• heart heart doki...doki....doki...
    Maki could not sleep, Ikutos birthday was tommorow and it was her chance to give him a present that would make him love her.
    he had actually remembered to invite her this year and she was so happy
    she couldn't wait!!

    the day had arrived she ran up to him and said xp happy birthday Ikuto-senpai!!
    whatever i don't care... talk2hand Maki had been rejected exclaim exclaim burning_eyes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    "he hates me!! im so deppressed emo "

    scream "HEY!!!SHUT UP ALREADY!! I THINK YOU SMELL!!" shouted Ikuto
    Maki cracked "HOW MATURE YOU ARE MR-FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD!!! scream "
    "hey guys can you keep it down sweatdrop " moaned a girl called Kanako
    "yeah...ok i'm mature at least stare " " scream stressed SHUT UP MAKI" screamed Ikuto kanako remembered something idea "hey you two... what you don't realise is that you both like each other :3nod : "
    "is that true..?" said ikuto "uh, ...yeah! sweatdrop " damn if i'd known that before... crying " cryed Ikuto

    At the end of the day Maki gave Ikuto his present
    ikuto loved it " exclaim i really wanted this thanks!! heart "
    Maki blushed redface " i know it took a lot of stalking though! whee "
    "WHAT!!! stare " "oops " muttered Maki
    " hey i'm kidding xp " laughed Ikuto "oops redface " said Maki "im so embarassed!!" Ikuto laughed" i love you heart xp you silly girl"
    4laugh "hahaha" laughed maki [who laughed so hard she rolled on the floor] rofl " i love you too heart "