• Mello slowly opened his eyes. He was rather pissed off. He peeled himself out of his bed and he stumbled to his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. "Another day... another mishap..." Mello turned the water faucet on and brushed his teeth. When he finished he wiped his hair out from his face and got dressed. He was fixing his tie when Matt came into the room. "Goodmorning." He threw a chocolate bar at Mello and he catched it. "I know today you'll be pissy so you might as well start with something sweet." Said Matt. "Why do you... no...How do you know it's going to be pissy for me today?" Asked Mello as he began unfolding the chocolate wrapping. "Because today we have a math test... and we all know you suck at math."
    "Hey... I don't suck at math... I just don't understand it..." He said while taking a bite.

    Matt shrugged. "You would if you only payed attention in class..." Mello almost choked himself.

    "Hey! I do pay attention in class!!!" Mello bursted. "but, like I said, I just don't understad..."

    Matt rolled his eyes. "Yeah,yeah... let's go, Mello." Mello and Matt stepped out of the room and Matt closed the door behind him.

    They walked down the hall and bumbed into Lawliet and Near. "Hey guys!" Said Near as he waved his hand hastily. Lawliet was busy sucking on a lollipop but smiled as if saying "hi".

    "Ready for the test?" Asked Matt.

    Near gave a big smile. "You bet we are. Lawliet and I studied all night..."

    Lawliet pulled the lollipop from his mouth and sighed. "Actually, Near studied all night. I simply stared." Near frowned.

    "You're one to talk...genius..." Lawliet laughed.

    Matt placed his hand around Mello's shoulders, while Mello munched on his chocolate bar. "Well, Mello here studied but..."

    "But like all test... they make me pissy..." Mello said, finishing Matt's sentence. Near chuckled. His wristwatch began to beep. "Oh! Look at the time! We're going to be late." Matt and Near rushed down the hallway but Lawliet and Mello walked slowly. Matt and Near stopped and walked in reversed.They stood behind each of them and pushed them to the classroom. Mello and Lawliet gave a small grin as they each ate there candies.
    - - - - - -
    Lawliet yawned as the teacher, Mrs.Shintaya, gave him his test sheet. "Did you not get enough sleep yesterday, Lawliet?" She asked passing him and giving a test sheet to Near. "Nope!"
    "You can say that again." Said Near looking over his test sheet.

    "Aww... kids this days... I wont tell you anything, Lawliet, since you have excellent grades." Lawliet gave a quick grin. "You may begin your test." Said Mrs.Shintaya. All the students began to scribble there pencils down on the paper. The teacher began to wonder around the classroom and a few minutes later, she sat on the edge of her desk. "I'm done." Said Lawliet.

    "D-Done?" She was surprised at Lawliets speed. "That's imposible..." She said while snatching Lawliets paper on his hands (Readers note: Mrs.Shintaya had placed Lawliet on the front seat because she tought he cheated that's why she didn't had to stood up to take his paper). Her face went blank. She couldn't believe it. "I-It's all c-correct... 100%" Lawliet smiled.

    Shortly after, most of the students were done. Near and Matt were already finished and Mello was handing his paper to the teacher.

    The bell rang and they all came out of the classroom. "That was an easy test, don't you think so too, Lawliet?" Near asked with a jolly face. "Ah... who cares?" Lawliet said flatly. He reached into his pocket and pulled another lollipop and peeled off the paper and stuck it up his mouth.

    Mello tapped Matt with his elbow on his arm as they walked in the crowded hallway. "Hm Matt, come with me to the cafeteria."

    "Chocolate bar?"

    "Yep!" Mello speeded up his path.

    "Well bye, guys. Talk to you later." Matt caught up to Mello who was already at the end of the hall. Near and Lawliet turned around and walked up the stairs to their dormroom.

    Lawliet opened the door and was shocked to see someone sleeping on his bed. Near came in behind him and was surprised as well at the sight. It was a beautiful young girl. Lawliet looked at her as she sleeped in his bed. "Do we wake her up?" Asked Near in a low voice. "No! Of course not. You don't wake up a girl. How could you even think that?" Lawliet whispered back. "Ohh..." Said Near in a normal tone whincing at his own stupidity. "Shh!" Lawliet covered his mouth for he had accidently made that sound in a loud tone. The girl almost woked up. She simply turned around to the other side. Lawliet slapped Near behind his head and Near hit him back. They began a light slap fight. Then they both thud down to the floor. That made the girl slowly wake up.
    "Huh?" She said as she wiped her eyes and sat up. Lawliet and Near stood up. "Huh?! Whaaa!!??" The girl fell from the bed backwards. "Oh my God!" Near yelled.Near and Lawliet ran the other side of the bed. They helped her up and Near patted her back for dust. "Oh I'm sorry. I'm just a little high stunged." Said the girl

    "I-It's okay." Said Near and Lawliet at the same time. "I'm Near. This is my roommate and friend, Lawliet." Said Near stretching his hand forward.

    "I'm Misa Amane! Nice to meet you!" She giggled and hugged them both. Near's cheeks turned a light redish color. "What are you doing here, Misa?" Asked Lawliet.

    "Well this is an orphanage, right?"

    "No, yes...I mean, what are you doing HERE, in our room?" Lawliet pointed down at the floor.

    "Well I was assigned to this room... so... I guess I'll be living here from now on!" She said with a cute smile. Near and Lawliet were surprised at the idea of having a girl sleeping in there same room. "So... if you don't mind me asking... what's your story?" Lawliet wondered.

    "Huh? Waddaya mean?" She asked stupidly

    "I mean... why are you here?" Near looked at Lawliet.

    "Oh that... my parents were killed by a b*****d..." She said as she looked at the heart-shaped locket around her neck.

    "Mm so sorry." Said Lawliet. Misa began to cry. Near got close to her. Misa bursted in tears and hugged him. Near patted her back as he looked at Lawliet. "Way to go." He whispered to him.

    "No, it's okay..." She said as she cut contact with Near.

    "I know what can cheer you up!" Said Near raising his hand. "Let's introduce you to Matt and Mello!!!" He said as he pulled Misa, who grabbed Lawliet by his wrist, out the door and down the hall. Lawliet was caught in Near's race down the stairs and so was Misa.

    They entered the cafeteria and saw a few students inside. In the far table next to the window, they saw Mello munching on a chocolate bar while Matt talked to him. Matt and Mello noticed them when they came in. Near waved his arm in the air quickly as if calling their attention. They ran to were they were seating and sat next to them.

    Lawliet sat with his feet up and Mello was too focused on his chocolate bar to notice Misa. It seemed as if he were talking to it threw telepathy. Misa stared at Mello strangely. 'He's really cute but he's so weird' She tought.

    "Um... Hello, I'm Misa Amane." She said to Mello with a smile. Mello simply looked up without letting his chocolate go and said nothing. He then kept on munching. "S-Sorry for his rudeness. He is Mello, my roommate and best friend." Said Matt. "I'm Matt by the way."

    "Oh hello, Matt. Mello seems to be quite focused on his chocolate bar." Said Misa with a smile.

    "Ah we can pull him out, right, Lawliet?" Said Near turning to Lawliet. "Aw. Who cares?" He said uninterested. Near rolled his eyes and turned to Mello. Mello raised his eyes to look at Near.

    "Hey Mello, I ate your entire chocolate reserve." Said Near. Mello said nothing. "Hey Mello, you suck like hell." Said Matt. Still, Mello did not reply and kept munching on his chocolate bar.

    "H-Hey Mello, that chocolate expired." Said Misa not sure of what she was doing. Mello said nothing and kept eating.

    "Aww! You guys..." Lawliet said as he sat up straight. "Watch and learn. "Hey Mello!" Mello looked up. "Your zipper's down."

    "NO IT'S NOT!!!" Yelled Mello and he accidently dropped his chocolate bar. "Ah,crap!" He said looking at his chocolate bar on the floor. Near, Matt, and Misa laughed while Lawliet raised his feet again.

    "Hey! I just mopped the floors. Pick it up!" Said the janitor lady. Lawliet gave a grin.

    And so a new frienship begins... so... um... THE END!