• Ch. 3 Daisuke’s Secret!
    I was shocked, terrified! “I-If Daisuke isn’t human… then… what is he?”
    Ken shook his head. “I can’t answer that. Without any information on this guy, there’s no way science can figure this out.” He stared at his computer.
    I went to his window and carefully looked outside. Daisuke wasn’t out there. I turned back to Ken. “I’ve noticed some weird things going on with him; things that he can do. Would that help us get a lead on what he is?” I asked.
    He looked at me. “It depends, what kind of information do you have?”
    I took a seat on his bed. “Well, he writes super fast, faster than the normal speed of a human. He appears out of nowhere… he can read minds… and he leaves these feathers every time he disappears. Could you get a lead from that?”
    “Hmm…” He turned to his computer and started typing. “That could possibly give me a lead, but we might end up with the wrong thing. Better to try I guess.”
    “How long will this take?” I asked him.
    He seemed to ignore me. I folded my arms across my chest. “I better get home and start on my homework,” I told him as I headed for the door.
    “I’ll call you when I get something,” he said. I nodded and unlocked the door. I closed it behind me and left his house.
    I looked around for my bike, but it was gone. Ugh! Daisuke I bet. I walked home instead.

    I was half way home when I saw him. He was sitting in a tree. I stopped walking and glared at him, wondering if he would hurt me, now that I know he’s not human.
    Then that’s when it hit me, I needed to confront him myself. Ask him what he was. He can’t deny it any longer.
    I walked up to the tree and kicked it. “Hey! Wake up Daisuke!”
    He opened his eyes half way and stared down at me. He said nothing though.
    “Daisuke, I know you aren’t human, so you can’t tell me that I’m wrong,” I said. “Look, if you’re going to hurt me, go ahead and do it. But I just want to know one thing… what are you?”
    He sighed and got out of the tree. “I guess I have no choice now. I will show you, but you must give me your word that you won’t tell anyone.”
    “I give you my word,” I promised. “But, Ken already knows that you aren’t human. He’ll tell someone, and then you won’t have to hide whatever it is that you’re hiding.”
    “He’ll be taken care of later, but if you want must know what I am, it’ll be better to show you,” he replied. “We must go somewhere quiet; where no one will walk in on us.”
    I started thinking. “We can go to my house. My mom is gone and I’m positive that no one is coming over.”
    He nodded. We started walking down to my house.

    I checked to make sure my mom wasn’t home. All the rooms were empty, and the note I put on the fridge was still there. I went back to the front where I left him waiting. “No one is home.” I felt stupid since no one was standing in the doorway.
    “Are you coming or what?”
    I turned around and saw him already up the stairs, near my bedroom door. I shut the door and followed him up the stairs.
    He shut and locked the door behind me. I sat on my bed and waited.
    “Before I show you this, you should know that something bad will happen afterwards,” he warned me.
    I rolled my eyes. “Stop hesitating and show me already.”
    He turned his back towards me and slipped his shirt down. Words can’t describe it, but this is what I saw:
    User Image
    I didn’t know what to say. Was it a tattoo or actual wings?
    “Dai-Daisuke? What are you exactly?” They didn’t even sound like words.
    He turned and looked at me. “I’m a winged demon.” He pulled his shirt up and waited for me to ask something else.
    I couldn’t ask anything else. I couldn’t really say anything else. The person standing in front of me had wings! What would you do at this moment?!
    “Now that you’ve seen this, a terrible thing will happen tonight,” he said. He headed for the window, planning to leave.
    “Wait! There’s something I want to see.” I climbed out of bed and went for the light switch. “Ken said that you’re wings change color at night. I want to see if that happens to you.”
    “No!!” he yelled as made an attempt to stop me. Before I even touched the switch, he knocked me down with such power that I slid all the way to the other side of my room! (And I have a large room)
    “Don’t ever try that!” He was mad. “You must be out of your mind! Turning off the light is a very bad idea! Think before you act!”
    I got up, my back aching. “Well sorry! All you had to say was don’t do that! I could’ve gone without the pain!”
    “I know how you humans are! Your reactions are slow! If I told you to stop, it would’ve been too late!”
    “Ok! I got it already! Don’t turn off the light! Sorry for not knowing everything about you!”
    He stopped and took a breath. “Turning out the lights will cause me to change. As you saw already, my wings were out, which will allow me to change very quickly. I will become a killer if you put me in the dark.
    “My wings turn black, my eyes turn red, sharp nails and fangs grow out, and I go out killing people who know what I am. That’s how I keep my secret safe. That’s how I’m able to live in this world. If there if no one who knows about me, then I’m fine. I won’t change into the killer that I truly am.”
    I blinked, letting this entire thing soak in. As I thought of what he said, I started trembling.
    “Now that I know what you are… that means… I’m going to die…” I couldn’t breathe. It’s like he was choking me already. Those sharp nails digging into my neck… it was hard not to think about how he was going to kill me.
    He sighed. “If I can’t force myself to not hurt you… then it was nice knowing you for two days. Even if you die by me, it’s not my fault. I told you once to stay away from me, but you were too nosy.”
    He jumped out of my window and was gone. A couple of his feathers caught a calm wind and blew into my room.
    I sat there alone, frozen in fear. How am I supposed to avoid this? Is there any hope for me?