• After a few minutes Aqua felt like the silence was suffocating her.
    "You were always able to leave the castle, how come you just never went back?" Aqua questioned him as they walked up the road, making not a single sound.
    "I always had those two other vampires with me. I hated them so much I didn't even take the liberty to learn their names." He said without any concern. It fell silent again and this time Demon spoke first.

    "What was your life likr before coming to the castle?" He asked her with a curious look, Aqua shrugged.
    "Nothing speacil. My parent's were work obsessed so I looked after Jake. I went to school, came straight home, did his homework with him, then did mine, made dinner, got everyone through the showers. I always let Jake have an hour watching TV before he went to bed. I went to bed with him, I was usually exhausted by the end of the day." Aqua said with a curt nod. She looked over at Demon to find him studying her curiously.

    "Did you have a social life?" He asked in a casule way.
    "No time. I mean I had friends I hung out with at school and stuff but I didn't have a boyfriend or anything." Aqua said getting bored with the subject of herself. She noticed that when Aqua said she didn't have a human boyfriend Demons head had snapped back to in front of them. Aqua sighed and kicked a rock on the road, keeping her eye peeled for an open store of some sort.

    "Hey, why don't we crave blood?" Aqua asked, her voice just above a whisper.
    "Because we were bitten by an Elder. I was bitten by an Elder older then the one you were bitten by. We have the power to change humans." Demon gave a curt nod and looked back at her.
    "What so I could change Jake if I wanted to?" Aqua asked. She didn't want to change him but hypothetically.
    "No, not right now. Something happens in your Vampire life. I still don't know what it is, I don't have the ability yet." Demon said giving her a small smile.
    "Wow. Well I might have a long wait in front of me." Aqua said with a giggle.
    "Theres a store." Demon pointed towards a building with all it's lights on. Through the windows Aqua saw shelfs stacked with food.
    "Come on. We''ll have to steal." Aqua said starting towards it.


    Paitence sat in the middle of the ruins, watching Zyad with interest. He was trying to light a fire as he predicted it would be cold that night. She smilied slightly as he glanced at her, but she misread his expression.
    "What are you thinking?" Paitence said in a soft, sweet voice.
    "I am thinking you are beautiful." Zyad said as the fire jumped into life. He turned and looked at her, only to find that Paitence ad gotten incredibly close.
    "So you like me?" Paitence questioned.
    "I said I find you beautiful. I did not say that I like you, I do not find you irresistable." Zyad said adding some grass to the fire. Paitence frowned and backed off. She was very flirtatious and Zyad was very handsome. The other boy had already curled up in a ragged blanket and was snoring loudly. She decided to take a different approach.

    "What do you think of Aqua? My friend who just left." Paitence asked, she smirked. Truth be told she thought she was more beautiful than Aqua.
    "I found her to be very intimidating and very beautiful. She is what I would call irresistable" Zyad said and looked at Paitence again. HE stumbled backwards as he scanned her face. Paitence was scowling and that showed ehr fangs quite nicely.
    "Y.. your..." Paitence froze and he looked at the entrance.


    Demon stood with his hand raised. Him and Aqua had appeared just in time to see what Paitence had done. Demon was controlling Paitences blood, rendering her helpless and him in full control. The two friends walked down the stairs in a silent and very intimidating motion. Demon kept his hand up the whole time. Aqua looked at Paitence wiuth the eyes that had once been filled with kindness and happiness. Now they held nothing but pure hatred.
    "How could you Paitence? You showed him what we are." Aqua looked at the terrified Zyad.
    "We are all vampires, well all of us but my little brother. We don't crave blood, in fact I haven't eaten anything for a year. I hope you won't go crying out for help." Aqua pleaded, her eyes giving away the two only feelings her body refused to show. Fear and sorrow. She had loved Paitence but she had betrayed Aqua's trust. That was one thing Aqua was never able to forgive. Zyads frightened eyes looked at Aqua and they seemed to relax, Aqua's gift with faces let her see that.

    "I... I don't know what to think." Zyad muttered, looking up at Aqua with a weak smile. Aqua smilied and grabbed his shoulder reassuringly.


    Demon couldn't believe what Paitence had done. She had let the human know of their race, of their secret. She could have cost the three vampires and the little human boy who Aqua loved so much, their life. She could have condemned them. Demon glanced at Aqua when he realised she was touching him. It looked like she was consoling him but still a monster raged in Demons chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and looked away, concentrating soully on keeping Paitence at bay.