• Footsteps echoed through the alley, unheard by any of the busy townsfolk of Lycra. Skye ran up the wall at the end, climbing onto the rooftops. She was carrying some bread. No guards stood posted on the roofs here. Good. She threw some kunai at the guards climbing up the ladder. Skye jumped over some rooftops, and found where she was going: a small net instead of roofs. She jumped through the hole in it, and landed crouching in a dark room.

    "I'm back." She spoke into the darkness. A small boy jumped out from the shadows. "And you brought food!" He exclaimed, taking one of the loaves of bread and splitting it in half. "Hey Zain." Skye said, smiling. "Hi Retto." She continued, after seeing a teenager step into the light, and take half of Zain's loaf of bread. "So tell us your story." He said, and sat down. They followed him.

    "Well," Skye began. "When I took the bread, there were a bunch of guys talking about some politics or something. Then the store manager said, 'guards guards' like she usually does, and the guys that were talking held the guards back and one said 'Run kid' so I ran. I got into an alley and heard some yelling, so I guessed the guys had gotten hurt. Then I ran into a dead end."

    Zain leaned forward on his knees, looking amazed. "How'd you get away?" He asked. "Well," Skye continued. "I used my wall climbing ability to run up the wall, and got onto the roofs. Then the guards tried climbing up the ladder there. They were in a rush, so some of them fell off." Zain cut in again. "That must have hurt..." Skye nodded. "It probably did. Anyway, I threw some kunai to make the rest fall, and ran across to here. You know the rest." Retto spoke. "Well, they'll know what you look like now." Skye nodded. "Yeah, but you're going tomorrow, along with Zain." She looked at him. "Be careful, guys." She said.