• my heart has come known to yours
    I grew and grew to know that you would be there
    just as you hoped
    my heart beats in intense passion
    but...there is no reason- none at all
    my heart is howling and shouting so loud
    that it causes me great pain...
    ...just to breathe...
    ...just to open my eyes...
    ...just to see you...
    but why?
    memories crash all around me
    and I'm scared of what has happened
    what I may have become
    and yet I still open my eyes and look to this day, that all in all, we will find something worth all of this
    my body burns but it is so cold
    my eyes speak for my heart at last
    and I weep...weep, and weep without end
    will there ever be an end to the tears?
    here I lay...
    on the ground...
    with the broken memories all around me...
    I am in so much pain...
    is there a reason for this?
    is there a reason for...me?
    for us?
    why do we conitinue breathing?
    when there is nothing left to breath for?
    nothing left to give...
    nothing left to take...
    at that moment...why do we continue breathing?
    why do I continue breathing?
    why does...ANY of this....continue?
    I can feel my heart pumping loudly in my rib cage- weeping loudly
    a puddle of tears has formed next to me
    and I haven't even noticed until now, but...
    I'm drowning
    I'm drowning in my own tears
    and yet...
    I don't even care
    because deep in my heart
    I know that you wouldn't let me go like this
    it isn't my time
    but all of the pain...makes me wish it was
    why will you not let me go?
    ...like everyone else has...
    everyone has faded away, but...why aren't you fading along with them?
    I've fallen deeper into my forming lake of tears
    deeper, and deeper I fall
    until I feel that this may truely be my end
    but...instead of tears...I'm crying blood
    why am I still crying?
    I don't have any more tears...yet my heart is still weeping...so I cry blood instead
    I've fallen asleep...
    everything becomes dark
    and I feel...this is my end
    I wake on solid ground again
    still my eyes are crying tears of blood
    I close my eyes again and try to rest- try to go back to the darkness
    but I can't.
    your next to me
    covered in my tears
    I try to get up but cough harshly then fall back to the ground
    but you catch me before I can fall
    to my shock...I'm no longer crying
    no more tears...
    no more pain...
    but a new beginning
    thank you