• Unsolved mystery solved
    Calvin Roy

    "Dont let them get away!!! Those scoundrels better bring back that prized Invention". Hello im Sherlock Roy.I'm a man of suspicion.I capture Despicable Thugs to slake my thirst of victory.Right now im capturing Men... Brothers actually Very strange names they sound familiar.There names are Lae,Lee,Li and Lo.So familiar.
    The men...Brothers actually stole an Rare Stealth machine that can Maximize there Stealthing.Hold on wait a sec. "Got ya! Now time to turn you in boy ummm boys."
    I turned the 5 Chinese Brothers in. Anxious i went into the bank.From what i can tell it was a busy day.Clamor,Noise.This dispirited me.
    I never trusted anybody since... the Accident."Ahem" Never mind
    I was baffled of how many people there were.there there could be rouge around just waiting to steal soothing.Maybe a Despicable Scoundrel will come and poison an inccoent person with Cholera.
    I was Fierce about this.And yelled "IS THERE ANYTHING HORRIBLE GOING ON!!!"
    When i said that everything stopped,Cold wind was breathing on my shoulder i saw a man in a dark coat.
    Chapter 2
    He whispered "did you say horrible" he laughed.He whispered again "I will give you things to penetrate"The lights turned off. They turned back on.The man was gone.I was in the Face of undauntity.
    I Lurched around the bank. it was hard balancing on a Mystery when nothing moves except 2 men. I was in Dire need of help
    I kept on whispering to myself "your the amazing Imperative Sherlock Roy""your the amazing Imperative Sherlock Roy".

    Chapter 3

    I saw Piece of paper on the falling on the floor i knew it was on the.I knew it was from the rouge.Well because it moved.
    I looked at the piece of paper.On The paper was a hint! It read.'Maybe i can be sharper than you"
    My eyes doubled size.I could guess.First well he said "Sharper" so he must have gone to the library
    Umm maybe he over the Chinese restaurant those fortune cookies are sharp. Wait a minute

    Chapter 4

    I GOT IT!!!!!! The sword shop down the street that's what he meant.I ran down the street to Lu Bu's blades serving since 174 A.D! I saw the man.
    He whispered to me "I see you figured my puzzle".He took a spear."Now to make you 1500 piece puzzle.".
    I didn't get a blade.I dodged every move.The only weapon i had was a Camera. I used it and took pictures. Mine develop faster so it might be easier to prove the criminal a criminal.
    The flashes blinded him.He oozed and Dazed and fell down on the floor.The pictures came out perfect i tied him up and Thats the end.I'm pretty sure the cops will take him but they will who took him on.

    Sherlock out!