• *~* Story Starts Now *~*

    tab My heartbeat started to grow rapidly. 'I'm...I'm going to die...?' I thought as I fell. I closed my eyes, 'At least... I can live peacefully now...,' clutching my wrist, specifically the one with the unicorn bracelet on, I prepared for the impact. But I opened my eyes when I finally realized that there was a crumpled paper in my hand. 'Where did this come from?' Curious, I forgot that I was falling, opened the paper and read the words out loud softly:

    Pendent of the Dragons and bracelet of the Unicorns
    hear my plea,
    show me my wings and help me take flight
    let me enter the world of StarBloom Heaven
    Just then, the bracelet and the pendent began to shine white and silver. I was near the ground when a beam of the same color and shimmer shone above me and made me disappear.

    tab When I regained my conscious, I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. "Oww," I slightly gripped my head, closing my eyes again. Blood rush. When the pain went away, I opened my eyes and stared at the scene around me, then I looked up. The cliff wasn't there... What's going on?!
    tab 'Where in heaven's name am I? This looks nothing like hell.' I thought. Somehow, I was in a forest clearing with beautiful green trees and grass. I narrowed my eyes and shifted them side to side, 'Hmm, maybe I really AM in hell. It's making me an idiot just staring at this place!' Oh so true. I felt like singing, and now I AM singing. Very idiotically-like too, "Green green green. Oh the flippin' lovely gree-Okay. I should really shut the hell up right now." Yep, I think I've really become an idiot. A few moments went by...
    tab "Hmm, explore... Yes, no, yes, no, wait!!!" A pause went by as I thought what to do with a thoughtful expression crossed my face. "...I don't know." I sighed, what the hell happened to me?! What happened to my sarcastic self?! I feel like an idiot!!! 'Whatever,' I thought, 'No point staying here when I'm probably going to die if I don't do something soon.' "And now to enter the oh-so-lovely brainwashing to-become-an-idiot trees." I said to myself, sarcastic dripping from my voice as I half smile in dumb amusement. I then walked into the forest.
    tab 'Beautiful. This place is creepy. I feel like something is going to charge and kill me.' I thought, annoyed. Right when I thought that, I hear something rustle in front of me. Taking a slight step back to prepare myself, my eyes sharpen to glare at the clopping sound growing in my direction. The sound grew louder and something jumped out of the trees high into the sky and landed a considerable good distance away from me. I snapped my head in its direction, baring my teeth at it, a slight growl through my teeth. Right when I seen whatever it was, my expression changed from fury to confusion. 'A unicorn?!' Yep, my favorite mythical beast. Wonders never cease.
    tab It's body was a orange color while it's hair was a red color. It's eyes were a shiny gold. The unicorn charged at me a little faster, pointing it's horn at me. I barely jumped out of the way on time, it's horn made a small cut on my arm. I rolled on my side and stood back up quickly, preparing to dodge whatever this horse has planned. The unicorn neighed and kicked up onto its hind legs. It just blew fire at me!!! I jumped out of the way just on time, landing on my feet and skidded a little, legs bent slightly, left hand on the ground and right hand balled into a fist. I glared at it and bared my teeth at it in an intimidating way.
    tab 'How the hell do I stop a unicorn from attacking?! I don't want to kill it!! But it wants to kill me!!!' As I was dodging all of its attacks, I tried to come up with ways to stop the unicorn. After a while of dodging, the unicorn neighed louder.
    tab "Go to hell you damn vampires!!" It said, seemingly glaring at me. From its voice, sounds like a female unicorn. Is that even possible? I ignored the questions/fact for a moment.
    tab "I'm not a vampire!!!" I yelled. I was getting mad by the moment. I can feel the fires of rage burning through me.
    tab "You sure look like a vampire to me!!" It growled back.
    tab "Does it LOOK like I have unnaturally pale skin? Does it look like I'm melting in the sunlight?! My fangs aren't even THAT long!!! Why don't you get your eyes checked, pony!!!" Sheesh!!! Vampires?! There's VAMPIRES in this place?! Joyous. I have to worry about a killer pony AND bats!
    tab It snarled at me and charged again. This time, it jumped into the air and tried to stomp me. I ran out of the way before it could land on me.
    tab "I'm NOT a pony!!" She screeched at me. I smirked, "Really now? Okay then, you're a BIG pony."
    tab "Enough of this!!" She came charging in my direction. I had to act quickly! But what?! Then it just hit me! 'My tears!!' I thought. I jumped out of the way and ran towards the nearest tree, 'This is hell alright!! There's NO way I'm going to let a pony with a stick on its forehead hurt me just to get my tears!!' I slammed my left arm into the tree pretty hard and I winced. 'Oww, that's not helping.' I felt my tears building up, not enough though. They need to fall to turn into diamonds. With the unicorn after me, I ran towards a tree and sliced the cut(the one the unicorn gave me) to make it deeper. I bit my lip, 'Success,' a teardrop fell from my eye and turned into a diamond, it landed into my palm. Pony girl threw fire at me and I jumped out of the way. I got up and ran so that I'd be facing the girl pony's side and threw the diamond at her. 'Success!!' The diamond hit the unicorn and a pretty big explosion occurred. Too big apparently. The explosion sent the both of us flying right into a tree. Oww!! That flippin' hurts!! The unicorn whimpered horse-like from the pain. I grit my teeth, holding my back in pain. She lifted her head weakly to look at me, shocked.
    tab "W-What was that..?" It wondered out loud. I smirked, wincing in pain, "My weapon," I replied. She wobbly tried to get up, but failed and fell back down, wincing in pain. I just kept on flinching in pain every time I tried to move. After a minute in silence, the unicorn spoke again, "Looks like you vampires developed a new way to fight."
    tab I groaned in pain and annoyance, "For the hundredth time, I'm NOT a VAMPIRE." The unicorn tried to get up again, this time, she was able to, but weakly.
    tab "H-How can I trust you on that?" She asked me.
    tab I got up shakily, my hands on my knee, "What about the s-strength of one..," I asked, "I'm pretty sure a vampire would quickly recover from hitting a tree. Heck, maybe even still if they broke the tree in the process of hitting it."
    tab This time, it was silent for a while, I lifted my head to look at her. She seemed to be in thought, then she let out a light laugh, wincing a bit in pain still. We both had some labored breathing. "You have a good point. I'm guessing just saying 'sorry' wouldn't cover what I did." She spoke out, guilty lacing her words.
    tab I let out a breath of relief and lowered my head again, "Maybe, maybe not. Whatever. As long as the both of us aren't going to continue trying to kill the other."
    tab "Well, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding." "No problem." "Hehe... No problems. I doubt that, we're covered in wounds." She's right, we're both covered in bruises, cuts, burns, aching backs... Oww, pain... Another awkward silence went by,
    tab "Errr... My name is FireStorm.. What's yours?" She asked, trying to break the awkward silences that always keeps popping it's head up.
    tab "Hikari Rei." I replied, still in the same position. Another awkward silence went by...again... I hate awkward silences. I'd kill it with a giant mallet if it was possible. "Soo...," FireStorm looked up towards the sky, trying not to look at me, I guess it's because she's embarrassed at the misunderstanding, "want to...erm...come along with me?"
    tab I lifted my head up to look at her and raised an eyebrow, "What?" I stood back up straight.
    tab "Well... I was heading over to see my friend Illumining. She has a pond with healing waters. I'm sure she'd let you soak in it." FireStorm said, trying to smile.
    tab "Hmm, the way you reacted to me when you first seen me, I'd highly doubt it. I'd probably be dead before she'd let me use it." I half smiled, my smile and eye(which are closed now) twitching at the rewind scene of the attack.
    tab "Hehe, well, I can help protect you before she kills you. Besides, I think we both know we're going to need the healing." She's got a point...
    tab "...I guess so..." I answered, a little hesitation in my voice. I still don't trust this horse with my whole life. Heh, who can blame me? I almost got killed by her recently! FireStorm grinned at me.
    tab "Alright! Off we go!" And she walked in a different direction as I trailed near, but not to close, behind her.

    tab "Gak!!" Another root?! I've been tripping over roots ever since I started to follow FireStorm!! And we've been having small conversations and walking for a good 15 minutes! She MUST be trying to kill me still! She looked back and me and lightly laughed,
    tab "For a human, I must say you're very entertaining to keep around." I wiped off the dirt that was on my face and glared at her, getting up and following behind her.
    tab "Shut up." I said sharply, trying to keep up. "Are we CLOSE to wherever we're going to?!" I don't think I'll live through trying to keep my temper down on these roots if I tripped one more time.
    tab "We're entering her territory now. Welcome to the Home of Illumining! The Unicorn of Light!" FireStorm said, with lots of pride in her voice. I tried to take in the scene. Somehow... Everything just shined... It was...well...something I wouldn't usually say, but, beautiful... Luscious bright green grass, all the flowers were a pure white color and no other colors...yep...this has GOT to be the home of a Light Unicorn.
    tab "She's nearby. Let's go." FireStorm said, continuing to walk straight, I followed behind nervously. I swear... This place has a soothing feeling, but, somehow, it just creeps me out. Maybe I'm just not use to this kind of feeling. We walked through this small grouping of trees, following behind FireStorm, I tried to hide behind her. Lovely, I'm nervous to meet another pony. FireStorm stopped in her path, "We're here!"
    tab I blinked and slowly moved from behind FireStorm to be right next to her. We were standing in front of this medium sized pond that had white flowers surrounding the edge of the pond. This area gave away a more brighter light than the other places we've walked through in the territory. The scene put me in a slight trance, I unknowingly marveled at its beauty, until FireStorm spoke up, "Hmm, she's not here... Strange... She's usually around... Maybe she went to visit the guards on patrol..."
    tab Then out of nowhere, I felt something like rocks hit me in the back and I went flying over the pond and hit into a tree, "Oww...!! AGAIN with the trees..!!" I heard a different neigh and moved my head to look at what was that, my eyes widened. The Unicorn I was staring at... She was beautiful! She was pure white and dazzled in the light. It's like she sparkled whenever she entered the light. But now, her face was etched with fury. She came charging at me, obviously intending to kill me. I squeezed my eyes, waiting for the impact, I knew I didn't have time to move out of the way.
    tab "ILUMINING!!" FireStorm screamed. I heard a slight gasp and light skid stop. I opened my eyes to look at Illumining, instead of seeing all of Illumining, I seen FireStorm's butt(and tail, of course). From what I can see in Illumining's face, she was pretty shocked. Then her face returned to fury.
    tab "What are you doing FireStorm," Illumining's voice roared, somehow, it still sounded like a dainty bell's chime in the wind, "that's a vampire you're defending!!"
    tab "She's not a vampire! Believe me! I thought the same when I first seen her and reacted like how you did! She's a human." FireStorm replied. Illumining stared at her then looked at me, then turned to looked back at FireStorm again. I just waited for something to happen next. Half a minute went by until Illumining came running at me, not to kill me, but to ask if I was alright.
    tab "I'm SO sorry! Please forgive me! I didn't know that you were what you call..erm..'humans'! Are you alright?!" She examined the injuries I had as she spoke in a worried mother-like way.
    tab I weakly moved my arms to lift myself up. I only lifted the upper half of my body up and turned to look at her, "I'm fine. Just in more pain now."
    tab "You must come and soak in my healing pool! You both need it!" She was referring to FireStorm and I. Illumining turned her head to look at FireStorm then turned her head to look back at me. FireStorm started to chuckle a little.
    tab "That's what I took her here for. After the fight ended between us... Yeah... She really needed it... So... Her soaking in the Healing pool is alright, right?" FireStorm asked, concern in her voice.
    tab "Of course it's alright! Come on! Let's go!" I shakily got up slowly, Illumining insisted that she carried me instead of me walking. I told her it was fine and I weakly followed her by her side as she led us past the pond. Illumining followed my pace so that she can help support me. Then we came to another small clearing that had flowers surrounding it and a pool in the middle as well. Illumining turn to smile at me, "Alright! Go on now! Enter in and heal up!" I turned to look at FireStorm then look at Illumining.
    tab "Umm, maybe FireStorm can go first.. I don't want sound ungrateful, but, I feel uncomfortable if someone else bathes with me.." I said, looking and feeling a bit embarrassed at the thought if FireStorm joined me in the pool. I don't feel like undressing in front of a horse, and I don't want to enter in the pool with my clothes on too. I hate the feeling of wet clothes clinging onto my body.
    tab Illumining looked at FireStorm and she(FireStorm) nodded, "Okay. This'll be quick." FireStorm walked towards the pool and slipped in. I looked away and just looked at the vines on the trees. The vines crawled and stuck onto the trees with white flowers that looked like lilies, but wasn't. The flowers had a star on it. The star was a red-orange color. It had a red-orange sparkle around each flower. Each leg of the star was on each of the 5 petal flower.
    tab "That's StarBloom Heaven's flower." I snapped out of my staring state and looked at Illumining who was smiling at me. She was lying down next to me, my back was resting against a tree. Illumining turned towards the flowers I was staring at. I turned my head back to admire their beauty. "That's a very special flower to all of us. It's suppose to be-" "I'm done! You're turn Hikari!"
    tab Illumining and I both snapped our heads to look at FireStorm who was exiting the pond and bouncing her way towards us. I watched FireStorm, weirded out at her high energy. Illumining turned her head back at me and nudge me in my back, I turned to look at her she smiled at me. "You can go in now."
    tab I nodded and stood up slowly and limped my way towards the pond. That tree was NOT kind on my back. Illumining followed me, obviously for support. I turned towards them to see if they would leave. Nope, they stayed in the same place. "Erm... May I soak by myself? I feel weird undressing with others around..." my voice trailed off at the ending. Illumining smiled at me.
    tab "Sure. Let's go FireStorm. Just meet us by the pond where FireStorm first took you, okay?" I nodded. Illumining walked over to FireStorm and they both left.
    tab I looked around, making sure no one, or I should say, nothing is around, I undressed carefully, trying not to summon up more pain and slipped in. I sighed in content as I felt the waters starting to work its magic. I stared at the Star flower and then looked down at the necklace, I sighed, 'I guess this means a new start for me... I'm sure to screw it up somehow...' A pause went by as I closed my eyes and laid back, sighing again. My back doesn't hurt anymore. I guess this magic is suppose to work both internally and externally. A silence went by for half a second and then I open my eyes, narrowing them, 'Brilliant, now I've got a feeling. And I can't tell if it's good or bad! Lovely, just my luck.' I looked around, seeing nothing around, I quickly dashed to my clothes, putting them on and fast walking towards the pond where I'm suppose to meet Illumining and FireStorm. 'I don't want to be by myself now!!'

    Unknown's Point of View

    tab "...Wait..." I landed on a tree branch and sniffed the air. The group of 4 others I traveled with stopped on a tree branch away and looked at me. I sniffed the air, I smelt...blood, "can you smell that?" The others smelt the air and their expression changed from their usual blank one to a bloodlust one.
    tab "It's smells delicious," the middle male smirked, licking his lips.
    tab "It really does..." The female of the group said, trailing off, "This doesn't smell like any I've smelled before. I wonder what it is..."
    tab "It's probably a new type of species... After all, this world is still creating new things everyday..." The taller and older male of the group said, keeping his monotone voice. The middle male snorted.
    tab "Well duh. New things are always created every day. New unicorn babies, buds to flowers, grass, all kinds of new things are always entering this world."
    tab I narrowed my eyes at him and slapped the back of his head, "You know that's not what he meant, idiot..." I muttered that last part under my breath.
    tab "I heard that." He replied darkly. "No duh. We have sensitive hearing. Stupid..." I said, blankly, eyes half lidded at him, at his stupidity.
    tab "Enough!" The both of us snapped our heads towards the taller male and muttered our apologies.
    tab "So," the middle male said, bored now, "what do we do now? Trail after whatever that is, or just keep going on. I'm bored."
    tab I rolled my eyes at him, "You always are." He grinned and stuck his tongue out at me playfully.
    tab "And you know it." The taller male rolled his eyes at us.
    tab "What do we do?" The female asked softly, looking at the taller male.
    tab The middle male grinned, "I say we go after it. I'm dying of curiosity to know what tastes so good. I'd LOVE to eat it." I snickered.
    tab "If you LOVE it so much then go marry it." I retorted with a smug look on my face. He turns to glare darkly at me.
    tab "Whatever." He replies, turning his head away from me to look at the taller male. He was still deciding what to do.
    tab The female blinked at him softly, "What should we do?"
    tab There was a moment of silence as he thought, then a smirk came to his face. "Find it. Let's go." We all nodded, the middle man had a smirk plastered onto his face, and we ran towards its direction. Until we started to notice something about where we're heading to. The taller male skid to a stop. "..."
    tab "We're heading into pony's territory? Forget it. I want to eat whatever the hell is it, but I don't want to go in pony land." Said the middle male, wrinkling his face in disgust.
    tab I smirked at him, "What's the matter? You scared?" He glares at me.
    tab "Do we go then?" The female asked, looking at the taller male.
    tab There was a moment of silence until he spoke up, "Let's not go in. Let's wait for whatever to come out." We all nodded and blended in with the trees, waiting for it to come out...