• My gaze drifted out the open window to the dull city life below. Nothing ever happened in A3, the pathetic town where I lived my pathetic life with my pathetic family.
    I reached for the painkillers on my nightstand, reading the warning label on the side. "Caution: Overdose may result in death. Consult with doctor before extending amount taken." As if. 'Would the whole bottle count as an overdose?' I wondered, trying to break through the stupid child-proof lock. Just then the doorknob of my room began to jiggle. I quickly hid the bottle behind my back while my annoying brother, the reason I was locked in my room and suffered occasional migraines, LeiLei, waltzed in.
    "Hey Arrah!" He mused warmly. He was such a pain. He couldn't seem to take the hint that I didn't forgive him, and that it would be eons easier if he just gave in communicating with me.
    "What?!?" I groaned, trying to cover the painkillers I was now sitting on. Why did the stupid bottle have to be so big. I shifted uncomfortably, hoping the bottle wouldn't fall off the chair.
    "Well..." He started, pausing for dramatic effect.
    "Oh just get on with it stupid!" I moaned, fingering the bottle secretively.
    "I don't know. With an attitude like that..."
    "Fine! Please tell me..." I said through my teeth, afterwards muttering "Idiot."
    "If you insist." I rolled my eyes. "We're moving!!!"
    "Are you serious!?!" I squealed, making the mistake to jump out of my chair in glee. I was so happy at the thought of finally leaving this city, and hopefully moving to a small little town where I could roam around freely, without everyone fearing for my safety.
    "Yeah! Dad has a serious patient he needs to take care of in A2 and-" clack! The bottle fell to the ground after rolling off my chair. "What is that?" LeiLei queried. "Is that painkillers? You know one of dad's maids will come up when it's time for you to take your meds and too many can be lethal, not to mention..." I slumped back into my chair while LeiLei ranted about "safety" and "warning labels" and boring things like that. 'Please God' I prayed silently, 'Please let the roof of this stupid building fall on me and kill me. Pleeeaase!' Little did I know how much I'd regret that wish later.