• The battle between me and the assassian took hours and we were still fighting. We both kept clashing, loud sounds pouring out each clash.
    I slashed sideways to his arm and he jumped back.
    I then jumped toward him and had finally made in contact.
    He looked down at the spot where the sword laid and said, "Congratgulations, you finally killed me."
    I grabbed his collar and said, "Who sent you?! I know nobody has an agenda with Sakura, so who sent you!!!?"
    He smiled and said,"I suppose i should tell you since you win. The queen had sent me... "
    He then fell and a pool of blood began to form.
    I shedded a tear before picking up my sword and went to the castle where I would carry on my hate.
    The queen seem satisfied and thought to herself, "YES!!! The infernal rat seems dead and the assassian was killed too, leaving me nothing to pay back!"
    She laughed evily and coldly until the doors fell with a guard thrown to a wall.
    She looked over at the door and saw me. She said, "Are you ready Honey?"
    She then looked at my sword and she knew what was going to happen. She said, "You wouldn't dare!"
    The next thing she knew, there was a sword in her heart and she fell off her chair.
    The wounds on me were shallow but it had bleed for a while, weakening me.
    I used my power to sun quickly to my friend's house.
    As soon as I got there, he was tearing up. I came to him and asked,"What happened Carlos?"
    He help out a note and answered,"I found this on the bed where I nursed Sakura back to health..."
    I looked at it and saw blood on the corner of the letter.