• Ken unfolded the blood covered letter and it read
    If you had recieved this letter, it means I've left to a new place. I don't want to be the girl who needs her back watched every second. I've decided to leave because I've always been a magnet for danger. I don't want to cause anymore suffering for you.

    I want to be stronger. I want to be as strong as you because you don't need your back watched every minute. You look at it on oyur own. Thats what I want. i want to get as srtong as you so when I come back, I would be able to watch yours and you would be able to watch mines.

    Please don't come looking for me, I'll eventually return when I've decided that I'm as strong as you. If you come, trouble will come and the least I want happening to you is being killed or tortured by bandits or whatever.

    Ken, no, CV , remember my last words before I leave.
    I've loved you and will continue doing so even if I leave here.

    Sincerly and Love,

    As soon as it ended, He fell to his knees and cried as Carlos tried to comforted him.