• I never thought i would love again. My whole world had crumbled right before my very eyes. I was depressed and lonely, and unloved. I never talked to my parent's, nor siblings. I loved them very much, but after he left me, my world came crashing down fast. We were together for two years until that very moment.

    I walked to school everyday, wearing long sleeve shirts and jackets to hide my pain that marked my arms forever. I walked with my head down, and arms crossed tightly around myself. i would lock myself in my room and listen to depressing music.

    But something changed that forever. Someone new in my life, that loved me for me and didn't care what i looked like. He showed me that everything was going to be okay, and i shouldn't be sad anymore. My life filled up with happiness, like the candle in my life grew into flames that lit the black sparkly sky.

    I interacted with my family and siblings. I wore short sleeve shirts since my scars weren't noticeable unless you looked very hard. I walked with my head held high and proud. My arms intertwined with his as we sat next to each other with my head on his head.

    I smiled and watched everyone stare, and i remembered, he was the one who made me love again, even though i thought it wouldn't ever be possible.