• Chapter 1:

    I opened my eyes and saw the blinding light from the sun; it was already 8 in the morning when I looked on the clock. I tried to stand but I was still weak like what doctor Ramos told me.
    I had been in the hospital for a month, I missed going out and seeing the beauty of nature, the accident happened a month ago that caused my feet to break its bone up to now I still can’t stand on my own feet.
    By the way I’m Blythe Flores, I live somewhere in the Earth or Gaia in Greek mythology. My parents visits me once in a year it was because their work, they were too busy managing our company I wish I could help but I’m not yet recovering I really miss them.

    Today the nurse took me out after a long a long time; she asked me “are you feeling well now Blythe?” I nod my head as a sign of yes “I know it’s hard to be inside your room doing nothing, I’ll visit you there later and see what I could do.” Then she gave me a kind smile. I just looked down and took a deep sigh.
    Then after a while she took me back to my room, as I lie in the hospital bed I was thinking of going back to school as soon as I go out of the hospital.

    Then the nurse came as she promised, then she handed me an envelope and a book, then I opened the letter.
    I read the letter carefully it says that sooner I’ll be able to go out of the hospital. Then I asked the nurse “what’s this book?” “As I promise I’ll try to find something that you could do.” she said I smiled to her and
    I began reading the book.
    I finished a chapter then the nurse bid goodnight, and then I lie down and sleep.

    The next day I saw mom smiling at me and then I asked her why? Then she hugged me tightly. “Remember the letter I sent you, you’ll soon be fine” then I looked at her eyes I was tired of it I don’t know if its real or just an illusion that mom would be coming just for that reason. Then the nurse arrived with my wheel chair, I sat down and the nurses assist me to my wheel chair. As usual she was smiling at me. Then we go to Dr. Ramos clinic first, he was smiling at me again like there was no problem with me. Then he held her hand to me and said “slowly stand up” he said then I did what he told me to do.

    I stood up but my feet wobbled, then the nurse assist me and let me sit on my wheel chair again. I took a deep sigh and looked down then the doctor tapped my shoulder and said “Don’t worry you’ll still be able to walk soon” I don’t want to listen to promises and hopes because I know they are full of lies.

    Then the doctor signaled the nurse to take me out of the room. Then she did what the doctor said then closed the door. Then I heard them talking about the accident and I’ll never be fully recovered.
    And that means I’ll never be able to run jump or even do what ever I want to do…

    I don’t know why it is always like that in every twist in fate I’m always the one who is hurt..