• It was weird. When I woke up there was a light in the very corner of my cell. It was emitting from a little clear jar with a piece of thin, white cloth tied to the top. Inside it were yellow lights that seemed to move. I looked closer and saw that all the little yellow balls of moving light had wings on them. It was confusing...bug lights? I never seen one before but it made me feel less lonely since it covered the darkness. I Looked around the room and saw everything. The old, chipped concrete walls that held me in, the metal bars that closed the way out, dirty little brown stains tracing into a bigger one all the way to a corner, pieces of hay and glass scattered everywhere, the stairs that lead up, and the little walkway from the bottom of the stairs all the way across my cell to the other side. Then I saw it. Right in front of me, I saw it. A small, white, thin plate with strips of chicken on it.
    The plate was closer this time, so much more closer. All I had to do was bend my arm forward and pick it up with my fingers but thats not what I did. I crouched over with my mouth open wide at the edge of the plate then I place my hands on the other end, behind the chicken, and stated shoving it all in my mouth. It was warm and so good, and there was a lot of them too, all piled onto each other, so much chicken. My stomach felt so full, I never ate this much before. Once the last strip was gone, I noticed something. On my hand and arms were bandages. I held them out and stared as I slowly turned them. Then I realized, last time, when I woke up, there was a loud gasp then scampering footsteps and the food was there. Now theres light, food, and healed cuts.
    Who is it? Who would do this to me?
    I layed flat on my back with my arms spread out, staring at the ceiling. Then I remembered what the man said yesterday, how dare they keep such a child! I turned to the jar and said in my mind, who dares help such a child? A killer, a monster, a demon child. The little flys buzzed around inside, carrying the yellow bulbs on their backs. I stared at them as if I was hypnotized.
    buzz buzz buzz
    They flew around, faster and faster. Their buzzing fills my ears with static.
    buzz buzz buzz
    They dont look like flys anymore, more like yellow zig zag lines engulfing the entire jar. I stared, it almost looks like a picture was forming in them. No, not a picture, it was moving, the figure forming in the jar was a human, a boy, and he was moving. Hes walking forward and every time there was a corner wall, he would peek through, like he was sneaking around. He did that for awhile then stopped at a door and started fiddling with the lock. Once it opened he peered inside then tiptoed in. Before he closed the door behind him I saw metal bars just on the left side of the room. The bugs slowed down and the images vanished. I blinked. A boy? That was a boy? And...he came into my cell. I shook my head, refusing to accept help from a human. Hours went by and I tried to take my mind off from the incident but I just couldnt stop thinking about it. That boy..that boy..who is that boy? I quickly sat up as I realized something. That boy, if it is him, comes to my cell when im asleep. I rubbed my bandages on my arm.
    Im going to pretend im sleeping then when he comes, im going to grab him.

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