• Sweat poured from Melinda's terrified face as she kept back screaming, as she kept back crying. Max didn't move, only shook silently. The gun shot again, fortunelty it didn't come close to Max or Melinda. She didn't know what she was supposed to do. What would you do? This wasn't a dream, it was real, she was going to die, and it was going to happen any moment now. She wanted to be back at her old house with her mother and father and Max. Thats all she ever wanted, but now she found herself pleading to God that the impossible wish wasn't so impossible anymore.
    "I will find you!". He said devishly, now kicking over a few boxes. The man's cruel voice rang in Melinda's head over and over again I will find you....I will find you! Melinda squeezed Max, scared for their lives. The man shot the gun again, then again, he kept shooting, but he only struck the roof, making the hole bigger and deeper. Melinda peered at the man from behind the dainty box her and Max were behind. She took the time to take in his appearance. He was a short man, but very skinny, definetly shorter than Melinda. He had ragged clothing on and smelled of rotten eggs and moldy bread. He was bald and his head was covered in blood. He wore no shoes on his feet and was looking to be missing a toe. The man looked back and Melinda ducked back under the box, hoping, praying he did not see her. Melinda let out a silent sigh of relief as the man left from the attic and headed to an unknown area. Max looked up at Melinda as she went back to look through the small peephole. She could see the man leave into the kitchen and she could also see Brandon's motionless body, still spurting blood over the once-cleaned floors. She recoiled and looked away, taking a breathe before opening the attic door and stepping out as quietly as she could. She darted towards her bedroom seeing as there was a window in her room. She closed the door frantically behind her with her back, still holding Max tightly. She set him on her bed, and looked down at her feet and legs, which were covered with blood due to Brandon's body. She put her hand over her mouth and let a tear fall from her face before she began prying open the window. She pushed Max out first, then she climbed out. Both hidden securely inside the rose bushes. Melinda sat down inside the bushes with Max and left the window open, hoping the man would not walk into her room. Now all they could do was wait in fear. Melinda kissed Max on his forhead and sat completely still as she heard yet another gunshot, so close it could have hit her or Max. It was coming from her room.