• As i creep down the pitch black hallway. I feel something touch my shoulder. Its wasnt alive but not yet died. I turn around sharp and no one was there. Great it's my mind playing tricks on me again!
    I hear them talking, even though they keep their distance. They touch me but i try to keep walking. They soon lose intrest and leave me be. Now as i pass by wise statues and, round pillers covered in dust. I find my place to be...in a very tight, but neat looking hole. This is where I find myself!
    Soon ill be who i was suppose to be! Ill be perfect..! I dig for hours finally reaching it. Its a small be beatifull statue of a small cat. It was bright and gold with black stripes. It was also clumped with dirt and grime.
    I pick it up with both hands to make sure i dont drop it. I back out of the hole and soon i feel that touch once again. "You cant have it!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I grab my stuff and run. As fast as i could to get out of there!
    Now I hear them again...they keep telling me to drop it. "Drop it, let it be." They wisper growing ever so close to me. "It wont save you, it wont make you anything better." Why do they tease me so?! "Leave get out of my head!!" i shout. No i have to get out.
    I look at the figure in my hands and i stop almost on a dime. I blow the dust off of it, and clean it up to where it was shining an even more brillent gold. It Burns in my hands, I let it drop to the ground. It shakes and stops. Then it was like all the light in the sun had rapped around me.
    I could feel the light sink in my body. I grow taller, slim, and i was covered in hair. I could hear them scream "NO!" they wisper "this wasn't suppose to happen!" I Feel amazing, beatifull, and powerfull.
    But i feel the burning sencetion again this time it was no good. It started from the inside and grom out. I run till i hit a glass...I saw myself burn till i was no more. "This is what happens to people if not happy with themselfs." One said. Another said "yes, this is sad, truly sad." she went on "She was truly pretty."