head closer and closer then started kissing her neck, she princess was frozen with shock but her heart was racing “would you like that?” he whispered in-between kisses Annette didn’t know how to react so she just nodded slowly, the prince smiled slyly against her neck before he let his fangs pierce her skin, it was so painful and the princess felt another scream building it’s way up her throat but the prince clamped his hand over he mouth again while he kept drinking her sweet blood. After a minute he stopped and pulled himself back up so he could look at the girl, she was wide eyed and had blood dripping down her neck staining her white dress. The princess lay staring at the roof for around an hour before the pain started again, her skin was going cold, her heart racing and all her cuts, bruises and scars healed “don’t worry” Eric said in a soothing tone “you weak human body is just dying, once that happens you will be like me, and you will be beautiful.” The princess twisted and turned in agony but stayed silent, then became unconscious and she welcomed the blackness because it stopped the pain. She awoke to find Eric looking at her “what happened?” she asked a little dizzy as she got up “oh...not much” he said grinning Annette stood in front of her mirror and sunk down to her knees in horror and shock and.....delight? for who she saw was a beautiful, perfect blonde girl, with pale skin, she still had the same eye color for which she was thankful but the person she was looking at in the mirror was much more beautiful than she had ever been. “N...n...nothing happened?!” she yelled turning to face Eric, “Calm down, when I say nothing, I mean nothing of importance” he said in an even voice “What did you do to me?! I look....I look...so strange” Annette stood up again and walked over to Eric “Strange? You aren’t strange you’re beautiful” he said while putting his arms around her waist and hugging her tightly. It took several hours to calm Annette down but finally she stopped yelling.