• "ALERT!ALERT!THE HEAD HAS BEEN MURDERED!THE MURDERER HAS JUST ESCAPED TO SECTOR S ROOM 254!" yelled a mechanic voice. A blonde haired boy escaped through a nearby corridor, with a red-haired teen running behind him while some guards chased them.
    "What could be happening now?" asked a cloaked man to himself. He reached for his black cell phone."Hello? S.W.A.T. we have escapees at the NecroCity asylum. Get over there right now!"
    "Roger!" replied a soldier. From his office window, the man can see soldiers rushing to the asylum. He took off the hood and drank from a can of soda next to him. He had apricot skin and amber eyes. His hair was semi-long and white. He was fairly thin. His body seemed to belong to a 24-year-old's body. He was reading papers.
    "Hm. Xilus Bloodheart: Sixteen years old, male, 5' 5", and red hair with red eyes. That has to be him. But who is this? Devon Psynu: fourteen years old, male, 5' 3", brown hair, and blue eyes. Interesting."
    "Sir! Our chopper has been blown down! What hould we do?" asked a soldier over a mic.
    "Retreat. These two boys seem to ghave a lot ahead of them." answered the man calmly.
    "What do you mean, Commander Spades?"
    "Nothing. Just retreat!"
    "Yes, sir!"
    Spades was his name. He looked over to his right and reached for his deck."The cards of fate are in play. Now we just need two more people in the game." He turned his cards into a sythe. A sythe of cards. The cards turned and twisted until the sythe was complete. "Let's see how they fare against those two teens." He looked into the surveilance for the asylum tunnel. Fire burned through the tunnel. Two teens ran towards the person respnosible for the flames. Spades got off his chair and went to the lobby of his building. Soldiers and office people walked around, sorting papers and talking. Some corpses were rushed to the emergency area of the building.
    "Sir, why are you holding your sythe like that?" questioned a suited young man.
    "I will be gone for a while. Try to not die." replied Spades jokingly as he left the building. Time to see if they're worth it, thought Spades as he walked into the city. It was still dark. The sky would have been brighter if it were not for the atomic clouds covering the horizon. Spades reached the center of the city. A cloud of darkness covered most of the area. A black haired man in a strait- jacket and a blonde teen with flames coming out of his hands were standing in front. The flaming teen was ready to throw fire into the cloud. Now's not the time, thought Spades as he watched Xilus and Devon fight off the flames. "Tomorrow, they will see me." said Spades as his cards dissasembled.