• minor note sarah speaks
    "MonsterWorld Chapter 1-The girl who went to another world."

    Our story begins in a world we all know as Earth. In a small quiet little town of winchester a girl named sarah was quietly relaxing in the shade of a tree, it was summer and sarah was out having fun. She's a cheerful person, 13 years old with lovely blue eyes and long back-length purple hair.

    While she was relaxing in the shade, she wished that something exciting would happen today when all of a sudden her locket glowed brightly as a strange gust of wind surrounded her. huh? Whats with this wind? it's circling me. She said with a bit of nervousness in her voice. She got up and tried to escape this mini tornado but to no avil. She was trapped and nothing would be able to free her. Help! Somebody Please! Help me!

    She called out but there was no one around to hear it. Then sarah notice her lockets glow, it was getting brighter & brighter as the wind was twirling faster & faster. What's going on? she asked as with one more flash of light she vanished from the park and from the face of the Earth. She was flying through a rift that was leading her to another world. She soon realised that this rift was taking her somewhere but she was very scared by this sudden event.
    She soon reahed her inknown destination and she came down from this myterious worlds sky screaming. ahhhhhh Lucky for sarah, she landed in a pond of water deep enough to cushion her fall. She swam out of the pond and layed her eyes on the lovliest field of flowers she had ever seen. There were roses,daffidils, petunias,violets and sunflowers, all of them were very colorful & beautiful, for a moment sarah couldn't believe her eyes. Wow, what beautiful flowers. I think i'll pick some to take home with me, where ever home is. She said, not forgetting that she was warped from her home. She picked a bouquet of flowers and went to explore this lovely land however, she was not alone.

    In the distance a pointy earred boy was watching the mysterious girl as she picked flowers and then he moved in for a closer look.
    To be continued.