• How would you feel if you were locked away. "She's crazy". Thats what i heard from behind closed doors. Why do they call me crazy, is it because of that guy? I yelled "I didnt do that!" Why wont the believe me? I didnt do it...i just saw him there.
    "Look at her, her face, thats the dullest look i have ever seen." That what my doctor said. "I'll show him im not crazy." I got to go home the next day by my mother who had taken me there in the first place.
    At nightfall I snuck out through the window. I walked all tha way to the doctor's house. Dont ask how i knew where he lived i just did. I opened the door ever so lightly. I tip-toed to his room. Slowly I took my hair and put in my face. That way if he woke he wouldnt know it was me.
    I stood over him. Looking apon his golden face. He was so handsome...I took my knife from my poket. Ran it over his face, and cut his arm, no movement. I cut him many more times. At the last second he opened his eyes. He saw my face! He saw it!! I slashed him a few more times. And when it was done, i stood and watched the lust and fear slip from his eyes.
    I leaded over to his ear and wispered "I told you I wasnt crazy." I left with a call to the police. They show up...five mins after I called. All i could here was the wailing of the police cars. I giggled and hurried home, before the sun came up.