• As I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell, I heard screaming and crying in the house. Then there was stomping as someone came to answer the door, "Hello?" it was Max's dad.
    "Um...hi. I'm Max's friend. Well, Max didn't come to school today, and I w-was worried he was sick, so I brought him his homework and make-up work," I said unsteadily.
    "Hmm. Thank you, young lady. I'll tell Max who brought them and say you said hi."
    "Thanks a ton!" I responded, and as I turned to leave, I heard more screaming and bangs coming from the inside. I turned to act like I was leaving when in truth, I was going around back to listen. What I saw shocked me so much...

    Dad was coming toward me with a belt in his hand, "You want kids comin' 'round here and finding out our little secret?!"
    "N-n-no, D-dad. I s-s-swear I-I Didn't no that she was coming!"I pleaded.
    "Sure you didn't. You're gonna run off with that girl aren't you, Max?!"
    "N-n-no Sir!"I responded.
    "Sure,"Dad finished then hit me with the belt over the back.
    I felt tears run down my face. I don't know why he does to me. I never do anything wrong because I just want to please him. I turned my head while he was turned so he wouldn't see me cry, that would only make it worse, and I saw Brittany. My eyes widened in horror. She was crying. "RUN! Before he sees you! He'll hit us both!" I mouthed at her. She nodded and ran.
    "What you looking at boy?" Dad hit me again, "Now get back up to your room. I ran up the stairs and put cream on the cuts. Dad didn't know about this cream, and I was afraid to tell him. I hope Brittany doesn't talk about this at school tomorrow.