• *~* Story starts now *~*

    tab Hi, I don't expect you to know me, but, I’m Hikari, Hikari Rei that is. I don’t like what most people fantasize about, like fashion for example. Fashion to me is just a passing fad that comes and goes. So, it wastes your money and time. I HATE being someone who flips out over itsy bitsy details because something isn’t fashionable. That’s not me. If that was me… SOMEONE hand me a shotgun. Ahem, excuse me, my love is for mythical beasts and creatures. Lots of people find me cold hearted, which I admit I am. I've been cold hearted since God-knows-when, I don't know why I like to be a dark person, but I find it very calming. There is also this one little detail about me that has screwed up my chances of living the simple, but peaceful life I desire. To say it bluntly, my tears have magic. When I cry, they turn to diamonds, but what's more is that they do various things, like exploding. They can be quite destructive if I want them to be. I can control them to do many marvelous things. Currents of lightning emit from within them before they explode and then, BOOM the explosion! And lightning is released everywhere . The colors of the lightning are affected by my mood), bringing my requests, granting wishes, etc, etc. Not to worry, I don't take this for granted or for misuse. If someone were to piss me off, I don't cry and use my tears to blast them sky high. As tempting as it sounds, I don't. Instead, I either brush it off, pick a fight (Which I rarely do), or slam a insult to their face. Heh, just for the fun of it, imagine a giant rock flung to their faces and got hit.
    tab Anyways, enough about me. On with the story. (Note: This is NOT me or any of my friends. Like the title says, it's an original story. If anyone didn't see the original part of the title. Sorry! ^^''')
    tab I grumbled as my alarm clock went off on a Friday morning and slammed my fist on the snooze button to shut it up. I turned over to my side trying to go back to sleep, but an annoying pebble-hitting-my-window sound was at my window. Irritated and angry as I was, I stomped over to the curtians and opened them. I opened my window and stuck my head out. My glaring brown almost black eyes fell upon the blonde haired girl at the wooden gate in front of my house. -Sigh- If I wasn’t sleepy, I’d be thinking that her blonde hair blinds my eyes. "What.do.you.want.Megumi?"
    tab Megumi was a 14 year old like me who goes to the same school as me Starlight Heaven High. She's probably one of the only people to acknowledge my presence, but like my nature, I don't care.
    tab She flinched but said softly, "Um...Hikari-sama? We're going to be late." My face soften as I stuck my head back in the house. l My eyes flickered over to the clock as it read 7:10 A.M. I screeched, "HOLY MOTHER OF ALL PONIES!!! I'M LATE!!!" I quickly hopped out of my night clothes and took a quick shower. I got dressed into my school uniform and practically jumped down the stairs. Dashing into the kitchen, I grabbed a bowl of cereal with milk and juice. After finishing it, I dumped it into the sink, knowing I can deal with it later, grabbed my school bag and ran for school.
    tab When I got to school, it was 7:40. '7:40' I thought, '10 minutes to myself is fine by me.' I took my usual seat in the back, whipped out my drawing book and started to draw. "H-Hi Aiyomi-sama." quietly said by someone. I looked up from my drawing book and saw Megumi. "M-Mind if I sit here?" she asked with a hint of fear that I knew. She was scared of rejection. "Don‘t care if you do." I replied dryly. "O-Oh, o-okay" she sat in the seat next to me and quietly watched me draw. It was 7:50 when the students poured into the room and took their seat, their mouths flying away. Heh, their mouth resembles bees. Bzz bzz bzz, there goes the silence. Tch, beautiful. "Morning students," the teacher said sweetly "Morning Takamura-sensei" cheerfully said by everyone but me. I just had an emotionless look on my face as I turned my attention to Takamura-sensei. After she was done with role call, we did whatever we wanted. The teacher didn’t exactly care. After all, it’s almost the end of the school year. We’re all going to be heading to high school in about a couple of days. I went back to drawing and Megumi continued to stare at me drawing. Watching what I draw. "You like mythical beasts?" she asked, it was like a cotton ball flying in the wind. "Got a problem with that?" I replied with dark aura around my words and an eye piercing glare. "N-No, I d-didn't know you like them" she stammered. The bell finally rung for the next class.
    tab Next class was art, one of the subjects I love. Ms. Nakomi is our teacher, in art, she usually makes us express ourselves. Like what we like, we do figures or something about it. Today we had to do clay sculpturing(Sp?). It was, “our party fun” for our last days here. When I molded and carved the clay, I kept my usual emotionless self look, but on the inside, I was actually smiling. Yeah, smiling, believe it or not. When I was done with the sculpture, in front of me was a beautiful unicorn sitting down staring into space. "Well done Rei-san." Ms. Nakomi said behind me. I turned and looked at her, then I turned back to my sculpture. "Thanks." I murmered. "You're always so good at art" said Megumi, who was sitting next to me. One of my most hated enemies came over and looked at the sculpture. “Wow Rei!! You‘re SO talented!” She remarked with such sweet sarcasticness. I smirked and looked at her, “Thanks. Unlike the person I‘m talking to.” She gave me the stink eye, “Hmph, whatever! My talents are SO much more better than yours!” I just nodded, “Sure. Your talents are WAY better than mines. That is, making the clay look seriously ugly like your face is how you excel from me.” She just growled and stomped away. A satisfied little evil smile crossed my face.
    tab There are other classes but I’ll skip over to after school.
    As I left the building, on the playground, I saw 2 boys picking on a blonde who I recognized instantly as Megumi. I mentally sighed. 'Better save her, but it's only because she saved my clean attendance.' I headed towards them.
    tab Kyoshi pushed Megumi and she fell into the dirt, "Why do you even try to be friends with the weirdo, you miss goodie-two-shoes. You'd know that she'll just flick you off like dust." The other guy just laughed with their arms crossed, "Face it Megumi, you'll never be her friend, you'll NEVER be anyone's friend!" Kaytoshi said cruelty. Megumi was up to the point where she began to sob. "Back off Kaytoshi, you Kyoshi." I stood in front of Megumi defensively, glaring at the 2 guys. She looked surprised. "H-Hikari-sama?" Kyoshi looked at me with disgust, "Hikari Rei, THE cold, heartless, Hikari Rei who hates everybody, defending this little miss-goodie-two-shoes?!" I continued to glare at him darkly, "*Claps* Beautifully done. Did it take you a week to come up with that one?" They growled and balled their fists, glaring at me, "That wise mouth of yours will get you hurt." I raised my eyebrow, “REALLY now? By who?” They cracked their knuckles, “By us.” I started to laugh extremely hard, “THAT‘S one of the biggest laughs I had in a LOOONG time!! Thanks for that!!” They both roared and charged at me.
    tab I sighed with half, half-hearted smile and rolled my eyes up. This is going to be pretty short. As they got close enough, I grabbed both of their arms, spun around and threw them over my shoulders. They went flying and crashed face first into the ground. They got onto their knees and rubbed their faces for a moment before charging back at me again. When they got close enough again, I kicked Kyoshi in the stomach, then used that foot and landed on it, to kick Kaytoshi with my other foot. They both bent over and held their stomachs in pain. I then jumped and kicked the both of them in the face. I landed on the ground like a cat, my hands and feet were on the floor, a blank expression on my face. They both fell backwards and collapsed, passing out. I got up and brushed myself off. I turned to Megumi, my expression softened, “Hey, you okay?” She nodded and got up, brushing the dirt off of her, “T-Thank you…” I nodded and walked away. “U-Um…Why did you save me-?” “I owed you a favor for waking me up before I would‘ve showed up late to school.” I just kept walking away, leaving Megumi there in the dust with the two boys lying there. If they slept there, I swear they would become ant food.
    tab I walked back home and dropped my bag next to the table leg in the kitchen. I washed the dishes I didn’t do this morning since I ran late for school. Afterwards, I yawned and collapsed on the couch. That fight used up the leftover energy I had after school. School used up a lot of my energy since it bored me. Soon after, I quickly fell asleep.
    tab I woke up 7:30 P.M. and went into my bedroom to change. After I finished changing into a black jeans jacket with a white tank top underneath and black pants, I booted up the computer. I sat on the chair and glanced around my room, waiting for the computer to finish loading everything.
    :tab razz retty much everything in my room was black and electric blue. Remember, I’m just a dark-hearted person. My silk, fluffy bed was black, my computer was black, my walls were black and electric blue.
    tab When the computer was finally on, I checked my email. I don't usually get mails, but, I just checked anyways. Not expecting to find any mail, I just boredly looked at the screen with my head resting on my knuckles. Boy, was I wrong, there was a mail, and the sender was anonymous, Curious, I read the mail, then I read it again, and again, and again...

    I know your secret. The secret that you can use magic. And I know that you haven’t told anyone. Come to Starlight forest at 8:30 P.M. Accompanied by no one. Don’t even think about calling the police either. If you don’t come, I’ll reveal to everyone your secret. And bring the dragon necklace with the unicorn bracelet.

    tab I blinked and turned my eyes over to the black drawers that contained the necklace and bracelet. I walked over and pulled on the handle, opened the drawer, and took out the jewelries. The dragon pendent looked like a fierce dragon in a circle with a red ruby in it's mouth. The bracelet was white and had white unicorns roaming in a luscious green field. I stared at them both while questions zoomed through one ear and out the other, 'Who was the person? Why does he or she want these? Should I go? Will I get hurt or scared? And why am I thinking this?! I’m not scared!!' I shook my head roughly to shake the questions out of my head. "Get a hold of yourself Hikari!!! Even if he or she fights, you can fight back!!! Okay...I’ll go...and…and…" I headed to the door when I stopped and slapped my forehead, "and I REALLY need to stop talking to myself." I slipped on the necklace and bracelet, hiding it, walked down the stairs, put on my shoes, locked the door, and left.
    tab It was breezy outside. The air was nice and cool, the forest trees across my house swayed in the wind, and I myself was enjoying this. My long, raven black hair flowing in the wind, me riding at night with the stars shining brightly above in the royal blue, velvet sky, and what luck! A full, glowing softly, but beautiful moon. I finally got to Starlight district and was waiting to cross the street. The roads and streets were empty so it was good. No one can see me enter the forest and follow her. While I was waiting, I was humming a little lullaby spell to keep people alseep if they were near.
    tab My mom use to sing this to me when I was a baby to make me fall asleep. I found out about the spell when I remembered it in class one day and I started to sing it. The whole class ended up falling asleep.
    tab As I was singing, I seen a blurry black figure zoom past me, making me instantly stop singing. ‘What the hell?!’ Pushing my eyebrows together in confusion, I looked in the direction the figure ran off. ‘Stupid figure. It’s creeping me out now!!’ As soon as the stoplight turned green, I checked the road, and just ran to the other side of the street.
    tab I entered the forest trying to get to the clearing by a cliff. The forest was pretty creepy. It was dark, the forest was dark green, no one else was around except probably for that creepy anonymous idiot who sent me that message, who wouldn't think of this creepy? Finally, I got to the clearing which was near the edge of the cliff. I walked over to the edge and gazed down at the mini forest below. It wasn't a cramped-up-together forest, but, it looked like it had enough personal space to breathe. My mind has left me to wander endlessly, into my own dreamland on being free. But, I returned to reality when I heard something land behind me, I whirled around with just enough time to see it was the same mysterious black figure(I couldn‘t see any of his features), but not enough time to jump out of the way because he pushed me off the cliff! At this moment, I knew...I knew I stared death in the face...