• The was an old goat, all day, everyday, he would stand by his troff and wait for the farmer to birng out his food. The old goat didn't say much, al just stared, and day dreamed."Here ya' go!" the farmer said with a peice of wheat in his mouth, as he puored the old goat's food into the troff.The goat wasted no time before he dove into the food.When he was all done, he had a nasty slop-mustache around his mouth.
    One day, one if the little rabbits, wondered out of his pin.He saw the next available place, and hopped right over the barbed wire.(Which is a really high jump!) It just so happened to be the old goats pin. The old goat was taking a ice little nap when the rabbit hopped in. The young little rabbit started to go through everything. He was a very curious rabbit. A little too curious rabbit.
    When the rabbit went through the hay, where the goat was sleeping, it woke the old goat up."Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!" the old goat shouted."Oh, hi Mr.Goat!"The rabbit said, He didn't seem that startled by the old goat's loud scream."What in tarnation are you doing in here!? Didn't you read the sign!?" and sure enought, the was a sign right on the the old goats pin reading,"NO TRESSPASSING!" "oh, sorry, oh well." the rabbit said. "OH WELL? OH WELL!!!???NO! IT'S NOT, OH WELL!!! GET OUT! GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!" the old goat yelled. "No, i like it here." the rabbit said sternley.
    The old goat tried everything to get the rabbit out. But then, he had an idea! "Oh, Mrs.Rabbit!!" the old goat said sweetly. "NOO!!!! Are you crazy? She'll beat me to death! LITTERALLY!" the rabbit pleaded for the old goat not to tell his mom. And, since the old goat is a gentle, kind hearted goat, he did't tell.
    The rabbit swore that he wouldn't return to the old goat's pin again. But, That very night, he returned. The old goat woke up in the middle of the night, only to find the rabbit sleeping right next to him. He wasn't at all startled. He knew that the rabbit would return so, he hid a pistol under the hay..................