• Chapter 1- New school

    Sun could be seen slightly through the clouds in England. Well London to be exact. It was the beginning of September, the summer had just ended and the people from Redstone's academy were just arriving back at school. However, this school year would be different but they didn't know it yet. They would soon though. Meanwhile, somewhere much different, things were being set up. This place was very different to London. It was a different world. The most obvious reason that this world is different to ours is that it isn’t run by a king, queen, duke or anyone in that nature. It is run by a vampire, The Vampire Lord as his subjects address him. Right at the moment the students of Redstone's academy were returning school he was devising a plan. A plan for his son’s first sacrifice. The reason this sacrifice is different to just drinking their blood is that upon turning the human into a vampire said vampire gets the feeling of a rush of power through their body. This rush of power will then mean that the young vampire will become the true heir to his father’s kingdom. However, this sacrifice is his first so it has to be female. In The Vampire Lord's kingdom there are not many humans and if there is they are all men. The vampire Lord believes the blood of men is much stronger than females unless the female is the vampire’s first sacrifice. In this world sun does come as it does not harm the vampires. It just makes them look different and more...unique as lack for a better word. It is a dark world; thunder is the usual weather as it makes the vampires stronger. The vampire Lord live in a dark castle with his son, his two female nieces’ and three of his most loyal subjects. Right now the vampire Lord is discussing his son’s first sacrifice with his three most loyal subjects. For him to become the true heir to his father’s kingdom he must kill his chosen sacrifice on the night of his seventeenth birthday.
    "Young Master Carlson, your father wishes to speak to you in his office at this moment!" one of the servants said to Young Master Carlson. Otherwise known as Sean Carlson the Vampire Lord's son and one and only child.
    "Yes thank you" replied the song like voice of the young vampire. The servant seemed shocked by the kindness of the young master and quickly exited the room. Workers for the vampire Lord are classed as mere servants and taken for granted. They are not used to the kindness of anyone especially their Masters.

    The Young master left his room not so long after the servant had left. He walked through the halls with he walls painted in a blood red paint and black carpet. He was now used to the darkness and found it strange to be somewhere light. As he came upon a large black wooden door at the end of the hallway he sighed and knocked lightly. "Enter" came the harsh, deep voice of the powerful master. Sean walked into his father’s office and saw his father and his three most trusted subjects. He also saw his two cousins they were female one had very long blonde hair down to her lower black and the other have short black hair. The vampire Lord motioned for his son to take a seat on the other side of his desk to himself.
    "You wished to speak with me father" Sean said whilst looking straight at his father.
    "Yes son I did. What I wish to speak to you about is concerning your first sacrifice" the vampire Lord said to his son.
    "What about it father?" the young mater questioned with a raised eyebrow.
    "It is about where you will get your sacrifice from. It is not as simple as you may thing it is. Your sacrifice as it is your first must be female and as you know there aren't any females here. So this is why for your next year of school I am sending you to a school in a world different to ours" the vampire Lord told his son.
    "A different world? You mean like the one we went to a couple of years ago father?" the young master once again questioned.
    “That is the exact world I am sending you too. Now listen carefully as what I am going to tell you next is what you must do there. You must find your sacrifice within the year and you cannot tell anyone about this world and that you're a vampire" the vampire Lord said in a stern voice.
    "I understand father and I will not tell anyone who I really am and about this place" the young master Sean said.
    "Yes well good now go pack and I will make the arrangements for you to get there" the Lord said with a slight smile.
    "Yes father" Sean said to his father. With that all said the young master Carlson got up and left his father’s study quickly and quietly.

    The young master entered his room and looked out of his window. It was thundering with hints of lightning coming from the sky. This was an ordinary day in his father's kingdom. He was used to it, yet sick of it. To be truth fully honest he was quite happy to be going to this new world. It would be different and so would the weather. This was a small problem for him. If the sunlight was to hit his skin it would make him seem more seductive to other people. In the vampire kingdom it was one day behind the human world. So as the next day came the young master Sean Carlson was ready and set to leave and find his sacrifice.

    The young master was accompanied on his journey with a woman called Clara one of his father’s most trusted and loyal subjects. When they looked around the school exterior they saw the happy faces of all of the returning students. However, there was one who stood out from the rest. She had long brown hair, pale skin and hazel eyes. He also heard her speak. Her voice was soft and like an angels. The young master couldn't seem to tear his gaze away from the young brunette. That was until he heard the voice of two grown women.
    "Hello there, I am the principal of the school. My name is Mrs. Charlton and you must be Sean Carlson" the woman aged around forty asked the young master.
    "Yes I am who speak of" replied Sean.
    "Well I believe you will enjoy your stay here and you are his mother yes?" questioned the principal.
    "No she is not my mother" the voice of the young master interrupted Clara's.
    "Oh I’m sorry I just assumed you were as you are here with him" the woman apologized.
    "Well maybe it isn't good to jump to conclusions" replied Sean with harshness in his voice.
    "I’m sorry about him. The subject of his mother is a little soft for him. No matter how much he tries denying it" came the reasoning voice from Clara.
    "Well how about I give you and Mr. Carlson here a tour of our fine school?" asked the woman cautiously.
    "Yes that would be most appreciated" answered Clara.

    Chapter 2- Meeting the human girl

    So Mrs. Charlton led the young master and Clara into the building. It was quite an old school. Sean realized this as he looked around. To him he believed that it must have been some sort of castle in the past. However, instead of modernizing it they kept it looking quite old, but not warn out. As they walked further in the building he saw photographs of what looked like the teachers and students of the wall. He also saw artwork on the wall with people’s names and age groups on so he assumed they were students work.
    "Well looks like the students put together a ‘welcome back to another’ year party" came Mrs. Charlton’s happy voice. As he looked through the door where his new headmistress was looking through he heard music and people dancing, laughing and talking. 'They seem so happy' thought Sean. Then he saw a familiar face. It was the girl he couldn't stop looking at outside. However this time she looked a little different. She has her long brown hair down in what looked like natural curls. She also wasn’t wearing her school uniform. She was wearing a red V-neck shirt, black shorts with tights underneath and for some reason she didn't have shoes on. When she saw a friend of hers walk through the door the young master was at, she looked his way. He noticed little make up on her face and it went perfectly with her pale skin. Well that’s what he thought. He again couldn't stop himself from staring at her. "Hey Katelyn come on let’s dance" yelled a boy about 16. Upon hearing the name Katelyn the girl he found himself staring at looked towards the boy. She smiled and nodded her head. With that she ran towards the boy. 'Katelyn' he found himself saying her name over and over again in his head. 'It fits her perfectly' he thought. The young master’s thoughts were interrupted by a giggle coming from his right side. When he looked up he saw Clara giggling. "What's so funny?" the young master said demanding an answer.
    "Oh nothing" replied Clara still giggling.
    "What is it and I demand that you tell me the truth?" the young master said the sternness entering his voice. With that Clara moved her head towards the young masters and replied with a whisper, "I know what you were thinking, I read your thoughts. And they were about her, you are fascinated by her" The young master was startled yet he didn't show it.
    "I am not fascinated by her" he replied to Clara just as quietly but his voice was harsh.
    "Hmm really. Well just remember why you are here young master, and it has nothing to do with that girl you are not fascinated by" Clara whispered and pulled her head away. Just before she finished what she was saying the young master swore he saw her role her eyes. He sighed in defeat as he knew he wasn't fooling her. Just then Mrs. Charlton spoke up "that there is Katelyn, one of our finest students" whilst pointing towards Katelyn now dancing in a crowd of people. 'Yeah you can say she’s the finest student' thought the young master. Just after he thought that he heard Clara chuckle. He then realized she was still reading his thoughts, one of her powers of being a vampire. So he glared at he and she laughed more which confused Mrs. Charlton but she said nothing. Whilst all of this was happening they didn't notice someone walk up to them.
    "Hello Mrs. Charlton I expect that you had a good summer did you not?" an angelic voice said. Upon hearing this voice the young master and Clara looked at the person. He realized it was indeed Katelyn. She was standing just inches away from him. With that he found himself short of breath and another chuckle escaped Clara's lips. However, with her standing so close to him he could not seem to reply as he would have done.
    "Ah Miss Ravens I was just speaking of how you're on our finest students here" said Miss Charlton with a wide smile.
    "I would say that I just work hard and it seems to work" she replied.
    "And modest too. Oh yes this is Mr. Sean Carlson" she paused pointing at the young master “he is a new student here this year. Mr. Carlson this is Miss Katelyn Ravens" she said with a warming smile. With that said she turned towards the young master and with a smile said "Hello Sean I am Katelyn as Mrs. Charlton said. It’s nice to see a new student in our year; the new students are usually the first years. It’s very nice to meet you".
    "Err…well yea it’s nice to meet you too" the young master said trying to keep his voice from cracking and trying to keep his composure. Clara at this point was trying to bite back a laugh that was daring to escape her mouth once again. She had never seen the young master so... flustered to say the least. So instead of laughing she decided to "Well it seems like you are in good hands Sean. And by looking at the time I really should be going. Your father is probably wondering where I am anyway. So enjoy the time you are here and make sure you keep your head focused on why you are here." said Clara and walked away without another word.
    "What did she mean ' keep your head focused on why you are here'?" asked Katelyn confused.
    "Err... the err school year… yeah she wants me to keep focused as err… sometimes I get...of track" he said trying to convince her even though it didn't sound the least bit convincing. Katelyn seemed a little pessimistic with his answer but looked like she accepted it. Just as she was about to reply someone interrupted saying "Here you are Katelyn? I was wondering where you ran off too. Come on let’s dance it’s a new year, a new start." said a black haired boy. "Oh well I thought I would see how Mrs. Charlton here spent her summer. Then I met Sean here he is a new student in our year. So Sean would you like to come and dance with us. We are all dancing" said Katelyn. He was tempted to dance but not with everyone just with her. But as she said all of us he declined.
    "No thank you I really do not feel like dancing at this point in time" he replied getting his voice back to normal.
    "Oh okay then. Well if you ever need anything like someone to show you around or something like that then don't hesitate to ask" she replied running off. The young master was sure that she looked a little sad when he declined her offer but thought nothing of it really. 'Why would she look sad anyway she has a boyfriend' the young master thought to himself.
    "Well then let me show you where you will be staying this year" Mrs. Charlton’s voice said interrupting his thoughts. With a nod of his head he walked away from the happy students.

    As Katelyn reached the table to get a drink she found herself staring at the boy she met mere moments ago. He had Blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t tare her eyes away from him. 'He seems perfect' she thought. "Who was that?" came a voice next to her. Slowly she turned around to see her long time best friend ever Steph. "Well are you going to tell me who that really cute guy who just walked out was? You know since you were talking to him" said Steph. "He’s a new student in our year. His name is Sean Carlson" as she said his name she swore to herself she felt herself blush.
    "Aww Katelyn. You so like him" came the happy voice of her friend.
    "What? You are insane! I met him mere moments ago. How can I like him" Katelyn denied a little too fast.
    "I don't know these feelings work in mysterious ways" her friend teased.
    "Whatever" Katelyn replied walking over to the dance floor.