• Asuka went out and took her favorite dog with her. She walked and walked through the woods, but got nothing for her pains. At last the dark of night surprised her. At a weird hour, she passed by a graveyard, and there, at a place where 2 roads met, she saw a standing corpse in a white veil. Asuka was afraid, and didn't know which way to go-- wheteher to keep on or to turn back.
    "Well, whatever happens, I'll go on," she said; and on she went, her dog running beside her. When the corpse saw her, it came to meet her; not touching the ground with its feet, but keeping about a foot above it-- the veil fluttering after it. When the corpse caught up to the girl, ir made a rush at her; but the dog took hold of it by its bare calves, and began to tussle with it. When Asuka saw her dog and the corpse fighting with each other, she was glad that things had turned out so well for herself, and set off running home with all her might. The dog kept up the struggle until the corpse fell motionless to the ground. Then the dog ran off in pursuit of its master, caught her up just as she reached home, and rushed at her; angrily trying to bite and rend her. So feral was it, and so obstinate, that it was much as the people of the house could do to beat it off.
    "What came over your dog Asuka?" asked Asuka's mom. "Why would it hurt its owner?" Asuka told her all that had happened. " A bad piece of work, Asuka!" said the old woman. "The dog was mad at your not helping it. There it was, fighting the corpse, and you deserted it, and only thought of yourself! Now it will hold a grudge on you forever."
    Next morning, while the family was going to their yard, the dog was really quiet. But the moment Asuka made her appearance, it began to bark like crazy.
    They had the dog to a chain; for a year they kept it chained up. But in spite of that, it never forgot how its owner offended it. By the time it got loose, it flew straight to Asuka's face. Before they could chain it up again, it jumped up up and bit Asuka's face, and opened her head, and chewed on her brain.