• Jade sighed as she neared the school. Barbra was gracious enough to enroll her before Jade came; even show her the school before driving them both home from the train station-but her kids. Jade knew she had gotten off on a bad start but she could care less. She didn’t choose to live in California to like the people she lived with. These people didn’t control her, and they weren’t blood related.

    Students walked past her, and now she was surrounded by others, but paid no attention. She felt humiliated, angry, depressed, and anxious all at the same time to care about other people at the moment. Walking though the double doors of Rocky Heights High School she felt as alone as ever. Pulling her schedule out her pocket, she tried to memorize the list of classes with their corresponding room numbers. The first class of the day was Algebra.

    Heading to her locker, she tried to not look anyone in the eye. It was worse enough she had to endure whispers at home; she didn’t want to make a spectacle of herself at school as well. The lock released after entering the correct combinations. Fiddling with the door, it finally opened after a forceful pull. A girl a few lockers over giggled, Jaded looked over at her with a frown.

    “Sorry.” She apologized shutting her own locker. “Sometimes these suckers stick.” Brushing away a stray hair that fell into her face, the girl walked over to Jade and leaned against a nearby locker.

    This girl that was laughing at her had a unique look about her. Long dyed hair, the top part blonde while the underneath is dark brown, a slim figure clocked under black clothes and heavy makeup painted on her face. Jade instantly imaged this girl hanging around graveyards and practicing devil warship. Not that she didn’t look friendly, for her aura was ten shades brighter than Jade’s own but comparing the two of them, Jade was sure she would be the one labeled evil from her venomous attitude.

    Grabbing the books that she needed for her first class, Jade stuffed the rest that she didn’t need into her locker. “Ouch. Algebra.” The girl said, reading the front of the book Jade held, trying to be friendly. “I have that first class as well.”

    Jade grunted, not very much in the mood for conversation.

    “Room 223, Mr. James Sanfile? He’s brutal.” The girl said, still trying to maintain a light air around the both of them.

    Despite herself, Jade nodded. “Yeah.” She said lamely.

    “So hey, you’re the new girl then, right, Jane something?” The girl said cheerfully as it dawned on her that that was probably the case.

    “It’s Jade, Jade Sailor.” Jade corrected angrily. She wasn’t in the mood to make introductions.

    “Well, Jade.” She emphasized, not wanting to get snapped at again. “I’m Cloe.” Cloe said, sticking out her hand.

    Jade reluctantly shook it as Cloe beamed. She was surprised by the happiness others could still show. Jade felt far from happy, but just seeing Cloe smile took all the strength Jade had from letting her own pearly whites from showing.

    Just then, ringing reverberated throughout the hall as it signaled the start of class. Jade and Cloe both glanced at the nearest clock, then back at each other.

    “Well that’s our bell. We should head to class.” Cloe informed, linking arms with Jade and pulling her in the direction of class.

    "Good morning class.” The teacher said as he finished writing today’s agenda on the board. Mr. Sanfile didn’t get much of a reaction out of the class, mostly quite ‘Morning’ or grunts and groans around the room. “Hey!” He snapped, trying to get the attention of his class. “I don’t like the fact I have to see all of our faces either, but somehow I do. So good morning class!” He said jokingly and with spirit. This time Jade groaned even louder than she did the first time. Beside her Cloe giggled.

    “Oh right.” Mr. Sanfile said remembering the arrival of the new student. “Class, today a new student is joining us. “ He paused to look at his attendance sheet. “Jade Sailor.” He gestured to Jade sitting beside Cloe.

    Jade sunk low in her seat as her classmates around her tried to get a better look. She pulled at her jet black hair, trying to hide her face. Cloe again, giggled at this. Jade silently cursed the teacher and her new found friend from pointing the spot light on her. The teacher continued.

    “Jade, would you like to introduce yourself?” Mr. Sanfile asked.

    Looking around the room hesitantly Jade finally spoke. “Not really.” She said more timidly than she expected.

    “That’s alright.” He said, passing out papers for the class. “Now if you would all follow along with today lesson-” Mr. Sanfile continued, moving on with teaching the class.

    Cloe turned toward Jade, who was turning the darkest shades of red she had ever seen on a person. “Smooth,” She whispered, chuckling. “Really, smooth.”

    “Shut up.” Jade barked, only to cause Cloe to laugh more.

    It took all her strength to refocus her thoughts on what the teacher was saying, but she couldn’t. Truly, Jade no longer wanted to be there. She felt insignificant and embarrassed. And she knew she would have to endure the entire day with those feelings. Jade sighed and wrote bits of words coming from the teacher as he lectured the class.

    “Hey Jade.” Cloe whispered again. Jade shot a glare Cloe’s way.

    “What?” Jade hissed.

    Tipping her notebook toward Jade, Cloe tried to pass it to her. Making sure Mr. Sanfile wasn’t looking; Jade snatched it and looked down at what was written. Peering at a small group of girls in the back, after glancing at Cloe who tilted her head their way, Jade raised her brow. Cloe nodded her head and merely smiled, grabbing the note book back from her.

    Drawn in Cloe's notebook was an obscene picture with the four girls each in some tortured predicament. Maybe Jade was right in thinking what she had on first impressions with Cloe. Shaking her head, Jade really tired to ignore everything but what Mr. Sanfile was saying.