• He stands by the window staring out at forever. The dull rush of the waves against rocks below rings in the ears - the only sound this night. Enrobed only in moonlight, his alabaster skin stands in sharp contrast against auburn curls. He leans back and runs his fingers along the window pane. Though he never turns, it's obvious he knows that you're there. A subtle shift of weight and you know he is smiling. The pencil touches the paper.

    Long, elegant lines flow across the page as you pray you can immortalize this moment. He remains perfectly still, lost in a world all his own. A world of life and light where Good triumphs over Evil and everyone comes back alive. You rub in shading, trying to share in his world of Happily Ever Afters as you add depth to your own.

    You sign the paper, putting your stamp on this snapshot of perfection. Suddenly, he turns without warning at stares right at you. His chocolate eyes are so intense that you turn away ashamed. You are suddenly aware that you've intruded on something sacred. He knows. He knows. He knows!

    You can't breathe. You are going to die where you stand and there is nothing that you can do about it. The thought is so painful that you sink to your knees and the sketchpad clatters to the floor. How dare you capture this young god with your liar's hand?

    You are so caught up in your reeling thoughts that you don't notice that he has knelt before you. Gently, he cups your chin and tilts it up so that you are forced to face him. His gaze soften and he smiles, just a little. You swallow thickly and your eyes water. It's too much! He knows, yes. But he also accepts and - somehow - he understands.