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    Chapter 1; A simple patrol...or was it?

    It was a simple patrol. That was it, take a quick walk around the area then report back to HQ. But it never is simple in war. Never easy, never a guarantee that even a small mission wouldn’t end in death. The unfortunate outcome came for Seargent Hunter. His unit was taking their patrol to the woods. Tired and sore they sat down against the trees to rest. Everyone except Hunter, who knew something, was up, and he kept moving his eyes around and searching for a small sign of movement. All of a sudden, a rustling came and Hunter quickly snatched the pistol out of its holster and fired where it came from. The bullet merely hit a Largema, a green flat bodied creature with 4 legs that had red 3 toed feet and blue wide antenna like horns.

    “We can’t stay here; we need to move, now.” Hunter said with a stern voice commanding his unit.
    “Relax Hunter; it was just a Largema, they’re harmless.” The reply came from Jones. Jones wasn’t like Hunter, he was never cautious, never ready for whenever something bad was about to happen. And worst of all, he never cared. Jones, despite the regulations of stealth, decided to make his hair into a mohawk, said it complimented his courage. Hunter shot him a look that told him “Get up and shut up” Jones frowned, but complied.
    “Hey Hunter, are we gonna have to raid any camps?” the question came from Sykes. Sykes was “green”. He was new to the military and this was pretty much his first patrol. He was always worried about dying on the battle field, in fact he jumped when the Largema came, holding his rifle tightly. He always wore his army helmet; reason was he thought that safety was important then killings. Hunter glanced at him for a moment.

    “No, we spent too much time here; we must head back to HQ.” Hunter said and with haste, he was grabbing his rifle and signaling everyone to do the same. So the unit did, with Jones picking it up lazily, Sykes picking his hastily and almost dropping it in the process. Hunter then looked at his supervisor, and temporary unit member Gunfire, whom was reading a file on him and his unit. Gunfire was only there to make sure the patrol with the new recruit would come out safly, normally a more official supervisor would come instead but because of all the new recruits being used to support the army, there wasn’t many left.
    “Gunfire, our unit is ready to move out; does the same apply to you?” Hunter asked reloading his rifle. Gunfire in response, nodded, and placed the file in the pocket of his black long coat. Gunfire wasn’t one to talk much, only if it required to. He had black hair, a similar color to Jones. They all wore the same military soldier uniforms, except Gunfire, whom was more of a commander and had worn a black longcoat and boots.

    As they moved through the forest Hunter spotted something from the corner of his eye.
    “Get down,” Hunter whispered crouching near a tree. Everyone did the same except Jones who sighed in annoyance and looked his head around.
    “Why? There’s nothing here bu-“KABANG! Jones hit the ground. “Everyone, return fire NOW!” Hunter exclaimed. Everyone reacted even Jones, who was hit in the shoulder by a rifle. Sykes nervously shot at incoming patrol with his rifle, but because of his shaky grip he mostly hit the trees but in return demoralized some of the soldiers, as they paniced from the bullets richocheting off the trees. Hunter took his survival knife out of its pouch and hid to the trees, moving along the branches ready to pounce on one of the attackers. He then signaled Gunfire who quickly ran along the bark of one tree, bounced off it, and then opened fire a rain of bullets through the two rifles in his hands. Gunfire then hit the ground and retreated to the bushes. Four troops hit the ground dead, and three had injuries that stopped them from moving. Then like a bird, Hunter flew off the branch from a jump and dropped behind one of them. He ran the blade off one of the attackers’ throats only to find armor plating against it. “Damn it,” Hunter exclaimed, and then he pulled his pistol and fired at the attacker. Only two were left. CLANK! Hunter looked down and saw a grenade right against his feet. Hunter broke in a cold sweat and quickly kicked the grenade away. He looked over to see where it came from, and it was one of the injured. Hunter decided not to waste anymore ammo and ran over, and kicked the injured across the face. Hunter looked around, and noticed something odd. “Jones and Sykes are missing, where could they have gone?” Hunter thought.

    Gunfire then came crashing through the trees, and hit the ground and got up on his feet, pushing leaves on his coat away.
    “They both got captured, Sykes and Jones, taken by the attackers” Gunfire exclaimed while breathing heavily.
    “Can you go search for them?” Hunter asked looking over at where Sykes and Jones should’ve been.
    “Yes, but where are you going to go?” Gunfire asked getting up and applying a healing gel to a shotgun wound.
    “I’m going to track where the attackers came from; there must be a camp or base of operations”
    “I’m going with you then, that must be where they were placed”
    “No, the camp is to the north and Sykes and Jones were taken to the south”
    “I see, so you’re sure you won’t need my help?”
    “I could use some incendiary grenades; I may need them if I am to destroy the camp.” And so Gunfire handed Hunter 3 incendiary grenades.
    “I’d give you more, but I may need some to destroy the prison where they are keeping Sykes and Jones.”
    “Fine, farewell then” And so Gunfire and Hunter went to the two different directions.

    Hunter then stopped to take a look at the attackers. They wore black coverall armor, each had a gasmask. There was also an insignia on it. A purple crow with a spear across it facing upwards. He recognized it anywhere; Decaxtica was what it was called. Now Hunter knew what he was up against. And if Decaxtica was involved, then there would be no camp, but an outpost. He quickly packed up and moved out and followed the trails where the troops came from.

    “Yeah so I heard there was something big about a new project”
    “I heard it too, in fact I got an email about it, saying they’d give extra credentials to those who patricipate.” Hunter heard the chatter and quickly dove for the bushes near by.
    “I heard it’s a brand new weapon, some kind of giant flying fortress.”
    “Yeah, well that just makes the job sweeter, what better job to do then guard something that’s a weapon AND a fortress” Hunter had a sick feeling in his stomach. What kind of weapon was this? And what was it going to be used on? Hunter knew that if he let any guards support the project then it would just make the war hellish. If he destroyed the outpost maybe he may postpone the project.

    Then all of a sudden, a flash of light came out of nowhere and when it ended Hunter turned to the direction it came from. It seemed that a person had come from the flash. Hunter took out his binoculars and took a closer look. It was a woman, had long brown hair, blue shirt and pants, although something was odd about the clothing. It wasn’t like what is worn normally. It didn’t matter anyways, Hunter knew that if he didn’t act soon those guards were gonna kill the civilian and Hunter wasn’t the kinda person who likes casulties. Hunter then quickly pulled out the survival knife and jumped towards the outpost.